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                                        Issue No. 069 26 August - 1 September 2008

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  The ‘A’ Team

  Editor: Grant Rowley
  Deputy Editor: Andrew van Leeuwen
  Staff Journalist: Phillip Mahoney
  Executive Editor: Phil Branagan
  Graphic Design & Web:                                                                Issue No. 069 | 26 Aug - 01 Sep 2008
  Jayne Uthmeyer


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        Contributing Writers
  F1: Will Buxton, Mark Glendenning, Paolo
  Filisetti                                                                      24	 Lambden	                    1000	enduring	reasons
  Europe: Quentin Spurring, David Addison
  US: Martin D. Clark, Phil Morris                                               25	 Rowley	                     I	just	can’t	read	it	
  Speedway: Greg Boscato, Geoff Rounds,

  Darren Sutton, Tony Millard (UK)
  Rally: Ryan Lahiff
  Drag Racing: Dave Ostaszewski (USA),                                           26	 NASCAR		                    Edwards	wins	again
  Ken Ferguson, John Bosher
  National: Mark Wicks, Mark Jones, Aaron Shaw,                                  30	 IndyCar	                    First	for	the	bridesmaid
  Daniel Powell
                                                                                 34	 All	the	action	OS	          Indy	Lights	and	BF3

  Sutton Motorsport Images, Dirk Klynsmith,
  Marshall Cass, John Morris/Mpix, AF1 Images,
  James Smith, Peter Bury, Neil Blackbourn,                                      38	 Classifieds		
  Chris Carter, Coopers Photography, Geoff

  Gracie, Ash Budd, Paris Charles, Neil
  Hammond, Joel Strickland, Mike Patrick (UK)

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            Phil Branagan
            Executive Editor
IT’S been a difficult day.
   No, I am not talking about the post-
Olympics hangover, or the fact that a bunch
of racing drivers we have tried to chase up
over the last week have had their mobile
phones set to European or USA time.
   It’s been difficult to get anything done
today. The office phones have been

                                                Morris calls for c
ringing off the hook and emails piling in,
all from people signing up to subscribe to
eNews. We have all been battling through
paperwork while trying to get on with the
business of producing the darn thing!
  Since the announcement two weeks ago
that eNews was going to be for subscribers,
we have been blown away. While there            V8s wild man wants to see a new approach ...
have been a few people upset with us, the
overwhelming majority have been hugely          V8 SUPERCAR driver and V8SA Board                “You watch the racing on television at
supportive. The reaction has been very          member Paul Morris has called for              home and you see people doing pit lane
positive, and that gives us reason to apply     a major shake up in the on-track               penalties and they don’t know what its for.
ourselves harder to the task of digging         administration of V8 Supercar racing by        It confuses the hell out of people. You’ve
out news stories and bringing them to the       removing it from CAMS’ jurisdiction.           just got to let the drivers race and let them
forefront.                                         Morris, while dispelling pit lane chat he   sort it out themselves.
   I reckon that there is great value to be     would step down from full-time racing at         “Sometimes you get that frustrated with
had and the Motorsport News/eNews deal,         the end of the year, has told eNews that he    the system here that you think ‘bugger it,
that gives you a year’s news, straight to       won’t “give up” on the sport he loves and      I’ll just sell up and go do something that’s
your desktop, every Monday night, and a         wants a more liberal system of officialdom     enjoyable’ but then the other part of me
monthly feature-based print edition is a        in the sport.                                  says ‘no, I’m going to stick here and stick it
ripper. And, judging by the uptake of a lot       “You’ve got to take CAMS out of it,” he      up those bastards and not let them get to
of people out there, the word is spreading.     says.                                          me!’
  So, thanks for all the input, we appreciate     “I don’t understand how CAMS can be            “My goal in life is to still be racing V8
your support. We are endeavouring to bring      in control of every facet of your business     Supercars when there is some sensible
you the best motor racing publications          on race weekends. The number one thing         system out there.”
we can, in the best format we can, and          that we interact with our fan base with            Morris says that the NASCAR system,
all the news from the people on the             is the racing; we hand it over to a bunch      which controls all of the licences, insurance
ground. Changes happen all time, but that       of enthusiastic amateurs, and they totally     and officialdom, would not suit Australia’s
commitment will never change.                   screw it up.                                   V8 scene, although he says that some



                                                                                                     Fiore V8 test
                                                                                                     points to his
                                                                                                     future plans
                                                                                                          FUJITSU V8s

                                                                                                      DEAN Fiore will test for Howard Racing at

                                                                                    Dirk Klynsmith
                                                                                                      Queensland Raceway next Friday, offering the best
                                                                                                      indication that he will move up to the Fujitsu V8
                                                                                                      Supercar Championship next season.

                                                                                                         Fiore tested for Howard once before, and is looking
                                                                                                      forward to getting back behind the wheel of one of the
                                                                                                      team’s ex-Triple Eight BA Falcons.
                                                                                                        “I need every opportunity to get miles in a V8
                                                                                                      Supercar,” Fiore told eNews.
                                                                                                        “Howard has offered me this test and there’s no way
                                                                                                      I’d turn down that opportunity.”
  elements of it could be introduced        people race. They come to see                                While the Carrera Cupper was happy to confirm that
  to allow V8s to become more self-         characters, they come to see rivalry.                     the Fujitsu Series was likely to be his next port of call,
  sufficient on race weekends.              And you can’t have pretend rivalry                        and as soon as next season, with what team remains
     The Supercheap Auto Racing team        like they’re trying to do.                                a mystery. Howard Racing might be giving Fiore his
  owner/driver has been involved in           “You only have to watch last                            next V8 test, but he is also due to test a Britek car later
  his fair share of on-track clashes over   weekend’s NASCAR race to see Kyle                         this month, a team that has recently revealed, through
  the past two years, and attracted the     Busch and Carl Edwards beat the                           eNews, that it is eyeing a bigger involvement in the
  ire of a number of his on-track rivals.   shit out of each other! If you did                        development series.
  However, he says that to get into the     that here, you’d be up on charge of                          And then there is the continuing rumours regarding a
  hearts and minds of more V8 fans,         culpable conduct.                                         joint FV8 venture between Sonic Motor Racing Services
  there needs to be more tolerance for        “When Marcos (Ambrose) won at                           and Triple Eight (reported exclusively in eNews #064).
  closer racing.                            Watkins Glen, the amount of people                        Having been a Sonic driver since 2004, Fiore is well
    “The biggest problem we have in         he dumped in the fence … he                               placed to take one of the seats, probably next to fellow
  the championship is that we don’t         would have had his licence taken off                      West Aussie Karl Reindler.
  have any real racing going on,” he        him here. Over there, its what you’ve                       “I’ve been open with everyone about what I want to
  said.                                     got to do to win a car race. That’s                       do next year, and yeah, I guess I’d like to stay in the
    “I think we’ve got to change the        why people watch it.”                                    ‘family,’” Fiore added.
  attitude of the drivers behind the                            – GRANT ROWLEY                          “But, like a lot of people, I’ve got to consider funding
  wheel, and the rules of engagement                                                                  and all of that stuff, so there are decisions to be made.
  need to be adjusted so we can             For more with Paul Morris and his                         At the end of the day I could do Carrera Cup again, but I
  actually race each other.                 views on officialdom in V8 Supercars,                     don’t see that as being a step forward.”
    “People come to the track to see        click to page 22.                                                                          – ANDREW VAN LEEUWEN

    Season of Endurance: C                                                                               V8 teams are pairing th
FORD Performance
                                       #5 Dean Canto, Luke Youlden
Racing has elected
to pair its leading                    #6 Mark Winterbottom (2nd), Steven Richards (6th)
                                                                                                         victory and Phillip Islan
drivers, with title                                                                                      GRANT ROWLEY looks
contender Mark                       “We came agonisingly close
Winterbottom jumping into          last year,” said Edwards.                                                  V8 SUPERCARS
Steven Richards Falcon for           “Scoring pole at Bathurst
the endurance races.               was the point this team                                               THE ‘Season of Endurance’ is
  The car, pictured below right,   started believing we                                                  shaping as one of the hardest
will look predominantly like       could go all the way.                                                 fought in history, with all of the
Richards’s current Castrol         We were unlucky last                                                  leading teams combining its
Falcon, with minor decals from     year, but we want to                                                  leading stars.
Orrcon and Ford Credit.            give ourselves the best                                                 This week has seen a number
  Together, Winterbottom and       chance to finish what we                                              of top teams confirm its line ups,
Richards went close to winning     started.”                                                             strengthening the statement that
last year’s Supercheap Auto           Winterbottom,                                                      the L&H 500 at Phillip Island and the
1000 at Bathurst. This year, FPR   currently on holiday in                                               Supercheap Auto 1000 at Bathurst
team principal Tim Edwards         Europe, is delighted with                                             could be the closest ever.
wants to erase the memories        the news.                                                               As reported in the last issue of
of Winterbottom skipping             “I was pretty confident                                             eNews, the Holden Racing Team
through the sand at The Chase      that’s the way it would go,”        have me after last year! I made   will line-up with championship
while leading the race with just   said the 27-year-old.               a mistake and I want the          leader Garth Tander and Mark
10 laps to go.                       “I’m just glad Steve will still   chance to wipe it out.”           Skaife sharing Tander’s regular #1
                                                                                                            Ditto Craig Lowndes and Jamie
                                                                                                         Whincup, who’ll be shooting for

BRAD Jones Racing                                                                                        a record equalling three Bathurst
confirmed its                       #12 Andrew Jones (20th), Cameron McConville (16th)
                                                                                                         1000 wins on-the-trot. The only time
driving pairs last                  #14 Brad Jones, Max Wilson
week. The #12
Team BOC Holden                                 “Both have done well at Bathurst before,
will be driven by Andrew Jones and Cameron     they’re comfortable in our new cars and they
McConville, while the #14 WOW Holden will be   have valuable seat time currency. They’re our A
driven by Max Wilson and Brad Jones.           game and I know they will do a great job.”
 “Pairing Cam and Andrew makes complete          Confirmation of Wilson’s seat with the team
sense for us,” said Brad Jones.                comes after numerous tests with the team.


