How Can I Tell If a Leadership Training Program Is Worth My Time

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                                      How Can I Tell If a Leadership
                                      Training Program Is Worth My
                                      Time and Money?
                                      by Dan E. Maltby, Ph.D.

Leadership Is Not Just An                      And different bosses (bad or good) model
                                               values and teach key lessons.
                                                                                             development seems to emphasize one of
                                                                                             the following four factors over the others
Accident Of Birth…                             This mix sets the stage for leadership        (though all tend to include some aspects
                                               ability to take hold.                         of the other three as well): (1) leadership
Last issue, we learned that leaders are not                                                  skills development, (2) conceptual
just genetically gifted people who are a
complete accident of birth – the majority
                                               You Gotta Want It                             thinking, (3) personal growth experiences,
                                                                                             or (4) feedback.
of researchers today believe that the
                                               Author Jay Conger and others in the
origins of leadership go beyond genes                                                        Use this four-point list to evaluate any
                                               “leadership is learned” (to some degree)
and family to other sources. Work                                                            leadership training program that you are
                                               school see opportunity in two lights.
experiences, hardship, opportunity,                                                          contemplating. Your investment of time
                                               There is the opportunity of unforeseeable
education, role models and mentors all go                                                    and money should be leveraged with the
                                               circumstances mentioned above and there
together to craft a leader. An important                                                     program that will give you the greatest
                                               is the opportunity that can be designed
assumption in this theory is that the raw                                                    return! This consideration was at the very
                                               and managed by those responsible for
material essential in people in order to                                                     center of our concern at Biola University.
                                               leader development. But he cautions that
lead is not scarce. Rather, the lack of                                                      That’s why our new Master’s Degree
                                               the best designed programs of leadership
needed leaders is a reflection of neglected                                                  Program in Organizational Leadership is
                                               development – whatever their structure or
development rather than a dearth of                                                          designed to incorporate all four of these
                                               intensity – are contingent on the
abilities.                                                                                   leadership development emphases while it
                                               motivational desire of the candidates. It
                                                                                             focuses on those elements of leadership
                                               appears that many gifted leaders choose
…But Accidental                                not to lead when given the opportunity.
                                                                                             that can most effectively be taught in a
                                                                                             highly dynamic university setting.
Opportunities Can Be                           The price is too great, the timing not
                                               right, the rewards too small and they
Great Learning                                 settle for something else.
                                                                                             This edition of Leadership FAQ’s has
                                                                                             been adapted from a previous article For
Experiences!                                                                                 the complete text of the original
                                               Move from Accidental to                       document, use the following link:
But the role of chance is not entirely ruled
out! Many times, circumstances beyond
                                               Intentional – Take Charge           
your control will give you an opportunity      of Your Training                              ership/born_made.cfm
to develop and display leadership. Author
and researcher John Kotter surveyed 200        Elements of leadership can be taught. But     And for more information on the training
executives at highly successful companies      to be successful, training must be            program Dan describes in this article,
and also performed in-depth interviews         designed to (1) develop and refine certain    contact him at…
with some of those individuals. His            of the teachable skills, (2) improve the
research (and the studies of other             conceptual abilities of managers, (3) tap     Daniel E. Maltby, Ph.D.
analysts) showed that certain work             individuals’ personal needs, interests, and   Director, Master’s in Organizational
experiences are ideal forces for               self-esteem, and (4) help managers see        Leadership
developing leadership ability.                 and move beyond their interpersonal           School of Continuing Studies, Biola
                                               blocks.                                       University
For example, challenging and multi-                                                          (562) 944-0351 Ext 5365
functional work assignments teach self-
confidence, toughness, persistence,
                                               The Key – How Many of
knowledge of the business, skill in            the “Big Four” Does A
managing relationships, a sense of
independence, and leadership. Hardship
                                               Given Program Give You?
teaches personal limits and strengths.
                                               The leadership training programs now
Success breeds confidence and an
                                               available throughout the U.S. (and the
understanding of one’s distinct skills.
                                               world) can be broken down into a similar
Diversity in experiences develops breadth.
                                               four-point emphasis. Each of the leading
                                               companies providing leadership

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