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Based on the reverence for “life”, all of our business activities observe our Green
Management Policy, which encourages respect for nature and contributes to the
prosperity of human life and conservation of the environment. The company plays a
leading role in creating a sustainable society by recognizing and implementing the
environment, safety and health as crucial factors in all our business endeavors.

1. Operation of Green Management system

Under the Green Management system, we continue to make efforts to improve how we
manage environmental, safety and health impacts occurring in production and service.
We have committed to periodically publish the performance results of our Green
Management system.

2. Compliance with Local and International regulations

We apply rigorous standards in the management of matters pertaining to the
environment and safety. In addition, we strive to faithfully observe relevant laws,
regulations and international agreements in order to be a good corporate citizen.

3. Fulfillment of life cycle responsibility for products and services

We will fulfill our responsibilities for our products and service, with environment and
safety conscious designs, use of environment-friendly materials and the recycling of
end-of-life products.

4. Continuous improvement of environmental aspects

We will continue to minimize the use of resources and energy through clean production
technologies. The development of new advanced technology is used to reduce the
output of materials known to cause negative environmental impacts such as Carbon

5. Realisation of a safe and pleasant workplace

We will do what we can to prevent environmental or safety-related accidents, foster the
atmosphere of a safe and pleasant workplace to help improve employee health and the
quality of our lives.

6. Solid partnership with suppliers and contribution to the community

We will cooperate with suppliers in fulfilling Green Management policies, and will
maintain excellent partnerships with them. This includes carrying out activities for
environmental conservation and development of the local communities together.

                                                                               January 2004

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