Combine and Conquer
heir guns for outright
                                                               #7 Todd Kelly (11th), Nathan Pretty
nd and Bathurst.                                               #11 Shane Price (25th), Jack Perkins
 at the combinations
   that feat was achieved was between        NATHAN Pretty will have one        required of him.
   1978-1980 with Peter Brock and Jim        of his best chances at getting      “A co-driver is, in theory,
                                             a top result in the endurance      some one who is going to be

                                                                                                                 Dirk Klynsmith
   Another strong combination will           races after confirmation that      roughly on your lead drivers
   be that of Jason Richards and Greg        he will be paired with Todd        pace,” he said.
   Murphy, driving for Sprint Gas            Kelly in the lead #7 Jack           “We don’t have the luxury of
                                             Daniel’s Commodore.                having two number ones in        good as what we could, but
   Racing. The pair finished fourth last
                                               Team owner Larry Perkins         the one team so you have to      we’re having glimpses of
   year at Bathurst and, after a year
                                             admitted that the 2008             make a compromise.               moving forward. We’ve lost
   that could be termed nothing less
                                             season hasn’t been great, but       “We know why we’re having       some momentum, there’s no
   than disastrous, ‘Murph’ would love
                                             said that Pretty will do the job   shocking results, or not as      doubt about that.”
   nothing more than a fifth win on
   The Mountain.
   One of the few teams that will pair
   its regular stars is the Stone Brothers
   Racing team. James Courtney and
   David Besnard will drive the #4
   Jeld-Wen Falcon, while Shane Van
   Gisbergen will be partnered by
   Jonathon Webb.
      Another leading team not pairing
   its regulars is the HSV Dealer Team,
   although Rick Kelly will be in good
   company, joined by Paul Radisich.

                                                                                                                                            Dirk Klynsmith
                                             DJR               #17 Steven Johnson (14th), Will Davison (5th)
                                                               #18 Steve Owen, Warren Luff

                                             DICK Johnson Racing will combine its guns,         Owen and Warren Luff, the Jim Beam-backed
                                             with Will Davison and Steven Johnson               team has elected to pair its aces.
                                             driving Davison’s regular Falcon BF.                “I think we should be fairly strong,” team
                                               Despite having two solid co-drivers in Steve     manager Adrian Burgess told eNews.
                                                                                                                   “We’ve got a decent
                                                                                                                  pairing. Unless there’s
                                                                                                                  a resounding reason to
                                                                                                                  change it, we’ll do both
                                                                                                                  Phillip Island and Bathurst
                                                                                                                  with Steve and Will.”
                                                                                                                     After finishing a close
                                                                                                                  third in last year’s Bathurst,
                                                                                                                  Burgess wants to go for the
                                                                                                                    “We’d like to go two better.
                                                                                                                  We had a good result, and
                                              Dirk Klynsmith

                                                                                                                  felt we could have achieved
                                                                                                                  a bit more from it. We’ll
                                                                                                                  definitely be trying.”

  n Jack Perkins continues
to carry the flag for Diabetes
sufferers. Perkins’ Fujitsu Series
Mack Trucks Commodore
V8 Supercar is on display
for sponsor Accu-Check
Performa at this week’s
Australian Diabetes Educators
Conference in Melbourne, with
Perkins giving a speech to 250
delegates on his experience
with the condition.
  n Bathurst 1000 and
V8 Supercar team sponsor,
Supercheap Auto took out the
top honours at the Australian
Retailers Association Retail
Awards held in Sydney
recently, crowned 2008
Australian Retailer of the Year.
  Its first store opened in 1974
and today Supercheap Auto
has over 250 stores across
Australia and New Zealand,
making it the seventh largest
retailer in the country.

                                                                                                                                              Peter Bury
  n Should one of the 24 full-
time driver/team combinations

                                     Detroit Locker Tested
be unable to make the trip
Down Under for the Nikon
Indy 300, Mario Dominguez,
the winner of the 2002 Indy
300, and his Pacific Coast
Motorsport team will replace
them as the first alternate.         V8 Supercars tests new differential to improve car’s turn-in, racing
  PCM has had to miss
a number of races this                    V8 SUPERCARS                       Larry Perkins has a lot of       turn-in. It would require a
season, especially the ovals                                               experience with Locker diffs       major difference in the way
where crash damage can                IT seems that V8 Supercar isn’t      and sees merit in testing it.      the cars are set up, and so, it
be significant compared               just trying stickier tyres to         “The cornerstone of the           could make a broader bunch
to road courses. The team’s           improve the racing.                  handling of a V8 Supercar has      of teams to get their cars
major sponsor, Visit Mexico             eNews can reveal that the          been the locked differential,”     competitive if we had a locker
City, failed to pay up on their       #67 Supercheap Auto Racing           the veteran racer and engineer     diff and it may allow a different
contract so the crew has been         Commodore was fitted with a          said.                              ingredient to the passing
working as volunteers while          ‘Detroit Locker’ differential at       “The current diff                 aspect in the category.
owner Tyler Tavedic is working        a test at Queensland Raceway         predominantly makes the car          “The locked diff means that
on sponsorship for next               last week.                           understeer as it turns into a      once you get committed to a
season.                                 The different differential         corner. The back wheels want       corner, it makes it very difficult
                                      configuration was tested to          to push the car straight ahead.    to change lines.
  n To help fans distinguish          see what impact it had on             “We used to use locker diffs        “It is definitely warranted to
the four contenders still viable      the steering and turn of a V8        back in the 80s. It’s been         have the test and see what the
for the IndyCar championship,         Supercar.                            around a long time and I’ve        results are.”
Firestone created a special             The ‘Detroit Locker’ maximises     done many, many a lap with a          Dick Johnson Racing was
white sidewall on the tyres of        traction by keeping both wheels      locker diff, especially around     also slated to test the new
Scott Dixon, Helio Castroneves,       in constant drive mode and has       Bathurst.                          differential, but a fitment
Dan Wheldon and Tony Kanaan.          the ability to automatically allow    “The locker diff allows the       problem meant that they’ll test
The tyres are identical to those      wheel speed differentiation          back axle to rotate at different   it at a later date.
used by the other drivers.            when required.                       speeds, which facilitates                           – GRANT ROWLEY


In this issue of GPWEEK
Stoner on it, Dani off ...
CASEY Stoner bounced back
from his gravel experience –
crashing out of the lead in the
Czech Republic MotoGP – to
dominate two days of testing
at the sweeping Brno circuit.
  Stoner was fastest on both
days, almost as quick on race
tyres as on qualifiers, and
bettering his own fastest race
lap (his best of the weekend)
by more than a full second. His
fastest time of 1:55.855s was
on a qualifier on the second
day, after which he said: “I
could have pushed harder.”
  Rossi, next best overall, was
seven tenths slower.
  But there was trouble in
the Honda garage, with Dani
Pedrosa walking out on the
test “because the tyres weren’t
working well enough.” Not
only did the incident further
embarrass Michelin, it also
delayed development on
Honda’s latest pneumatic-
valve-spring engine.

Francois’ Factory Chance


WHILE it was recently revealed that Francois Duval would replace the injured Gigi Galli in the
Stobart World Rally Car in New Zealand this weekend, it has now been confirmed that the
Belgium will drive a factory Ford in Spain and Corsica.
  Duval’s form on tarmac in Germany (he finished third) has prompted the factory team to put him
in a BP-liveried car for those rounds, leaving Jari-Matti Latvala to step back to the Stobart entry.


