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A Bill of Sale releases interest in a vehicle. A Certificate of Title or other ownership documents must accompany this form. INSTRUCTIONS: • All areas must be completed in full. • Complete the buyer area exactly as the new Certificate Title will be printed. • If no liens exist write the word “NONE”. • Any alterations or erasures will require additional verification. Please print or type Know all men by these presents Date: ______________________ Time: _______________

That in consideration of _________________________________________ Dollars ($ ___________) and all other value consideration, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, the undersigned (seller) does hereby sell, transfer, and deliver unto: Full Legal Name of Buyer(s) ____________________________________________________
First Middle Last

First Middle Last

□ □

and or

Buyer’s Signature _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________ his/her right, title and interest in and to the following described vehicle: Year ______________ Make ______________________________________ Vehicle Identification Number
Street City State Zip Code

Model _________________________

Buyer certifies Lien in favor of _______________________________________________________________________________________________
Name of business or individual holding lien

Lienholder Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________
Street City State Zip Code

The seller(s) certifies under penalty of perjury in the second degree, that he/she is the lawful owner of said vehicle; that he/she has the right to sell the aforesaid; and that he/she will warrant and defend the title of same against the claims and demands of all persons whomever except lienholder noted above.

First Middle Last

Seller’s Full Legal Name

Seller’s Signature ________________________________________________________ Date: ___________________ Seller’s Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________
Street City State Zip Code MV/039 REV 7/06

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