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									US Department of the Treasury

 Community Development
  Financial Institutions
 Community Investment Impact System (CIIS)
                 CIIS 5.2
      CDFI ILR First Time Users
               January 2008

 You should continue with this session if you are
  a CDFI with questions about:
  1. The Institution Level Report (ILR) functionality
  2. Completing the ILR
  3. Certifying and submitting the ILR


1. The Institution Level Report (ILR) functionality
    General CIIS Information

2. Completing the ILR
    Investment Capital Table
    Income Statement
    Financing

3. Certifying and submitting the ILR
    Certify ILR

General CIIS Information

 ILR certification/submission and cleansing
 processes are distinct.

 Hint: CIIS “times out”    Hint: For best viewing,
   if system is idle for    set screen resolution
   10 minutes.              to 1024 X 768.

General CIIS Information

 In CIIS, use CIIS navigation tools. Do NOT use
  browser navigation tools.
 Saving
   “Save” button saves.
   “Previous”, “Next”, & “Exit” buttons also save.
   New data entries will not be saved if:
          CIIS “times out;”
          User closes CIIS window;
          User selects a Table of Contents link; or
          User selects “Home” button.

Figure1: ILR snapshot with TOC and Navigation Buttons

General CIIS Information

 Access complete ILR Help (Instructions):
   “Help” button in upper, right corner of CIIS Homepage
   “Help” link in upper, right corner of ILR
   “Help” link at top of ILR Table of Contents.
 Access page-level ILR Help :
   “Help” button in upper, right corner of ILR (in white

Figure 2: ILR Help Function

General CIIS Information

 Access complete Glossary:
   “Glossary” link at top of ILR Table of Contents.
   “Glossary” link within the complete ILR “Help” system.

 Access specific Glossary term:
   Select the on-screen hyperlink.

Figure 3: ILR Glossary Function

General CIIS Information

 Notes fields exist for each ILR question.
 Notes are useful for Users:
   Save notes for co-workers that are assisting with ILR

 Notes are useful to the Fund:
   Document any discrepancies or clarification between
    financial statements and ILR responses for

General CIIS Information

 Select         Icon to Add New Notes:
   Enter text.
   Select “Add Notes”.
 To Review, Edit, & Delete Existing Notes:
   Use Table of Contents “Notes” link.
       • “Check”/select Note in left column
       • Select “Edit Note” button to open editing box.
       • Edit Note and select “Update” button.
       • “Check”/select Note(s) using left column
       • Select “Delete Note(s)” button.

Figure 4: Notes icon and field

General CIIS Information

 Tables
   User creates the necessary number of rows.
   Buttons to “Add”, “Update” and “Delete” rows.
   Checkbox allows user to indicate a Table is complete.

Figure 1: Table Functions – Add, Update, Delete

Investment Capital Table (Q.19)

 Include Total Lending / Investing Pool:
     Include idle and deployed capital.
     Include all liabilities available for lending on
      balance sheet.
     Exclude undrawn lines of credit.
     Exclude funds used for grants.
 Net Assets (Type of Capital) – All, or portion,
  usually used for investment capital.
 Internal Funds (Source of Capital) – For-profit &
  Credit Unions should use Internal Funds to
  show retained earnings.
Investment Capital Table (Q.19)

  Create one row for each distinct Source and
   Type of Capital
   Data Point        Explanation

   Source of         • Bank or FI             • Philanthropic
   Capital           • Government             • Etc.

   Type of Capital   • Debt - EQ2             • Equity
                     • Debt - Secondary K     • Net Assets
                     • Debt - Other           • Etc.
   Amount            $
   Interest Rate     %
   Date Originated MM-DD-YYYY or Not Applicable
   Maturity Date     CIIS will calculate the Remaining Term
Income Statement

Contributed Operating Revenue Table (Q.30)
 Include all contributions used for operations.
   Include unrestricted operating grants and
       Exclude funds designated for lending/investing capital.
   Include net assets released from restrictions during
    FY 2007.
       Exclude temporarily restricted grants earmarked for future
   Include in-kind contributions and donations.
       Exclude grants to be passed through to other organizations.
 Data directly from income statement.

Income Statement

Total Operating Revenue (Q.37)
Enter ALL (restricted and unrestricted) Earned
 Income from Income Statement:
   Interest Income Earned on Portfolio (Q.31)
   Fee Income Earned (Q.32)
   Interest Earned on Cash & Marketable Securities (Q.33)
   Contract, Training and Consulting income (Q.34)
   Other Earned Revenue (Q.35)
CIIS will calculate:
   Total Earned Revenue
   Total Operating Revenue (before gains/losses)
Income Statement
Total Revenue (Q. 43)
Enter ALL Gains / Losses (Q.38-39).
   Include restricted & unrestricted Gains / Losses
   Include realized & unrealized Gains / Losses
   CIIS will calculate Total Gains/Losses (Q.40)
   CIIS will calculate Total Operating Revenue (Q.41)
Enter Non-Operating Revenue (Q.42)
   Include restricted grants & contributions
   Include funds designated for lending/investing
   Include net assets released
   Exclude Earned Revenue
   CIIS will calculate Total Revenue (Q.43)             20
Income Statement

Total Pre-Tax Operating Expenses (Q.49)
 Enter Expenses (Statement of Functional Expenses)
   Interest Expense (Q.44)
   Loan Loss Provision (Q.45)
      Adjustment to LLR
   Salaries & Benefits (Q.46)
      Exclude management fees to other organizations
   Professional Fees (Q.47)
      Include contractors & consultants
      Include Management fees
   Enter Other Operating Expenses (Q.48)
      Include depreciation
   CIIS will calculate Total Pre-Tax Operating Expenses
    (Q.49)                                                 21
Income Statement

Total Expenses (Q.51)
Enter Expenses (Use Statement of Functional
    Total Non-Operating Expenses (Q.50)
       Include Pass-thru grants & taxes
       Exclude losses on fixed assets & idle funds (gains/losses)
    CIIS will Calculate Total Expenses (Q.51)
       Verify CIIS calculation against your Income Statement.


Loans/Investments Originated Table (Q.59)
 Include all loans/investments originated in FY
    Include sold loans IF receivable is on balance sheet.
    Exclude loan guarantee receivables.
    Exclude loans/investments to affiliates, subsidiaries,
     & other related organizations.
 TLR may be substituted for Loans/Investments
  Originated Table
Total Loans/Investments Originated < Total Investment Capital


Portfolio Outstanding Table (Q.62)
 Include all loans/investments in Portfolio
 TLR may be substituted for Portfolio Outstanding

      Total Loans Must be within 5% of balance
          sheet gross receivables amount.

Total Portfolio Outstanding must be ≤ Total Investment Capital

 Certify ILR

 CIIS has a single Certification for ILR and TLR.
 Users may Certify ILR when:
  ILR is complete.
  TLR, if applicable, is complete.
 Organizations may only Certify one time per
  Report Period.
  Select “Certify” from CIIS home page.
  Check that Organization has met requirements to certify.
  Review Certification Statement and select checkbox to
  Select “Submit CIIS Reports” button.
Figure 5: ILR Section Level Status Report

Useful information

 Additional CIIS information is available at
 Contact the CIIS Help Desk at or
  (703) 373 -1516


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