           Valiant in Valencia
                      FELIPE Massa has sounded an ominous
                      warning to Lewis Hamilton by winning
                      the European Grand Prix, the first race
                      on the Valencia street circuit.
                         Massa was untouchable on the
                      Spanish streets, scorching to pole before
                      leaving the field in his wake around the
                      former Americas Cup venue.
                         Lewis Hamilton might not have
                      been as fast as Massa, but he kept out
                      of trouble in second place to stay a
                      whisker ahead in the fight for the World
                      Championship, while Robert Kubica did
                      his bit to stay in touch with third place.
                         But while Massa took top honours, it
                      wasn’t the most brilliant race for Ferrari
                      as a team. Kimi Raikkonen struck trouble
                      at the second round of pit-stops while
                      battling Heikki Kovalainen for third
                      when he pulled away with the fuel rig
                      still attached. A Ferrari crewmember
                      was mildly injured in the crash.
                        And to make matters worse,
                      Raikkonen’s engine expired a few laps
                      later, ending his day early.
                         Meanwhile, Aussie Mark Webber
                      had a shocking race, finishing 12th
                      on a weekend when Red Bull’s ‘junior’
                      team Toro Rossi shined (Sebastian
                      Vettel finishing sixth). David Coulthard
                      finished a lowly 17th, leaving team
                      boss Christian Horner to say it was “a
                      disastrous race.”

sue #25 onllicehnow
            in ere


                                                                                                                     Gibbs hit with suspensions
                                                                                                                         NASCAR NATIONWIDE

              CASEY TURNS BLACK
                                                                                                                     NASCAR has dropped the
                                                                                                                     hammer on Joe Gibbs Racing,
                                                                                                                     over the incident where
                                                                                                                     magnets were found fitted to
                                                                                                                     the accelerator pedals on its
                    NASCAR SPRINT CUP                                                                                Nationwide cars at Michigan.
                                                                                                                        The magnets were placed
CASEY Mears has found a seat for 2009 – at                                                                           on the stop so the pedal could
Richard Childress Racing.                                                                                            not be depressed fully, thereby
  RCR announced its 2009 driver lineup on                                                                            the engine would not show
Saturday at Bristol over the weekend and Mears                                                                       its maximum potential on the
will join what will be a four-car operation. He                                                                      dynometer. With the Toyota teams
will replace Clint Bowyer in the #07 Jack Daniel’s                                                                   recently given a smaller intake
Chevrolet, a move that guarantees him a start in                                                                     manifold restrictor plate versus
the first five ’09 races.                                                                                            the other marques, the Gibbs crew
  Bowyer moves into the new General Mills-                                                                           members were trying to protect
sponsored #33 car, while Kevin Harvick stays                                                                         any horsepower improvements
put in the Shell car, with Jeff Burton in the CAT                                                                    they have gained since the rule
#31. Burton’s sponsor Cingular will be parting                                                                       change, saving the team from any
                                                                                                      NASCAR Media
company due to the NASCAR contract with                                                                              further possible infractions.
Sprint.                                                                                                                 Crew chiefs David Rogers
                                – MARTIN D CLARK                                                                     and Jason Ratcliff were fined

 Joey’s a Home Boy                                                      NASCAR SPRINT CUP

                                                                    AS we closed to go live, Joe
                                                                    Gibbs Racing was due to hold a
                                                                    press conference in Charlotte –
                                                                    and the news will be about the
                                                                    replacement driver for Tony
                                                                      JGR is expected to confirm that
                                                                    teen sensation Joey Logano will
                                                                    step into the #20 Home Depot
                                                                    Camry, and will step up to Cup
                                                                    later this season in preparation for
                                                                    the role.
                                                                      Logano, 18, is expected to start
                                                                    his career in the premier series
                                                                    on September 6 at Ricmond. He
                                                                    will race the #96 Hall of Fame
                                                                    Toyota, which has been fitted with
                                                                    revolving doors since JJ Yeley was
                                                     NASCAR Media

                                                                    let go by the team a few weeks
                                                                                    – MARTIN D CLARK


R brings the Hurt                                                                                                    set for #12
                                                                                                                         NASCAR SPRINT CUP
and fines over Michigan tech problem – but it may appeal driver penalties                                            YOUNGSTER David Stremme
                                                                                                                     looks set to replace Ryan
  US$50,000 each and                will impose its own penalties.   dyno test following the                         Newman next season.
  suspended by NASCAR                 “The minimum being             Nationwide Series race in                         Although nothing has been
  indefinitely, along with 150      suspension for the remainder     Michigan. Although in no                        announced officially Stremme,
  point fines in the driver and     of the season for those          way was anything done that                      who signed on as Penske
  owner standings. Gibbs is to      involved,” said Gibbs in a       might have altered the race                     Racing’s test driver earlier in
  appeal the probation the two      statement, which also stated     outcome, these JGR employees                    the year, looks best-placed
  drivers Tony Stewart and Joey     that the team would hold         attempted to circumvent the                     to replace Newman, who will
  Logano received though the        the individuals responsible      NASCAR rule book and that is                    join Tony Stewart’s team next
  end of the year.                  for paying the fines and may     unacceptable.”                                  season.
    Gibbs team entered the          impose their own fines on top       Kyle Busch finished seventh                    Matters are complicated
  Bristol race 168 car owner        of those levied by NASCAR.       in the #18 Gibbs Toyota in                      somewhat by the news that
  points ahead of Clint Bowyer’s      “In 17 years, we have never    Friday’s race at Bristol while                  Penske will lose sponsor Alltel
  Richard Childress Racing.         had any representative of Joe    rookie sensation Joey Logano                    at the end of the year, the telco
    Five other Gibbs crew           Gibbs Racing knowingly act       came home 16th after starting                   taken over in June by Verizon,
  members were also suspended       outside of NASCAR’s rules,”      at the rear because he wrecked                  which cannot come into the
  indefinitely by NASCAR. Along     continued Gibbs statement,       his primary car in practice.                    sport because of the presence
  with the crew chiefs, they       “that is something we consider       Both teams suffered pit                      of Sprint Nextel as the
  will probably be allowed to       essential to how we operate on   issues, Busch a missing wheel                   series title sponsor. Penske’s
  attend races again next season    a daily basis.                   nut dropping him to the rear                    marketing department is
  pending an appeal – although        “What we have determined       on a restart and Logano with                    said to be working overtime
  NASCAR may stipulate a longer     is that these individuals        a late pit that saw him three-                  searching for a replacement.
  period of suspension.             involved used extremely poor     quarters of a lap down on a                                   – MARTIN D CLARK
    Should NASCAR reinstate         judgment in attempting to        restart.
  them earlier, the Gibbs team      alter the results of NASCAR’s                 – MARTIN D CLARK

                                                                                                                     Ta ta Texaco
                                                                                                                         NASCAR SPRINT CUP
                                                                                                                     CHEVRON is pulling its Texaco
                                                                                                                     brand from Chip Ganassi
                                                                                                                     Racing and driver Juan Pablo
                                                                                                                     Montoya in 2009.
                                                                                                                        The oil giant had been
                                                                                                                     rumoured to return to Yates
                                                                                                                     Racing, but instead it will leave
                                                                                                                     NASCAR totally and intends to
                                                                                                                     spend its marketing dollars in
                                                                                                                     other directions.
                                                                                                                        The move comes amid
                                                                                                                     rumours that Target may
                                                                                                                     not return to sponsor Reed
                                                                                                                     Sorenson next season.
                                                                                                                     Sorenson continues to be
                                                                                                                     linked to a ride with Gillett
                                                                                                                     Evernham Motorsports, either
                                                                                                      NASCAR Media

                                                                                                                     replacing Patrick Carpentier or
                                                                                                                     running a fourth Dodge.
                                                                                                                                  – MARTIN D CLARK
                                                                                                                                  Former Qld Prem
                                                                                                                                  California to loo
                                                                                                                                  solution for 200

                                                                                                                   Honda Racing
On Fire. No, really
     INDYCAR                                         of mobile phone range, delaying the arrival of
                                                     firefighters. By the time help arrived, there was
PENSKE Racing may have taken an historic             little that could be salvaged.
1-2 at the Infineon round of the IndyCar               “It’s a disaster, a big, melted mess,” Penske team
Championship but its weekend almost went             president Tim Cindric told the Indianapolis Star
up in smoke.                                         newspaper.
  The journey to California was a disaster, as its      Fortunately, the team had its test cars already
two racecars and a transporter were destroyed        at the track, and a backup transporter was
in a fire. The transporter, containing the two       immediately dispatched from Charlotte with
Dallara-Hondas the team intended to race in          replacement equipment.
California, was traveling through Wyoming on            This is not the first time that Team Penske
Wednesday night when, it is believed, a wheel        has bounced back from a setback with a strong
bearing caught fire. The two team members            result. In 2006, the team’s premises were
in the truck used fire extinguishers but the fire    damaged by floodwaters but the team won the
caught hold, forcing them to detach the cab unit     next IndyCar round at Kansas Speedway.
from the trailer.                                       Flood, fire, win. If there is pestilence in Detroit
  The transporter was on a quiet road, and out       this weekend, look out for another win …

                                                                                      DE FERRAN THINKS BIG
                                                                                          INDYCAR                                 hour race on October 4.
                                                                                                                                   “I’m very excited about driving
                                                                                      SCOTT Dixon is set to join Gil              Gil’s car at Petit Le Mans,” Dixon
                                                                                      de Ferran’s American Le Mans                told Autosport.
                                                                                      Series team for the upcoming                 “He’s put together a strong
                                                                                      Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta.              team and I believe we'll have a
                                                                                        Dixon, who currently leads the            chance to win.
                                                                                      IndyCar Series by 43 points, will            “I’m really looking forward to it

