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									State Disaster Management Plan

      Tanmay Kumar,
      Secretary, Disaster Management & Relief,
      Govt. of Rajasthan

    The Disaster Management Act, 2005

Paradigm Shift
A paradigm-shift from the earlier emphasis primarily on response
and relief to a regime that focuses upon mitigation, prevention and
preparedness to rehabilitation, reconstruction and recovery by
providing for :
     Creation of a Policy, Legal & Institutional framework with effective
      statutory and financial support.
     Mainstreaming of multi sectoral DM concerns into the
      developmental process.
     A continuous and integrated process of planning, organising,
      coordinating & implementing policies and plans with community
      based participatory, inclusive and sustainable manner.

      Section 23 - Provisions for State DM
It includes :-
 a.    the vulnerability of different parts of the State to different forms of
 b.    the measures to be adopted for prevention and mitigation of
 c.    the manner in which the mitigation measures shall be integrated
       with the development plans and projects;
 d.    the capacity -building and preparedness measures to be taken;
 e.    the roles and responsibilities of each Department of the Government
       of the State in relation to the measures specified in clauses (b), (c)
       and (d) above;
 f.    the roles and responsibilities of different Departments of the
       Government of the State in responding to any threatening disaster
       situation or disaster;
 The SDMP shall be reviewed and updated annually.                                3
State DM Plan : Suggested Outline

Chapter 1 : Introduction

• State Profile - Social, Economic and
    Vision
    Theme
    Objectives

State DM Plan : Suggested Outline
Chapter 2 : Vulnerability Assessment and Risk
•   History of vulnerability.
•   Hazard Risk Assessment and vulnerability mapping.
•   The probable threat and types of man made disasters.
•   The hazard profile of the State together with maps and
    details of zonation.
•   The district hazard profile in the GIS format
•   Emerging concerns such as urbanization, climate &
    environment change and population explosion etc.
•   Past Lessons and experiences.
State DM Plan : Suggested Outline
Chapter 3 : Preventive Measures
•   Man made disasters.

•   Natural Disasters.

•   Early warning and dissemination systems.

•   Prevention and Mitigation Plans; short, medium and long
    terms with structural and non structural measures
    required to be taken-up

•   Training needs analysis and development of HR plan.

State DM Plan : Suggested Outline
Chapter 4 : Mainstreaming DM Concerns
            into developmental plans/
            programmes/ projects

• The infrastructure created.

• Elements of impact assessment, risk reduction
  and the 'do not harm approach' to be built into
  developmental plan.

State DM Plan : Suggested Outline
Chapter 5 : Preparedness Measures
• The resource availability : tools, plants & equipments and
  the materials available at various levels.
• The man power : the expertise available.
• The fields of community based involvement.
• Training, capacity building and other pro-active
• Awareness generation :
• Techno-legal regime
• Medical Preparedness
• Knowledge Management
• Fail - Safe communication including last mile connectivity.
• Emergency Telephone Directory upto block level.
State DM Plan : Suggested Outline
Chapter 6 : Response
• Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
• Emergency Operation Centers.
• Alert Mechanism - Early Warning system.
• Disaster Risk Reduction Framework, Policy, Act, Road
  Map for hazard risk management.
• The yearly schedule for the conduct of mock exercises in
  different part at specified location.
• Procedure for the activation of plans - upon occurrence of
  any disasters.

State DM Plan : Suggested Outline
Chapter 7 :Partnership with other stakeholders
•   Convergence/ coordination with other departments/
•   The roles of academic institution and scientific and
    technical organizations
•   Roles of NGO's/ CBO's (List of NGOs' at state & district
•   Name and designation of nodal persons from early
    warning to recovery.
•   Media

State DM Plan : Suggested Outline

Chapter 8 : Financial Arrangements
• Arrangements of the funding of the components

• Prioritizing and Phasing of funds for specific
  mitigation projects for improving prevention,
  preparedness and mitigation in requirement of
  specific disaster at state and district levels.

Basic Elements of Standard
Operating Procedures (SOPs)
    (For covering preparedness and response aspects
                  of Crisis Management Plan)

• Command and Control Structure.
• Operation
• Planning
• Logistic Arrangements
• Finance & Administration

State DM Plan : Suggested Outline
PART II - Disaster Specific Action Plan
•   Chapter IX - Flood
•   Chapter X - Cyclone
•   Chapter XI - Earthquake
•   Chapter XII - Landslides
•   Chapter XIII - Chemical Disaster
•   Chapter XIV - Nuclear and Radiological Disasters
•   Chapter XV - Bilogical Disasters
•   Chapter XVI - Oil Spills and Mine Disasters
•   Chapter XVII - Tsunami
State DM Plan : Suggested Outline

PART III - Cross Cutting Issues

• Chapter XVIII - Review & Updation of Plan

• Chapter XIX   - Coordination and

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