How can I afford NOT to work with Kathleen Ronald by amberp


									                                                                              Coaching for Business and Life!

      “In the beginning, I was hesitant to pay
      for a business coach. Now, I ask
           How can I afford
                   NOT to work
             with Kathleen Ronald?”
                                                                       Anan Wong
                                                             All Ears Audio Books

                                                                                                   Rave Reviews:
There are business and                         Kathleen On Coaching:
personal coaches, and then                                                                   “Kathleen’s coaching has been
there is Kathleen Ronald.                      Live, love it, laugh...                       integral to the early success of
Kathleen Ronald will blast you                 or do something else.                         my new business. She is one
from the places where you                                                                    of my trusted advisors.”
are stuck. Blast through your                  My job is to make your job                                         Jeffery Williams
limiting beliefs. Blast through                — and life — simple.                                          The Alchemy Team
your objections, challenges                    They call me the
and constraints. And help you                  “Mind Chiropractor.”                          “Kathleen saw who I was, what
blast up to the next level of                                                                was stopping me and what I
                                               I take the kinks out of your
performance.                                                                                 needed to get me going. She’s
                                                                                             the best business investment
If you’re ready to replace...                  My passion is to help people                  I’ve made yet!”
                                                                                                                     Dee Canepa
    • Sabotage with success                    discover their life purpose.                                  Dee–Delicious Cafe
    • Confusion with clarity
    • Chaos with calm                          My approach is so different,
                                               it’s divine!                                  “In one session Kathleen broke
    • Fear with faith                                                                        through the time management
                                               Call me!                                      blocks that were costing me
Call Kathleen. And get ready                   310.633.0411                                  money and lost opportunity.”
to move!                                                                                                          Carol Sconzert
                                                                                                                Osmosis Creative

About Kathleen Ronald:
An international expert known for her wit as well as her wisdom Kathleen Ronald has been helping companies
— from Sun and Apple to Nordstrom and Mary Kay — redefine their ideas of what’s possible for more than
20 years. As a marketing consultant, sales trainer and coach, Kathleen has built departments, blasted through sales
goals and brought people together in ways that others deemed impossible. Even more impressive than what she’s
accomplished is how she helps others to reach their next level of achievement. Her unique approach combines
Neuro-Linguistic Programming with “divine” inspiration, leading to incredible transformations in record time.

                                                  Kathleen Ronald
       P.O. Box 35503, Los Angeles, CA 90035 tel: 310.633.0411

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