                                                                                      share the Acrura ARX-01b with               and I’d like thank Chip (Ganassi)
                                                                                      de Ferran and former Champ Car              and the team for giving me the
                                                                                      star Simon Pagenaud in the 10-              opportunity to try a car in a


e trying to sort Indy date                                                                                                  on October 11. That race has
mier in                                                                                 THE fate of the 2009 Indy 300
                                                                                                                            been the season opener in
                                                                                                                            recent years and has only

ok for                                                                                  may have been decided at a
                                                                                        meeting at Infineon Raceway
                                                                                                                            attracted 20,000-25,000 but US
                                                                                                                            officials appear determined to
                                                                                                                            have their now-united series
09 problem                                                                                 Former Queensland
                                                                                        Premier Peter Beattie and
                                                                                                                            end on US soil.
                                                                                                                               For the first time, three
                                                                                        Team Australia bosses Kevin         Australian-born drivers will
                                                                                        Kalkhoven and Craig Gore            compete in the 2008 race, and
                                                                                        were set to try to find a way       each has his opinion.
                                                                                        around the date problem               “I think Craig Gore and Kevin
                                                                                        IndyCar faces to hold a round       Kalkhoven have certainly
                                                                                        in Australia next year.             been pushing for it to happen,”
                                                                                           Since June 1, the former         said Will Power. “I’m not sure
                                                                                        Premier, a long-time supporter      where it’s at at this stage, but,
                                                                                        of the Indy event, has              obviously, I really hope that we
                                                                                        been Queensland’s Trade             have a race there next year.
                                                                                        Commissioner to North and             “It certainly helps our team. I
                                                                                        South America, based in Los         think they’ll see when they go
                                                                                        Angeles.                            down there in October what
                                                                                           Kalkhoven in particular has      sort of race it is. It’s one of the
                                                                                        been relentless in trying to        biggest street course races
                                                                                        resolve the issue over next         that we have all year.”
                                                                                        year’s date, even if it appears       “Obviously, being Australian,
                                                                                        that the options on offer will      it’s great to race at home,” said
                                                                                        not fit with the October date       Ryan Briscoe, who competed
                                                                                        locked in by event promoters.       there in 2006.
                                                                                          “We have offered the                “I’ve kept myself out of any
                                                                                        Australian promoter two             of the discussions. It is just
                                                                                        options, a date in the spring       a great event, apart from
                                                                                        and in the fall for our 2009        anything else. It’s a lot of fun
                                                                                        season,” the Indianapolis Motor     and puts on a great show. We
                                                                                        Speedway’s Executive Vice           will all get a good feel for it
                                                                                        President of Communications,        this year when we all go down
                                                                                        Fred Nation, told Motorsport        there.”
                                                                                        eNews.                                “It is a fantastic race, but I
                                                                         Honda Racing

                                                                                          “Ideally, the Australian race     think how everybody has got
                                                                                        could be held in conjunction        to look at it is plain and simple,”
                                                                                        with our September overseas         said Brisbane-born Scott Dixon,
                                                                                                                            who became a Kiwi at age

                                                                                        Japan race (September 19),
                                                                                        either before or after.”            three.
                                                                                          “I’m optimistic it will all be      “You should only go if you’re
                                                                                        worked out,” said Kalkhoven,        making money out of it. I
 completely different category.”           De Ferran is equally excited                 after his Thursday meeting          cannot assume why we’d go
   The race will not affect his         about Dixon racing the car at                   with IndyCar officials,             down there if everybody is
 IndyCar Series assault as the          Road Atlanta.                                   including Tony George.              going to lose a ton of money.
 championship wraps up on                 “We’re delighted to add Scott                   “We have a lot of work to do      It is a good race, it’s a great
 September 7.                           to our line up, he’s currently one              yet. The former Queensland          venue, but I think this year it’s
   It will be his first Petit Le Mans   of the world’s best drivers and                 Premier, Peter Beattie, is on his   going to cost people a ton
 appearance in nine years. Dixon        is having a fantastic season,” de               way here. I expect something        of money for a non-points
 made his debut at the event            Ferran said.                                    positive.”                          race. And next year, unless the
 back in 1999 in a Ferrari, teamed        “We’re happy and flattered to                    The sticking point appears       promoters change that, what’s
 with Stefan Johansson and Jim          have a driver of his talent and                 to be that the current calendar     the reason?”
 Mathews.                               stature behind the wheel.”                      finishes at Homestead, Florida,                      – MARY MENDEZ
A1GP Postponed
     A1GP                                       The news is not totally unexpected.        of pre-season testing with the new cars.
                                             Earlier this month, test driver Patrick        “It was always going to be an optimistic
SEASON four of the A1GP Series has           Friesacher suffered a cracked vertebrae in    programme, but we were confident we
been postponed because of production         a crash at Magny Cours, which was caused      could achieve it,” said A1GP CEO Pete da
delays with the series’ new car.             by a failure in a rear suspension wishbone.   Silva of the delay.
  The opening round of the 2008/09           That crash prompted A1GP to delay the          “This in no way reflects on the work
season, which was scheduled for Mugello      first planned group test for the new car,     undertaken by the technical team and
in Italy on September 21, will now be put    set for Silverstone last week, while the      our partners, it was due to circumstances
back because of the delay in producing       suspension was modified.                      beyond their control.”
numbers of the new Ferrari-developed car.       Recently the organisers announced that       A revised calendar, including a
The series will now start at Zandvoort in    data would be distributed among all teams,    rescheduled Mugello race, is expected to
the Netherlands on October 4-5.              after reports of some concern over the lack   be announced early next month.


Driver scramble continues
     SUPERLEAGUE                 V12-powered cars last week         tested the cars, with World         Sniffing around for a
                                 and there were several news        Series by Renault regular         drive were Champ Car
AS the opening round of          liveries and drivers in action,    James Walker turning red for      outcasts Nelson Philippe
the Superleague Formula          but precious little in the way     Liverpool FC and Spanish F3       and Dan Clarke, while Tristan
Series draws closer, there       of a firm list of which football   hope Jimmy Auby driving for       Gommendy made his debut in
are a number of teams still      teams will support which           Tottenham Hotspur. Other          the FC Porto car.
scrambling for a driver.         drivers when the series kicks      clubs at Donington included         The vacant seats are
  Donington hosted a             off next weekend.                  PSV Eindhoven, Al Ain, Rangers,   expected to be filled prior to
shakedown session for the           A combination of drivers        FC Porto, Sevilla and AS Roma.    Round 1 this weekend.


                                                                                                                                     James Smith
Kingsley for GT3 Cup in 09’
    V8 UTES                        purchased a 2003 GT3 Cup          on the sidelines until the end    and emotionally,” Don said.
                                   Car and will compete in the       of November.                        “We nearly lost Matt and
MATT Kingsley has left the         GT3 Cup Challenge from next         After an exhausting six         we did lose him from our
Yokohama V8 Utes category          year onwards.                     months, full of recovery and      business for nearly six months,
and will not compete for the         The Kingsley team has sold      controversy, Don Kingsley         so it’s been tough on a lot of
rest of the 2008 season.           its V8 Utes franchise to the      (Matt’s father) has expressed     fronts.
  Kingsley, who was                Wimmer team.                      relief that his team can now        “We have decided to accept
involved in an incident in the        Kingsley was handed a nine-    focus on 2009 and beyond.         this penalty and focus our
opening round of the series        month suspension for his           “The process that we’ve          efforts on re-building the GT3
in Adelaide that left him          part in the Clipsal incident,     been through has been very        Cup Car ahead of the 2009
with major concussion, has         meaning he would have been        hard on us all both financially   Porsche GT3 Challenge.”

