Elements Of Effective Drug Rehab

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					                              Elements of Effective Drug Rehab
Drug addiction is nothing to laugh at. Addictions can ruin homes and families in a matter of years - even a
matter of months. But there are ways to help those who are suffering from the terrible disease of
addiction. In fact, studies tell us that rehabilitation treatment for drug and alcohol abuse is just as
successful as treatment of disease such as diabetes or asthma. There is always hope. If you are searching
for a drug rehabilitation program for yourself or a loved one, look for these important elements of
effective drug rehab.

Personalized Care

There is no way around it - every person is different and every addiction is different. We can look at
statistics all day long, but they do us no good unless we realize that every individual has different needs.
Addiction can show up in many different forms and cause many different problems. Sometimes a person
has a single addiction that has caused multiple addictions. Many times a person in treatment will also
need psychological care as well.

An effective drug rehab will have personalized care at its core. We cannot act as though addiction is a
cookie cutter disease. There are an endless number of paths that addiction can lead one down and
personalized care is the first element of beating it.


Without knowing exactly what conditions are affecting a patient, there is no way to effectively treat them.
Assessment is one of the most important steps in establishing personalized care. Not only should patients
undergo drug testing, but they should also be evaluated by psychiatric professionals to ensure that every
corner is covered.

Family Elements

Addiction is tough, but it is even tougher to do alone. If family is available, they must be a part of the
rehabilitation process. Professional experience can only lead doctors so far. Emotional support from
family (and friends) is an absolute must. Not only will an effective drug rehab give the family training on
how to support their loved ones in need, but the family should also have a support system in place.
Addiction can tear families apart - even those who are not suffering from addictions personally can suffer

Look for a drug rehab program that encourages family visitation and/or involvement. If family is not
available to offer support, friends of the patient must be willing to step up to the plate.

A 12-Step Program

In 1939, Alcoholics Anonymous revealed the twelve step program in a book titled 'The Story of How
More Than One Hundred Men Have Recovered From Alcoholism'. Since that time, a twelve step program
has remained an integral part of almost all addiction rehabilitation. The plan acts as a guide for the
patients and helps to outline just what is needed to recover. After a patient leaves rehab, they should have
a long lasting program or plan that will continue to guide them.
Even though there may be some institutions which utilize all of the elements of effective drug rehab, there
is no way to estimate how each individual will react to treatment. Even though studies reveal that
treatment lowers drug use by 40 to 6o percent, every person is different. But there is always hope.

Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center is a comprehensive and innovative provider of
drug addiction treatment. Providing drug rehab treatment since the 1990’s, they are one of the few
facilities who meet all five of these requirements.

Visit for more information for yourself or your loved one.

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