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									Experienced Oklahoma Premises Liability Attorney Our attorneys at the Office of Joseph J. Reinke </CM/Custom/TOCFirmOverview.asp> have been assisting Oklahoma families in their quest for maximum compensation for injuries suffered in premises liability claims for over 35 years. Our firm has earned its reputation for legal excellence and our track record of success one client at a time. We have helped many individuals seriously injured on someone else's property recover damages for any injury they received. These types of cases are called premises liability, since the liability rests with the owner of the premises or property. Our firm represents clients that have been injured on many different types of commercial properties, including: Office buildings Manufacturing plants Retail stores Shopping malls If the injury was sustained at work, our firm can also handle the workers' compensation </PracticeAreas/Workers-Compensation.asp> issues that may stem from your personal injury matter. For world-class service from highly experienced attorneys, contact </CM/Custom/TOCContactUs.asp> the Office of Joseph J. Reinke to schedule a free confidential consultation. We handle premises liability cases on a contingent fee basis (we don't get paid unless you get compensation) so you can afford to benefit from our 35 years of premises liability experience. For information on how our attorneys, Joseph J. Reinke and Bob Burke, can put their years of personal injury experience, including premises liability, to work for you, call us at 405/842-4335, visit us at our office (map-directions <http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?addr=5101+N.+Classen&csz=73118&country=us&new=1&nam e=&qty=>), or fill out our intake form </CM/Custom/TOCContactUs.asp> on our "Your Case Details" page. Experienced legal representation and personal service are our hallmarks. The initial consultations are free and the fees are contingent (you don't pay us unless we get you compensation). We also advance all costs. We can help

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