Australian team announced

AUSTRALIA’S entry into the International
Karting Challenge to be held at Alcañiz
International Circuit in Spain on
November 6-9 has been confirmed.
   The team will consist of six drivers
split into two teams and will include
Ryan Sanderson (Gold Coast, Qld),
Adam Hughes (Melbourne, Vic), Grant
Smith (Melbourne, Vic), John Grother
(Gladstone, Qld), Lee Mitchener
(Melbourne, Vic) and Brett Fortainer
(Adelaide, SA).
   The 2008 event will see 14 countries
line up to compete aboard indentical
FA Victory Karts, designed by Fernando
Alonso and powered by a 125cc Leopard
X30 engine.
  “Last year’s inaugural IAME International
Challenge was a great success and I’m
excited about providing another six            regularly been front runners in the 125cc    last year about how good the event
Australian karters the opportunity to race     Leopard competition.”                        was, I can’t wait to get over to Spain and
overseas,” said Remo Racing Managing             Sanderson and Hughes won their fully       represent Australia in the challenge,” said
Director Remo Luciani.                         sponsored drives to compete at the           Sanderson.
  “The drivers that have been selected for     event after winning the ‘Loyalty’ and          When at the event the drivers will be
the 2008 challenge come from a variety of     ‘Shootout’ draws at the 2007 Leopard          invited to attend a Gala Dinner, which
regions across the country and includes        Final Shootout.                              last year was attended by special guest,
some of the top level drivers who have          “After hearing from the guys who went       Renault Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso.
     2008/09 Season Calendar
     Sat 11th – Official Night Practice
     Sat 25th – Opening Night – Sprintcar Track Championship Round 1
                                                                            Adelaide Alive   SPEEDWAY
     Sat 1st – Australian Sprintcar Masters – Sprintcar Track
     Championship Round 2                                                   ADELAIDE Speedway fans will be spoilt rotten as the state’s
     Sat 15th ¬– Sprintcar Track Championship Round 3                       premier venue Speedway City has announced a plethora of
     Sat 29th – World Series Sprintcars – Sprintcar Track Championship      speedway racing and entertainment for the upcoming summer
     Round 4                                                                season.
     Fri 26th – World Series Sprintcars – Sprintcar Track Championship
                                                                              Sprintcar fans of the 410ci and 360ci variety will be treated to
     Round 5                                                                a 15 round track championship series, with the majority of the
     JANUARY                                                                calendar beeing designed with a fortnight gap between each
     Sat 3rd – Australian 360 Sprintcar Nationals – Sprintcar Track         meeting.
     Championship Round 6                                                     The season will launch into action on Saturday November 25th
     Sat 17th – Sprintcar Track Championship Round 7
     Fri 30th – Australian Sprintcar Nationals Night 1 – Sprintcar Track
                                                                            and run through to Sunday 12th of April.
     Championship Round 8                                                      The venue will play host to two rounds of the national Wanless
     Sat 31st – Australian Sprintcar Nationals Night 2 – Sprintcar Track    World Series Sprintcars (Sat Nov 29) and the traditional Boxing
     Championship Round 9                                                   Day extravaganza, kicking off the hectic Speedweek over the
     FEBRUARY                                                               Christmas/ New Year beak.
     Sat 14th – SA 360 Sprintcar Title – Sprintcar Track Championship
     Round 10
                                                                                                                             – PARIS CHARLES
     Sat 28th – Open and 360 Sprintcar Showdowns – Sprintcar Track            (For the full 2008/09 Calendar head to www.speedwaycity.com.au)
     Championship Round 11
     Sat 14th – George Tatnell Sprintcar Cup – Sprintcar Track
     Championship Round 12
     Sat 28th – Australian Sprintcar Stampede – Sprintcar Track
     Championship Round 13
     Sat 4th – Open and 360 Sprintcar Cups – Sprintcar Track
     Championship Round 14
                                                                             Paris Charles

     Sun 12th – Easter Open and 360 Sprintcar Cups – Sprintcar Track
     Championship Final

‘GT’ Legends Night
         SPEEDWAY                               the winner of the GT Legends Night.
                                                 “Dad believes he is worth two
     PARRAMATTA City Raceway has                special events to honour his name
     announced the George Tatnell               and career, anyway,” Brooke joked.
     Legends Night for October 18.               “Apart from being a tribute to
       In keeping with ‘GT’ tradition, the      my dad, the TPCR event is not a
     night will place a large emphasis          memorial race, but a race about
     on double duties over the night.           creating legends. Anybody who
       Tatnell became the first man to          knew my dad, knows that he ran
     win both Speedcar and Sprintcar            both midgets and Sprintcars, so
     national titles in 1988.                   this night is all about double duty.

       To honour this feat, an additional        “I think the one thing will be that
     $2000 will be offered as an                you’ll have drivers who will try to
     incentive for any driver who can           win both events to have their name
     win both features, although there          engraved on the trophy as the first
     will be a trophy for both the              winner.”
     Speedcar and Sprintcar feature               As an extra bonus, money will be
     winners.                                   raised on the night to go towards

       While the highest points-scorer          the GT All Stars toward cancer
     from both features will be crowned         research fund.


    Just one car for Morgan Racing
         DRAG RACING

    DARREN Morgan Racing will
    head to the first round of the
    Top Fuel Championship – the
    Australian Nationals – with
    just one car.
      After much talk about a
    second railer for Andrew Cowin,
    Morgan confirmed that he’ll
    head to the opening round at
    Western Sydney International
    Dragway with his single entry,
    and told eNews that we may
    not see the second entry for
    some time.
     “If we went there half
    organised, we’ll end up doing
    half the job,” he said.
                                       Ken Ferguson

     “We are going to put all our
    efforts into the one car and run
    at the front.
     “There’s no point putting a     – both at WSID and for the          want to be in the 40s.           Wicked fueler will contest
    new car out on the track until    whole season.                       “You need to be ahead of the    the entire season, although
    properly testing it. We have       “Everybody is running in the      game. All the components we      he could not commit to the
    only done two passes with it.”    50s (4.50 seconds), but you        have here is the latest from     second car until further tests
      Morgan said that his aim will   don’t plan to run in the 50s,      America. We want to run hard.”   were completed.
    be to run 4.4 second passes       you plan to run faster, so we        Morgan’s Rocket Industries/                 – GRANT ROWLEY

Could West move to WSBK?
    WSBK                             Kawasaki MotoGP team next
                                     season but we want to offer
ANT West may have a future           him a contract to remain as a
in the World Superbike               Kawasaki factory rider, because
Championship.                        we have invested a lot in him
   The Australian will be replaced   to bring him up a level since he
in Kawasaki’s MotoGP team at         joined us last year. That could
the end of the season by Marco       mean that Anthony rides for us
Melandri, but the Japanese           in another World Championship
manufacturer wants to keep the       series.”
Queenslander in its fold.               Kawasaki bought West, 27, out
  “If we do run a third bike, it     of a Yamaha deal last season to
would be up to the sponsors          bring him into its GP team, as
and the management who the           a mid-season replacement for
rider is, but Anthony West could     Olivier Jacque. It appears keen
be part of the package that we       to have him in the frame to join
offer,” Kawasaki’s competition       its factory-supported PSG-1
manager Michael Bartholemy           Superbike outfit, which currently
told MotoGP's official website.      fields two ZX-10Rs for veterans
  “With regard to Anthony he         Makoto Tamada and Regis
will not be part of the main         Laconi.


Miedecke v Miedecke
It’s a case of ‘Stalwart versus Son’ in Australian Manufacturers
Championship this weekend at Oran Park
     SHANNONS NATIONALS                       George currently leads the title, equal            Darren Hossack and Tony Ricciardello
                                              on points with CAMS President Colin             will be expected to lead the field, but
FOR the first time, Andrew and George         Osborne.                                        have a look out for the new BF Falcon of
Miedecke will do battle against each             Andrew said that competing at Oran           Bob Gill, while Victoria Michael Robinson
other on the race track.                      Park for a final time before it closes is a     is another fresh addition to the series
  Andrew, a former touring car stalwart,      major reason behind his entry.                  driving a Monaro. It’s believed that this
will contest his first circuit race meeting     “Racing against George was one of the         weekend’s Shannons round is the largest
since 2006, driving a Mitsubishi Evo IX RS    attractions, but it will also be great to       Sports Sedan entry since 2003.
in this weekend’s round of the Australian     have drive at Oran Park, probably for the          Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge will be
Manufacturers Championship at Oran            last time,” Andrew Miedecke said.               there, and with extra entries from the
Park as part of the seventh round of            “I’ve not driven the car yet but I believe    Victorian Porsche 944 Series, an almost-
the Shannons Nationals Motor Racing           that it is one of the best prepared Evos        capacity grid of Porsches will face the
Championships.                                in the country, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it and   starters.
  While Andrew Miedecke will be               see if I’ve still got it!”                         Other categories on the Shannons card
making a return to racing, George will           In other Shannons Nationals categories,      include Formula Vees and HQ Holdens
be hoping to defend his lead in the           Sports Sedans continue to improve its           and the ever-popular Trucks, bringing
Manufacturers Championship, driving           grid numbers, with a solid field of 24          total round entries to over 170.
his factory-supported Hyundai Tiburon.        entries slated for the Oran Park round.                                  – GRANT ROWLEY

                                                                                                                    Dirk Klynsmith


                5 MINUTES WITH ...

                                                                      PAUL MORRIS
V8 board member Morris is racing on, and wants to see some major changes                                            GRANT ROWLEY
Your team has had a major
shift this year. New sponsor,
top driver. Will you still be a
full-timer next year?
It’s business as usual as far as
I’m concerned.

You’ll definitely be a V8
Supercar driver next year?

