Assistance Albania Yen Loans by niusheng


									        Japan's Economic Assistance to the Republic of Albania

                                                                                March 2007
                                                                   Embassy of Japan in Italy

                                                       (the exchange rate: 1 USD=110 yen)

Yen Loans

(1)Loan for the Agriculture Sector Adjustment Program
(2,166 million yen, FY1994)
This project provides a line of credit to the Agricultural Bank, and allows the financing of
a positive list of imports. It also accelerates structural changes in the agricultural sector,
and creates an attractive incentive framework for the development of large and small-
scale private agriculture.

(2)Implementation of the Drin River Hydropower Stations Rehabilitation Project
(1,681 million yen, FY1995)
The purpose of the Projects is to increase the capability of power generation and power
supply, through rehabilitating the facilities of Drin river hydropower stations, located in
northern Albania.

(3)Implementation of the Power Transmission and Distribution Project
(3,124 million yen, FY1996)
The purpose of the Project is to increase the reliability and efficiency of power supply
facilities and to decrease the electricity loss in the transmission and distribution process,
through rehabilitating and strengthening the main transmission and distribution
networks across the country of Albania.


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