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									           Free Remote Access Software

                               GoToMyPC vs. LogMeIn
Several FredMed members utilize GoToMyPC to access and use applications on their office PC from any
computer with internet access. If you currently use GoToMyPC or are interested in remote access, there is now
a similar free service that is worth your consideration. LogMeIn, like GoToMyPC, sells full featured products
for remote access to your desktop PC. The good news is that there is a “lite” version of LogMeIn you can
utilize for free. A comparison of the free version of LogMeIn versus the full featured GoToMyPC product is
shown on the chart below.

                                                       In general, if you only need access to your desktop PC
                                      GoToMyPC        (the host) from a remote PC, and you will not need to
                                                      transfer files or print at the remote location (most
                                                      typically your house), LogMeIn Free should work for
Personal Remote Access        √            √          you. If you do need to print or transfer files, the full
                                                      featured application, either GoToMyPC or LogMeIn
  Desktop Remote
  Control Remote control      √            √          Pro, may work for you.          FredMed staff prefers
  from any web-enabled                                GoToMyPC because it is easier to set up and has a guest
  device                                              invite function. Third party testing results showed that
  File Transfer                                       GoToMyPC is almost two times faster than LogMeIn at
  Move files quickly
                              X            √          running applications like Word or Excel remotely.
  between PCs
  Remote Printing                                     You can access the LogMeIn site at:
  Automatically print
                              X            √          GoToMyPC can be accessed at:
  remote files locally
“Always-on” Access                                    You will need a valid email address and administrator
Maintain and support          √            √          rights on the PC to install LogMeIn Free. For either of
systems without end user
interaction                                           the full featured products, you will also be required to
                                                      enter a valid credit card to cover the subscription fees.

The offerings from both GoToMyPC and LogMeIn are HIPAA compliant and work by creating a secure
encrypted connection between the host and remote PCs.

You have a choice of a monthly contract or an annual contract with either vendor. Currently the pricing for
LogMeIn Pro and GoToMyPC is as follows:

                                           Monthly Contract       Annual Contract
                           LogMeIn Pro         $12.95                 $69.95
                           GoToMyPC            $19.95                $179.40

Contact FredMed for assistance choosing and installing the right product for your needs.

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