So it’s something that you

                                                                                                                                         John Morris/Mpix
are remaining committed
to …
I think you’ve got to be. The
biggest problem we have in
the championship is that we                    You’ve just got to let drivers race and sort it
don’t have any racing going
                                               out themselves.
   I think we’ve got to change                                                    paul morris on v8 driving standards
the attitude of the drivers
behind the wheel and the           I guess we don’t want              number one thing that we           nothing about car racing.
rules of engagement need to        to promote ‘Dirty and              interact with your fan base,       If they had to drive one of
be adjusted so we can race         Dangerous’ driving, but the        we hand over to a bunch of         the things, they’d run out of
each other.                        entertainment factor does          enthusiastic amateurs, and         breath and collapse.
   At the moment, I’m the only     need to be increased.              they totally screw it up.             They say stuff like “You
one leading that charge and        Anywhere else in the world,          You watch the racing on          could have got out of his way”
I’ve got a huge investment in      it’s car racing. Here, it’s seen   your television at home and        but they wouldn’t know how
the sport. I’m going to stick      as ‘dirty and dangerous’. If our   you see people doing it lane       to get out of someone’s way if
around until these drivers get     drivers did what they were         penalties and they don’t           they tried.
it in their head that people       doing at Bristol, you’d be         know what it’s for. It confuses       They can’t comprehend
come to the track to see           driving through pit lane all       the hell out of people. You’ve     what it’s like to race, and
people race. They come to          race.                              just got to let the drivers        now we’ve got 29 guys out
see characters, they come             When Marcos (Ambrose)           race and let them sort it out      there who are all too scared
to see rivalry. And you can’t      won at Watkins Glen, the           themselves.                        to make a move, touch
have pretend rivalry like          amount of people he                                                   someone and get their points
they’re trying to do.              dumped in the fence, he             So do you think that V8           taken off them.
   You only have to watch          would have had his licence          Supercar needs to take a
last weekend’s NASCAR race         taken off him here. Over           ‘NASCAR-style’ approach            As a board member, is this
to see Kyle Busch and Carl         there, it’s what you’ve got to      where they control all of the     something that realistically
Edwards beat the shit out          do to win a car race. That’s        officialdom and run their         could be changed?
of each other and slag each        why people watch it.                own show?                         It’s something that I’d
other off in the press. If you                                         I think licensing is fine, and    definitely table and put on
did that here, you’d be up on      So, in your view, what’s the        if you think you’ve been          the line, but I’m just one
charge of culpable conduct.        first point of change we            hard done by, you need an         person.
   I just think this sport has a   need?                               independent body who can             It seems to me that it’s a
real issue in the way that the     You’ve got to take CAMS out         give you a fair trial. CAMS can   hard thing. We run under
sport looks at its judiciary       of it. I don’t understand how       do all of that, but the current   the FIA system, that’s what
system and the way guys            CAMS can be in control of           system seems to be outdated.      we run under, and that’s
drive. I’m staying around until    every facet of your business           You’ve got blokes who sit      what we’ve got. But surely
that gets sorted, for sure.        on race weekends. The               there, in my opinion, know        something can be done?


       Dirk Klynsmith
The Championship Quarte
                                   taking in some seriously             serious teams are pairing their         teams massage through what
            OPINION                talented individual and team         two regular hot-shots together.         would normally be a long stint
                                   sportsmen and women, and             Splitting the risk is out; going        may well decide the race.
            Chris Lambden          our V8 stars have, in many           for the win is in.                         The one thing you do
            mNews Publisher
                                   cases, been jetting off for            It means that, while teams            come out of two weeks
 As we enter the                   some apparently hard-earned          are therefore running a                 Olympic-watching with is an
‘championship quarter’ of          (though I still struggle with        genuine ‘second’ car in ‘go out         appreciation of the emotion
 the V8 Supercar season, the       the concept that driving             and finish’ mode, the lead cars         and mental roller-coaster
 planets, or rather drivers,       a beautifully-prepared V8            are set to have a real go.              athletes from all disciplines
 are lining up in a way that       around for a few days a                There is thus much to look            cope with. You can’t miss
 suggests we are in for a          month can be called hard             forward to with the first race at       it – it’s etched on their faces,
 highly-competitive pair of        work …) R&R, the teams have          the Island. It is going to be a big     visible in their body-language.
 long distance races.              quietly been confirming their        test of race smarts. It’s no secret     In our sport, it’s a little harder
   While we’ve been plonked in     endurance race line-ups.             that the track is super-tough          – the combatants are mostly
 front of the TV for a fortnight     And, without exception, the        on right rear tyres and so how          wrapped in fireproofs and

                     Have your say, email us at mail@mnews.com.au. Keep letters to the point!

Manufacturers                      front wheel drive, V6 ‘Camry’       to choose Falcons and                  the idea of reverse racing how
With the constant rumours          as a 6-litre V8 rear wheel drive.   Commodores in greater                  good would that be at some of
of the possible inclusion of          I am not aware of there          numbers than the front wheel           the V8 rounds at certain circuits.
another manufacturer in the        being a road going version in       drive cars achieve or achieved.          Obviously Bathurst would
V8 Supercars, the controlling      this configuration. Remember        The obvious choice for an              be out but, surely, with a little
authorities must be careful        the Toyota Avalon was a             additional manufacture and             bit of work, it wouldn’t take
the direction they take.           failure; the Aurion at least in     car would be the Chrysler              much to adjust pit entries/
  At least Ford and Holden         Adelaide and South Australia        300C.                                  exits to accommodate a
both manufacture V8 manual         remains a rare car while                         Graham Lawrence           reverse racing round.
rear wheel drive cars.             the Mitsubishi 380 saw the                                 via email         Throwing in 2-3 of these
  With the talk of Toyota          demise of Mitsubishi as a                                                  would surely spice up the
becoming involved what             manufacturer in Australia.          Reverse it                             series.
possible vehicle do they have?       Australians who require           After hearing of the proposed                                Wes White
  In NASCAR they run the           a large family car continue         upgrade to Eastern Creek and                              Ashcroft NSW


                                        I need new glasses!
                                        Can you read the names on the windows of these cars?
                                                                           right around the world. Its        be honest, its not a bad idea.
                                                      OPINION              introduction was a blessing for    It vacates some real estate on
                                                     Grant Rowley          the casual viewers. Instantly,     the door for more sponsors
                                                     Editor eNews          you could identify who was         and gives each car a common
                                                                           driving the car.                   look.

                                        The numbers were a good               For this year’s V8 Supercar        Unfortunately, there isn’t
                                        idea, but the names are            Championship Series, numbers       a great deal of room on the
                                        terrible!                          are not mandatory on the           rear window of a V8 Supercar,
                                          With the endurance driver        door of the car, however, the      so the two surnames will be
                                        combinations being launched        large fluorescent numbers are      reduced to about 10pt text
                                        and the combined cars              compulsory on the window.          (for those not completely up
                                        breaking cover, it seems that      This is another touring car-       on the font size lingo, it means
                                        in this year’s endurance races,    spec innovation that has made      the letters are very small!)
 helmet, closeted in their cars.        the surnames of the drivers        its way down under, and to            The great part about having
   The most expression you see          on the rear windows                                                             the names visible
 generally is on-track. Cars can have   will require you to use                                                         on the windows was
 body-language – especially when        binoculars to see them.                                                         simply for recognition.
 being driven very fast and well.         This is a very trivial                                                        From just about
   And while I can’t see Australia      opinion, but it’s                                                               anywhere – on the
 going down the NASCAR-style            something that I’m                                                              couch or from the
 on-track free-for-all championed       going to be quite                                                               track – one of the first
 by the indefatigable Paul Morris       vocal on.                                                                       points of reference of
 (news pages), even on a cost             Names on the rear                                                             the car was the rear
 basis, I do reckon that drivers        windows of touring                                                              windows.
 should be able to express              cars started full-time                                                            This year, you can
 themselves a bit more on-track         in 1992 and have                                                                forget it, you won’t
 … and if that means a few panels,      been used in all                                                                see it, they are too
 then so be it …                        major sedan racing                                                              small.

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              cars that race today.                     I for one have no issue in paying a                               via email

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If anyone still had doubts that Carl Edwards
is going to have a big say in The Chase for the
Sprint Cup, he blew them away with his third win
in four races.

                                                     NASCAR Media

            MONTH ago, it          exception of Jeff Gordon, who        locked in the title race, Dale
            was looking like       pipped Edwards at the stripe         Earnhardt Jr and Jimmie
            the 2008 season        on one occasion.                     Johnson started the race 34th
            was going to end          Between the two rivals for        and 40th respectively. Junior
in disappointment for Carl         the title, Busch has eight wins      was penalised with a drive-
Edwards.                           and Edwards now six, the             through penalty when he
   But, when he bumped Kyle        pairing have won seven of the        passed cars before crossing
Busch aside at Bristol Motor       past nine events with just two       the start line and Johnson cut
Speedway on Saturday night         races left before the Chase.         a tyre and hit the wall. Johnson
with a pass for the lead with      And Edwards has to win those         finished 33rd, his Hendrick
30 laps to run, he never looked    to equal Busch’s Chase bonus         team-mate 18th after never
back – and it’s a good thing he    points when the standings are        being able to regain that lap
didn’t.                            reset.                               he lost at the start.
  “I tried to get him back, but       Denny Hamlin came home              The race for the Chase is now
thought better of it,” remarked    third, fighting Busch for            about who can scrape into the
Busch.                             second on the final restart and      10th to 12th positions. With
  “I just didn’t have good         helping his chances of making        Kasey Kahne wiped out in the
enough of a car to do it.”         the all-important Chase by           big wreck, he dropped from
   That didn’t stop Busch from     moving from 12th to 11th in          11th to 14th, with Clint Bowyer
side swiping Edwards on the        the standings. Kevin Harvick         12 points ahead of David Ragan
cool down lap and Edwards          and Jeff Gordon rounded out          for the coveted final spot.
retaliating by spinning Busch      the top five after Gordon was
around, to the delight of the      played like a pinball close
packed house.                      to halfway, when the Gibbs
  “They keep talking about         pairing of Hamlin and Tony
rivalries, we might have one       Stewart both bounced off
now,” said Edwards, who took       his Chevrolet, annoying the
his third win from four races      veteran.
from his first pole position of       The race was red-flagged on
the year.                          lap 216 when Casey Mears and
  “I couldn’t get by him, I just   Michael Waltrip made contact,
kind of ran into him. I had to     the wreck wiping out seven
ask myself, ‘would he do that      cars and leaving Mears fuming
to me?’ He has before, so that’s   at his spotter.
the way it goes. We can’t give       “I wasn’t clear,” said Mears of
up points when they’re right       his pass on Waltrip.
there for us to take.”               “I like my spotter, but that was

