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									Thank You Card Wording Ideas
It takes a lot of time and energy to give a gift. Writing a brief thank you note is an easy way you can express your gratitude. A preprinted thank you response with your name at the bottom (and nothing else hand written) is so impersonal and tacky! It's easy to write a thank you note from the heart when you remember that it really is the thought that counts. The following ideas are meant to be personally hand written on the back of your card. Don't forget to specifically mention what the gift or act of kindness was and how you've used it or impacted your life. The front of your card should say something simple like "Thank You — Joshua Liam June 17, 2009 (wedding date, birthday, etc)."

Your thoughtfulness is a work of heart. Thank you. Thank you. You have a knack for doing the nicest things. Thank you for being the person you are—thank for being you. You always know the perfect thing to do to make me feel special. Thank you for adding to the joyful spirit of our (wedding, birthday party, special day) with your presence and lovely gift. Thank you for giving us a lasting memory of your kindness and generosity. Thank you for your thoughtfulness - it really meant a lot. How can I find the right words to thank you... Thank you for your gifts whether wrapped, spoken, or written and for making our lives a true celebration of faith and love. Your kindness and caring mean so much to me. Some people have a way of coming in with kindness and leaving smiles behind. We've been blessed. A new baby and dear friends like you to share our joy. Thank You. Our new baby is special and so are you. Thank you for sharing our excitement. Your gift has added even more joy to each newborn day. Thank you for thinking of us! Your thoughtfulness shows in everything you do. We are delighted you shared in the celebration of our special day. To thoughtful you...from thankful me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for thinking of me in such a thoughtful way on my Christening day Our wedding would not have been complete without the support of our family and friends.

COUPLE'S NAMES WEDDING DATE Thank you for sharing our day

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