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									Cardholder/Approving Official/Billing Official Training and Lessons:

1      A/OPC
Review the documents “Access Online WBT Registration and Login Quick
Reference” guide, the “Directions for Access Online WBT BO” and the “Directions for
Access Online WBT CH” documents.

Determine the WBT lessons, Simulations and User Guides from the lists shown on this
document that you want the CH/AO/BO to select from.

Provide the CH/AO/BO with a copy of the required documents above and a list of the
WBT Lessons, Simulations and Quick References that they are required to review.

Review the supplemental instruction page CH/AO/BO – last page of this document.

2      CH/AO/BO Actions

WBT Registration
Follow the steps in the “Access Online WBT Registration and Login Quick Reference
guide to register and log in to the WBT.

Review any additional instructions on the best methods to take the lessons, take the exam
and print the exam certificate.

WBT Lessons and Self-evaluations
Navigation Basics
My Personal Information
Account Profiles – notify users to skip Diversion Account Module.
Online Registration – New Cardholders
Transaction Management
Order Management Setup
Order Management
Account Approval Process
Note: If individual agencies (MA) within a Level Four are not paying electronically then
TM, OM, Order Management Setup and Account Approval Process are not required.
Viewing Statements – not required, if paying electronically

Estimated time to complete: 5 hours - without the examination questions at the end of
each module. After completing all lessons and any simulations take the exam and print
out the exam certificate if required by the A/OPC.

WBT: Quick References
Approve a Statement*
Check Current Balance
Create an Order*
Dispute a Transaction
Mass Reallocate Transactions*
Match in Order Management*
Match in Transaction Management*
Match Multiple Orders and Transactions*
Navigation Basics
Reallocate to an Alternate Accounting Code*
View an Account Profile
View Transactions*
View Transactions Since Last Cycle*
Icon Quick Reference
Online Registration
Run a Past Due Report
Check Expiration
E-mail Notification
Run a Report
Run a Transaction Detail Report
View Blocked and Authorized MCCs
View a Cardholder Statement

A/OPC Notes:

Quick References are typically one-page to three/four pages long. If printed prior to
taking lessons, the user should annotate notes on their Quick References for later
use as a desk top reference.

A/OPC select the Quick References that a CH/AO/BO should print out.

Quick References that are grayed out have a lower priority.

Quick References marked with an asterisk indicate Quick References for
Transaction Management and/or Order Management.

WBT Simulations
View a Transaction List

Reallocate to an Alternate Accounting Code

Reallocate a Transaction

Mass Reallocate Transactions

Dispute a Transaction

Approve Your Statement

Create a Manual Order

Match a Transaction to a Manual Order

Match Multiple Orders and Transactions

Match an Order to a Transaction

Cardholder Online Registration

Logging In

Navigation Basics


Contact Information

View a Cardholder Statement

View My Account Profile

Running a Standard Report

A/OPC Notes: The Simulations are more of a “hands-on” training tool for the user.

The Simulations for Transaction Management and Order Management can be used
as additional training to reinforce key areas in Access Online that a Cardholder,
Approving Official/Billing Official will primarily use.

WBT Other Documents

Government Glossary - The Government Glossary is twenty-nine pages long and
provides detailed descriptions of terms used.

Access Online Training Tool (Power Point) – Power Point presentation primarily used by
A/OPC to train their CH/AO/BO.

C.A.R.E./Access Online Reporting Matrix – shows the C.A.R.E. Reports and their
Access Online Reporting equivalent.

Reporting Actions Matrix – Shows action requested to find C.A.R.E. or Access Online

A/OPC Notes: The above documents are optional.

Final Exam Certification
After completing all lessons and any simulations take the exam and print out the exam
certificate if required by the A/OPC.

                      Supplemental Instructions for CH/AO/BOs

The lesson and certificate login is where a user will receive a certificate once they have
completed the required lessons. They must first register to use the Lesson and
Certification Login.

The Lesson Only Login provides the same information, but it is only for taking the

Once you login, select the lessons. It is recommended to do one lesson at a time. To
begin, start by selecting one lesson, for example – Navigation Basics. Remove the check
marks from the other lessons.

To begin the lesson you may either click either the number of the lesson, the arrow or by
clicking one of the icons shown.

After you have completed the lesson take the Self-Evaluation questions. These questions
do not count towards a user’s certificate.

If you require more information or refresher training or hands on training, select the
Simulations. Select the Simulation lesson you require.

When the users are ready to take the Certification exam, click on the Main Menu. It’s
recommended that a user take one lesson at a time, take one Certification Exam at a time.
To go to the exam, click on the “Go to certification exam” arrow. Read the instructions
and verify you are taking the right lesson exam. Then click on the “Begin Certification

After you have successfully completed the exam, a screen will appear that will show you
your exam results. It is recommended not to Print Certificate at this time*. When you
complete all lessons, go to the main menu and select “Print Certificate”. All lessons
completed successfully will appear on the certificate.
*If you select “Print Certificate” after each lesson, you will end up with a certificate for
each lesson versus one certificate that shows all lessons taken.


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