                                                                                                                                                           Ford Racing Media
   Busch and Edwards, 1-2 in       ridiculous. We took a bunch of
points, were the only drivers      cars out for no reason.”
to lead the 500 laps with the         Although they remain firmly

                                                                                                                     Fusion v Camry: Edwards, Kyle Busch
                                                                                                                     and Denny Hamlin, left, were the class of
                                                                                                                     the field. There were plenty of incidents,
                                                                                                                     with Jeff Burton and Sterling Marlin
                                                                                                                     getting together, below. Another wreck
                                                                                                                     caused a red flag, below right.
                                                                                                      NASCAR Media

                                                                                                       Naval Gazing

                                                                                                                                                                       NASCAR Media
                                                                                                          NATIONWIDE SERIES             championship we have to win
                                                                                                                                        races,” continued Keselowski,
                                                                                                      BRAD Keselowski scored his       “this is what we have to do
                                                                                                      second win of the season          every week, run up front and
                                                                                                      in a fast and exciting race       win races.”
                                                                                                      at Bristol Motor Speedway            The three title contenders
                                                                                                      on Friday night, taking the       were the class of the field,
                                                                                                      victory when series points        along with Kyle Busch, but a
                                                                                                      leader Clint Bowyer fishtailed    missed wheel nut during his
                                                                                                      exiting turn two on lap 227       final pit stop dropped the Joe
                                                                                                      out of 250.                       Gibbs pilot to 17th before he
                                                                                  Ford Racing Media

                                                                                                       “We were dead equal, Clint       rallied to seventh at the finish.
                                                                                                      and I,” said Keselowski.             Gale led the first 19 laps
                                                                                                       “I needed to catch a break       until Dario Franchitti took over
                                                                                                      and Clint gave it to us.”         when Gale slowed for an errant
Hot Office: Carl Edwards got to celebrate again, but found himself                                      The quiet unassuming            Marcos Ambrose who, for the
eerily alone at the end of the race, left.                                                            Keselowski started 37th after     second race in succession,
                                                                                                      a poor qualifying effort, but     brought out the first caution.
                                                                                                      dragged his JR Motorsports          “It just stopped,” said
                                                                                                      Chevrolet to the front in         Ambrose. “We have back-up
                                                                                                      commanding style. Greg Biffle     [ignition] boxes and stuff, but
1    99   Carl Edwards     Ford     Roush Fenway/Office Depot500 laps/Q1                              was third ahead of first-time     nothing worked so we had to
2     9   Kyle Busch      Toyota    Joe Gibbs Racing/M&Ms             9                               polesitter Cale Gale and David    come in and change the whole
3    21   Denny Hamlin    Toyota    Joe Gibbs Racing/FedEx           21                               Stremme.                          panel and away she went.”
4    29   Kevin Harvick   Chevy     Childress/Pennzoil                6
                                                                                                        The three-way race for the         Ambrose got back out to
5    24   Jeff Gordon     Chevy     Hendrick/Dupont                   3
6    12   Ryan Newman     Dodge     Penske/Alltel                    11                               points lead, tightened up         finish 34th. Franchitti qualified
7    07   Clint Bowyer    Chevy     Childress/Jack Daniel’s          22                               recently by Carl Edwards’s        second and led 87 laps,
8    20   Tony Stewart    Toyota    Joe Gibbs Racing/Home Depot      28                               strong performances, was          posting an 11th place result
9    17   Matt Kenseth     Ford     Roush Fenway/DeWalt              25                               expanded again when his tyre      after the lapped car of rookie
10    6   David Ragan      Ford     Roush Fenway/AAA Insurance       27                               bead melted and he slammed        Andrew Ranger stalled while
                                                                                                      the wall on lap 87. He is now     looking at a top five finish.
           NASCAR | DRIVER’S POINTS                                                                   third in points, 241 behind
                                                                                                                                       Point standings; Bowyer 3762,
           Busch 3609, Edwards 3397, Earnhardt 3193, Johnson 3191, Burton                             Bowyer, with Keselowski          Keselowski 3640, Edwards 3521,
           3117, Stewart 3013, Biffle 2984, Harvick 2972, Gordon 2951, Kemseth                        second.                          Reutimann 3361, Bliss 3347 (10.
           2921, Hamlin 2900, Bowyer 2855.                                                             “We know to win this            Ambrose 2964).



Burning Ambition

     Everything was against Team Penske at Infineon – from
     a fire on the way to the track to the monkey on the back
    of Helio Castroneves. So, of course, the team scored a 1-2

                                                             Honda Racing

        OU would expect a             Never mind. Castroneves and     who dropped to 12th after a         The race was run at a furious
        man who won Dancing        Ryan Briscoe qualified 1-2 in      lacklustre race.                  pace and, for once, any
        with the Stars to have     backup cars and led the field        “I’m not upset with anybody,    thoughts that teams may have
        great timing, and Helio    to a red-and-white smackdown.      particularly; we just did         had about running a ‘fuel race’
Castroneves showed that his        It was just the tonic that the     absolutely nothing right,” said   were put to rest. With just one
is impeccable at Sonoma.           team needed.                       Dixon.                            yellow flag period, this was a
  The Brazilian last climbed the     “People kept telling me that       “I don’t know why we stayed     win for the swiftest.
fence to celebrate a win at the    the door [to Victory Lane]         out when the car in front of us     One disappointed driver was
opening race of the 2007 series,   would finally open, and today      is three seconds slower and       Will Power. On his first look
and seven times this season he     we broke through it,” grinned      we couldn’t make up any track     at the track formerly known
has finished second – usually      Castroneves.                       position. Everything we did       as Sears Point, he qualified
behind Scott Dixon. And              “The door was really stuck,      was wrong.”                       a brilliant third fastest but a
Team Penske rarely needed a        but what an incredible effort         Tony Kanaan finished third     brake problem reared its head
win more, the team losing its      by Team Penske. I can’t thank      ahead of Dan Wheldon while        early in the going, forcing him
transporter and two primary        them enough.”                      Danica Patrick took her best      to short-cut the course.
racecars to a fire on the way to      More importantly, he took 35    result on a road circuit this      “My rear master cylinder
California.                        points from series leader Dixon,   season in fifth.                  failed early in the race and

that pretty much ended any
chance we had of competing
                                                             INDYCAR | INDY GRAND PRIX OF SONOMA COUNTY
for a podium finish,” said the                    1     3     Helio Castroneves    Bra    Team Penske          80 laps
Queenslander.                                     2     6     Ryan Briscoe         Aus    Team Penske         +5.2926s
  Castroneves gained three                        3     11    Tony Kanaan          Bra    Andretti Green     +16.6032s
bonus points by leading the                       4     10    Dan Wheldon          GB     Target Ganassi     +17.7720s
most laps and mathematically,                     5      7    Danica Patrick       USA    Andretti Green     +25.8458s
                                                  6     33    EJ Viso              Ven    HVM                +29.3472s
only he can stop Dixon from
                                                  7      4    Vitor Meira           Br    Panther            +29.9895s
adding the title to the Indy                      8     06    Graham Rahal         USA    Newman Haas Lanigan+40.4577s
500 trophy.                                       9     02    Justin Wilson        GB     Newman Haas Lanigan+42.0357s
  But with this win, and the                      10    19    Mario Moraes         Bra    Dale Coyne          50.0106s
next race this weekend on                         25     8    Will Power           Aus    KV Racing            77 laps
the streets of Belle Isle Park
in Detroit, the little man with                              Fastest lap: Castroneves on lap 54, 1:18.632ss (169.690kmh)
the big smile may get to
dance in the streets one more                    INDYCAR | DRIVER’S POINTS
time.                                            Dixon 576, Castroneves 533, Wheldon 452, Kanaan 446, Briscoe 390, Patrick 345,
                                                 Andretti 327, Mutoh 315, Servia 313, Hunter-Reay 310 [Power 277, 15th].

