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					F 168
                       BANK OF MAHARASHTRA
                           'Lokmangal', 1501, Shivajinagar, Pune 411005.


The Branch Manager

Dear Sir,

I/My son/daughter/ward Shri./Kum. _______________________________________________
is undergoing _______________ his/her studies for _____________________________ degree/
desire to prosecute
diploma at ___________________________________________________ Institute/University at
___________________________________ I request for that purpose a loan of Rs. __________
(Rupees ______________________________________________________________________)

I agree to abide by your rules and regulations regarding such loans as existing or as may be
changed from time to time.

I am giving hereunder information in respect of myself, my family members, the Proposed
sureties and declare that the particulars given hereunder are true and correct to the best of my
belief. In case the same are subsequently found to be incorrect or in case the ward ./ student does
not continue / prosecute his studies successfully or commits breach of any of Bank's rules or any
installment remains in arrears, the bank shall be at liberty to recall the loan immediately and / or
stop further disbursements of loan amounts as its discretion.

                                                                            Yours faithfully,

Name _______________________________________ Age ____________________
Address ______________________________________________________________
Financial standing of the applicant
Where applicant is in service         Where applicant has his business / profession etc.
1) Serving as / Designation : _____   1) Nature of business _____________________
   Name of the office : __________        and address of shop / ___________________
   Address of office : ___________         office etc. ____________________________
2) Basic salary per month : Rs. ____  2) His own capital investment
   Total emoluments : Rs. _______         in the business       Rs. _________________
   Basic salary and other allowances  3) Annual sales as per
   after deducting Provident             balance sheet          Rs. _________________
   Fund and Income Tax Rs. _______ 4) If assesable to
3) Income of wife (if employed) :        Income tax paid,       Rs. __________________
   Per month net Rs. _____________ 5) Annual sales tax,
                                          if paid               Rs. __________________
4) Income of other earning            6) Total profit of the
   family members net Rs. ________        business              Rs. __________________
   Total monthly income Rs. _______ 7) Business loan and
   Total annual Income                     liabilities etc.     Rs. ___________________
   of the family          Rs. _______      (Please append a copy of
                                            the latest Balance Sheet)
5) Interest, dividend / etc.          8) Income by way of interest,
   annual income (net) Rs. ________        dividend etc.        Rs. ___________________
6) Income from landed property,       9) Income from landed
   House rent. etc. after deducting         property / house rent
   Taxes and charges etc. Rs. ______        taxes, charges      Rs. ___________________
7) Total annual income Rs. ________ 10) Income of other earning
                                             family members Rs. __________________
8) Life policy, if any. Rs. ________ 11) Total annual income Rs. _________________

Particulars of other earning family                   Particulars
members                               of Income from immovable property
1) Name _________________             1) If house property address :
                         monthly      _______________________________
Relation _______ Age earnings             Municipal / Survey No. _________
                                          Market value          Rs. _________
2) Name _____________________         2) If agricultural land :
                       monthly            Survey No. ___________________
Relation ________ Age  earnings           Market value          Rs. _________
3) Name _____________________             Income from landed property
Relation _________ Age earnings           Rent excluding taxes Rs. _________

                                                                     Agricultural Income less
                                                                     other expenses Rs. _________
                                                                     Total Income Rs. _________

Details of house-hold expenditure                                    Particulars about dependents
          (on monthly basis)                               Name                      Relation Age

1) House hold expenditure
     excluding house rent Rs. _______                      1) ______________________________

2) House rent.       Rs. _______                           2) ______________________________
3) Insurance premium
   Installment       Rs. _______                           3) ______________________________

4) Loan Installment.           Rs. _______                 4) ______________________________

5) Other.                      Rs. _______
               Total :         Rs. _______                 5) _____________________________

           Information about old loans                     Repayment plan for the loan applied

     1)    Original loan amount Rs.                        for Installment          Rs. _________
     2)    Date of Loan taken. Rs.                         periodicity ( Monthly / Quarterly etc. )
     3)    Installment amount. Rs.                                          years
     4)    Period of repayment Rs.                         Source of repayment _______________
     5)    Total repayment                                 Security for loan      _______________
            to date              Rs.
     6)    Security for loan                                     Whether the borrower, if emplo-
7)         Balance of loan to be                           yed, is willing to register a mandate
           repaid                Rs.                       with the present employer to deduct
                                                           installment from his salary and remit
                                                           directly to the Bank ?
                                                                 Whether the borrower is agreeable
                                                           to assign life policy for the amount of
                                                           loan ____________________________

                                      Particulars regarding surety

Name _______________________________                    Address ____________________________

If employed :                                              If doing business :
                                                           Nature of business _________________
Emoluments less Providend Fun                              Own capital investment
and income tax deduction Rs.                               in the business          Rs. _________
Income from interest.                                      Annual sales as per B/S. Rs. _________
dividend etc.            Rs. ______                        Net profit for the year. Rs. _________
Income by way of house rent                                House rent (less taxes) Rs. _________
less taxes               Rs. ______                        Agricultural income
Agricultural Income                                        (less C/RL expenses) Rs. _________
less C/RL expenses       Rs. ______                        Income tax if paid, and the
                                                           assessment year for which
                                                           assessment is complete Rs. _________
Total Income                    Rs. ______                 Total Income             Rs. _________

                                 Particulars of the student

Name ________________________________________ Age ________________

Detailed Information about education and qualifications etc.

     Particulars from   Year     University /       Class /      Distinction
     S,S,C, to degree             College           Marks





Expenses of the proposed educational course

Name of the course____________________________________________________________

Fees                    Rs._____________

Period                    _____________

Expenditure on books    Rs._____________

Instruments etc.        Rs._____________

Boarding expenses       Rs._____________

Other expenses          Rs._____________

Total expenses.         Rs._____________

                                                     Signature of the Applicants