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Industrial Material Handling
Industrial Autonomous Vehicle
Goal                                                              Military:     Transportation:
• Reduce costs and improve efficiency in                        Army Demo III        DOT
  industrial material handling by providing to
                                                                                                  • NIST is working to clarify ASME B56.5a-1994 standard to
  the industrial AGV industry performance                                                           be more useful for AGV vendors and users
  tests to support the use of non-contact safety                                                  • Advance standard to allow for the use of non-contact
                                                                                                    bumpers (e.g., laser ranging)
  sensors and appropriate control systems
  architectures and standards to enable the                                                       Measurements
  use of advanced navigation techniques
  based on such non-contact sensors.
Deliverables                                                          NIST IAV Project
• Support relevant voluntary standards:
   Modify ANSI/ASME B56.5 to allow non-contact safety
   sensors, safety performance tests, system architecture for                                     • Fixed-Horizontal or Slightly
   component and system interoperability                                                            Angled Ladar Mouting
                                                                                                  • Information limited at sensor
• Work with key industry partners to advance                                                        mount height but, can be
  state-of-AGV technology                                                                           dual-used as bumper              4"

   Demonstrate: technology transfer from DOD UGV
   projects; advanced navigation of AGV in factory                                                Advanced Technology
                                                                                                  • Vision-Based, Lane-
Customers and Collaborators                                              Industry:                  Following toward
                                                                    AGV’s, Service Robots           autonomous vehicle
• Automated Guided Vehicles Users and                                                               adaptation to large
                                                                                                    industrial facilities
                                                                                                  • Facility Mapping
• Potential AGV Users                                                                               toward autonomous
                                                                                                    vehicle world-modeling
• Material Handling Industry of America                                                           • Advanced Sensors
• Service Robot Manufacturers and Users                                                             (e.g., 2D Ladar

                                                                                                                                           2.3 m   4.5 m   4m

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