                                                                                                                                  Honda Racing
                                                 Aussie, Aussie, Brazilian: The Penskes led the field away, and into
                                                 Victory Lane, above. Will Power started with a Q3 but brake problems
                                                 ruined his weekend, below.
                                  Honda Racing

                                                                                                                                  Honda Racing

                                                                                                                                             IndyCar Media
Firsts all round at Infineon
      INDY LIGHTS                     “It’s an amazing weekend,”           Race 2 saw Donoso lead from        Ana Beatriz finished third
                                    said Perera.                        start to finish in a dominant       while the battle for the
A DOUBLE header greeted               “It was a new track again,        display to finish in front of       championship continued with
the Indy Lights drivers             and we were really good. We         Logan Gomez in his highest          Matos again finishing just one
at Infineon Raceway last            had a good race. The car was        finish of the season.               spot ahead of Antinucci in
weekend with Franck Perera          constant and we didn’t have           “This is a beautiful day,” said   sixth to create a three point
and Pablo Donoso sharing            to push it 100 percent. It was      Donoso.                             advantage heading into the
the race wins.                      good to have a race like that.”       “I’m pretty happy and I love      final round at Chicagoland on
   The first of two 30-lap             Matos moved into the             this track. I won here in 2005      September 7.
races saw Perera take his           championship lead by virtue         (in Star Mazda) so now I’ve           Australian James Davison
first Indy Lights victory for       of the fact he finished just        repeated in 2008.”                  had a less successful outing
the season by beating home          one place ahead of Richard             The win comes at a good          than he has been used to of
championship leader Raphael         Antinucci, who won at Infineon      time for Donoso who swapped         late, and ended up 14th and
Matos.                              last year.                          teams mid-season.                   13th in the two races.

     Corvette comes out on top
         FIA GT                          leading home team-mates                hold a commanding lead in the
                                         Fabrizio Gollin and Mike               championship.
     MASERATI has maintained             Hezemans in Race 1 and the               Anthony Kumpen and
     its championship lead in the        second Maerati of Miguel Ramos         Bert Longin put in a great
     FIA GT Championship despite         and Alexandre Negrao in Race 2.        performance and finished just off
     playing the bridesmaid to             The Maseratis were forced to         the podium, in fourth position, in
     Corvette in both races in           carry almost 60kg of success           their PK Carsport Saleen S7R.
     Romania.                            ballast from the last round              The duo was able to challenge
       Jean-Denis Deletraz and           which handed the advantage to          the Maseratis for much of the
     Marcel Fässler took out both        the Corvettes, however Andrea          race and went on to claim their
     races in dominant fashion,          Bertolini and Michael Bartels still    best finish of the 2008 season.



On a Roll: Sam Abay continued his consistent
run in Romania with a string of top 10.

Keeping the Dream Alive
                     BRITISH F3                                   finished in second place ahead of              Alguersuari inherited the lead on the
                                                                  Jaime Alguersuari to complete a Carlin      final lap after Turvey ran wide at turn one
BRENDON Hartley took his fifth British                            Motorsport clean sweep of the podium.       defending Hartley.
Formula 3 win of the season on the                                   The title hopeful had a race to forget     “I knew my team-mates were a little bit
streets of Bucharest in Romania after                             as he watched his championship hopes        faster than me but I was still able to win,”
qualifying on pole position.                                      slip away when his Mugen-Honda engine       said Alguersuari.
  The Kiwi easily won the first race of the                       expired mid-race.                             “The championship is still very close and
weekend and stayed out of trouble as                                 Australians Sam Abay and John Martin     we’ll see what happens at Donington, I
the race was red-flagged due to Ricardo                           had a good run in Race 1 and stayed         hope to be able to win there.”
Teixeira spinning and blocking the track.                         out of trouble to end up fifth and eighth      Martin was having a great race running
 “I was actually pretty reserved,” Hartley                        respectively.                               fourth until a spin forced him out of the
said after the race.                                                 Alguersuari continued the Carlin         race, while Abay was passed with only laps
 “I knew I had the pace so it was just                            Motorsport dominance in Romania to take     to go, eventually finishing down in eighth.
about not making a mistake.”                                      out Race 2 and keep his championship           The final round of the series will be at
  Championship leader Oliver Turvey                               alive heading into the final round.         Donington on October 12.

                                                                                                                                   Niel Hammond
Catch me if you can ...
     VIC STATE                                final race cost him any chance.                 Carl McHenry, who shared the wins with
                                                The Formula Fords saw Fujitsu V8            John Wood over the course of the weekend,
ROUND 4 of the Victorian Motor racing         Supercar driver Taz Douglas make a            won HQ Holdens. Brendan Avard grabbed
Championships took place at Winton            comeback to the category and wrap up          one race win and third overall.
last weekend and saw plenty of action         third position overall for the round.           Historic Touring Cars turned on some
amongst the categories.                          Luke Ellery took the win from Nick Tanti   exciting racing, with Tony Hubbard
  Daniel Vereker, above, was the class of     after a consistent run across the weekend,    cleaning up ahead of Gary Edwards and
the Improved Production field in his RX7      while Race 1 winner Nathan Morcom             Paul Dobson.
by taking three wins and a second place.      suffered from a bad start in Race 2 to          Luke Chambers comfortably took out
  Vereker battled all weekend with Mark       destroy his overall chances.                  Over 2L Sports Sedans.
Ruta and Neil Crowe but was clearly the          In Formula Vee Daniel Reinhardt took         Russel Butler dominated in Super TT and
class of the field.                           a clean sweep for the round and Kieren        Steve Howard won Under 2L Sports Sedans.
  Tony Wallis was the only other driver to    Glover followed him home in all four races      In BMW E30 Geoff Bowles took the round
win a race in his Mazda 808 and looked to     to grab second overall. David Frith was       win with Craig Munro and Matt Martin in
be on for a podium result, but a DNF in the   third after a string of thirds.               second and third respectively.


                                                                     On a Roll
                                                                         IMSA LIGHTS

                                                                     AUSTRALIAN Tom Drewer has continued his
                                                                     great run in the IMSA Lights Championship with
                                                                     a win and third place in the latest round of the
                                                                     championship at the Mobil 1 Grand Prix of Mosport.
                                                                        Drewer started on pole position in the L2 class
                                                                     and 12th outright and made his way through to 11th
                                                                     overall by races end.
                                                                       “My main objective for the weekend is to play it cool,
                                                                     calm and to collect as many points as possible for the
                                                                     Championship,” said Drewer.
                                                                        Drewer looked destined for another win in Race
                                                                     2, but while leading his team-mate the right rear
                                                                     suspension failed forcing him to retire to the pits.
                                                                       “As they say, ‘that’s motor racing’,” said Drewer.
                                                                       “Yesterday I experienced the high of winning my
                                                                     first ever race in Canada and today not everything
                                                                     went to plan.”
                                                                        Although Drewer was forced to retire he was still
                                                                     classified third and gained valuable points towards
                                                                     the championship.
                                                                        The next race for Drewer will be Petit Le Mans at
                                                                     Road Atlanta for Rounds 9 and 10 of the 2008 IMSA
                                                                     Lites Championship on October 4.

                                                                   On home soil
    APRC                          Cody Crocker finished in
                                  third place with co-driver
THE latest round of the           Ben Atkinson in their Subaru
FIA Asia Pacific Rally            Impreza WRX.
Championship has been                Fellow Aussies Scott Pedder
run and won at the Rally of       and co-driver Glen Weston
Indonesia last weekend.           had a less successful outing,
  Indonesian driver Gaurav        finishing down in 10th
Gill and his co-driver Jagdev     position.
Singh took out the event after      Australian co-driver Bill
a consistent run through day      Hayes finished fourth with
one and two.                      Rifat Sungkar in a Subaru
  The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo       Impreza WRX.
driver led home Katsuhiko           The next round of the APRC
Taguchi and Australian co-        will take place on October 11-
driver Mark Stacey by just over   12 in Malaysia ahead of the
seven seconds.                    finale in China on November
  Last year’s APRC Champion       8-9.


                                                                                                              rear of grid

Bert’s OP Family Fued ...
                                             Odd Spot
WITH Father’s Day on the horizon                                                     other classes will be Leigh and Ben
(suggestion; buy your dad a                                                          Porter in Formula Vee, Peter Green and
subscription to MNews!), it is timely                                                his sons Peter Jr and Clinton in HQs and
to look at some father/son events.                                                   another father/son HQ pair of Greg and
  Throwing the ball in the park is fun,                                              John ‘Spud’ Wood.
taking him to the footy is ok, but racing                                              Completing the family theme at
against him would have to be the best       Andrew and George Miedecke               Oran Park, there’ll also be two sets
option.                                     will be banging production doors         of brothers racing. Mark and Dean
  Next weekend’s round of the               in the Australian Manufacturers          Williams in Formula Vee and Tony and
Shannons Nationals at Oran Park is          Championship. In Supertruck land,        Michael Westaway in Porsche 944.
nothing short of a Father’s Day battle      John and Ben Falk will hope that they      They’ll be after bragging rights for
royale (albeit a week early).               can leave the round leading their        the compulsory family get-togethers
  Six sets of fathers and sons will do      respective classes (as they currently    the following weekend (remember
battle across the six categories. Is this   do), while Stan and Michael Seton will   sons, acknowledge his new tool in the
some sort of record? Who know, but it’s     also be chewing up some diesel in        shed, nod like you’re interested and
definitely worth a mention …                Supertrucks.                             move on).
  As reported in the news pages,              Continuing the family tradition in       P.S – be good to your mother ...