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Vol 1; Issue 3                                                                                       Sunday, December 20, 2009

                 THE JOURNEY
                          OF THE CHICAGOLAND CONGREGATIONS
      C      “. . .And all the congregation of the Children of Israel came to the wilderness of sin. . .” Exodus 16:1

      h                                                                                                      Congregations

                                                                                                                         87th Street

      r                                                                                                                  Brookfield

                                                                                                                Chicago Heights

      h                                                                                                         Colonial Village

      o                                                                                                                     Harvey

                                                                                                                        Main Street

      C                                                                                                          Maypole Street

                                                                                                                   Monroe Street


                                                                                                                        North Shore

                                                                                                                Sheldon Heights
      s                                                                                                                  Southwest

      t                                                                                                                  Detours
                                                                                                                    TO Succoth
                                                                                                                      TO Etham
                                                                                                                     TO Migdol
             Biograffiti “Michelle and JamesDoggan: “The In uenceinof Grace” by Virgil L Killebrew
                          Guy and Carlee “Fats” Harmon: “Harmons Harmony”                                             TO Marah
                                                                                                                        TO Elim
                                                                                                                TO The Red Sea
             Feature Greetings and      Christmas Party
                           A Graceful Blessings to a New Convert                by Kemiya Harris
                                                                        by Monroe Street Church of Christ TO Wilderness of Sin
                                                                                                                   TO Dophkah
             Poem          Adam Woman
                         “ “This at Dawn ” of Mine”                                                                    TO Alush
                                                                                                                  TO Rephidim
             Church Doctrine                                                                                            TO Sinai
                                                                                                              TO 14 other sites
                                                                                                               TO Horhagidgad
             Feature                                                         by Dr. Carlee Doggan                 TO Jotbathah
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             Announcements                                                                                       TO Eziongaber
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             Advertisements                                                                                      TO Zalmonah
             Teachers Meeting                  4pm Every First Sunday
                                                                                                                     TO Punon
             United Class                      4pm Every Second Sunday                                               TO Oboth
             Christian Emeralds                4pm Every First & Third Sunday                             TO 23 unnamed Sites
                                                                                                                  TO Ijeabarim
             Christian Stars                   4pm Every First & Third Sunday                                     TO Dibongad
             Men’s Class                       4pm Every First & Third Sunday
             Women’s Class                     4pm Every First & Third Sunday
                                                                                                          TO Almondiblathaim
             Youth Ministry                    4th Sunday Ever Quarter
                                                                                                                      TO Nebo
             F.R.U.I.T.                        6 - 9pm Fifth Fridays
                                                                                                                 TO the plains
                                                                                                           Of Moab by Jordan
Today’s Sermon Sunday December 20, 2009
                             Adam at Dawn
             The day dawned
             Bright and sunny
             Filled with the sound of birds                                                                        Give Hallmark to the masses

             Rising from their nocturnal rest
                                                                                                                 “ . . . . but for those who REALLY matter,

             And I, awakened by the                                                                              VirgilArt . . .
                                                                                                                               The Perfect Gift!

             Song of the birds                                                                                         Adam At Dawn

             Stretched sunward
                                                                                                                        VirgilArt Collectible Poetry

             Filling my lungs                                                                                    8 x 10

             with the breath of life                                                                             Framed
                                                                                                                 Signed by Author
                                                                                                                 Serialized Certificate of Authenticity

             The power of Creation

             Was upon me;                                                                                                ©2009 veeveegeePublishing VirgilArt Verbal Graphics

             The Gift of Creation within
                                                                                                            Certificate of Authenticity
             For unto me was granted
             The power to name all                                                                             This is to Certify that This Original
                                                                                                               Author Issued Reprint of the Poem
             That lay before me
                                                                                                                           “ Wishing Gear ”
             I beheld the flora and the fauna;                                                                    From The Collectible Series
             The mountains and the molehills;
             The rivers and the valleys                                                                            VirgilArt Limited Editions

             And the deep and moving seas
                                                                                                           was Purchased Thursday, December 4, 2009 by:
             I saw all the creatures which dwelt                                                             S/Na1206090108e0101109999z
               n all the earths habitats;
             I knew them all                                                                               Signature___________________________________________

             and I called them all by name                                                                 Witness:____________________________________________

             And such as I called them                                                                     Signature________________________________
             Even such they all became                                                                            ©2009 veeveegeePublishing VirgilArt Verbal Graphics
             For I am Adam
             Son of the Creator
                                                                                                                       Virgil L Killebrew
                                                                                                                           VirgilArt Verbal Graphics
                                                                                                                               "See What I’m Saying"
Adam At Dawn
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©1995 Virgil L Killebrew All Rights Reserved
                                Church Doctrine

                What Is The Church of Christ?
The Church of Christ is not a denomination. We are a fellowship of
Christians who want to understand and do the Will of God. We limit
ourselves by the Word of God; therefore, we do not interpret The Word
through traditional ideologies . We are not bound to any man made creeds
or traditions, nor do we force our beliefs upon others. Our Lord expects us
to look beyond historical positions and ideas which con ict with Scripture.
Therefore, our concern always is “What does the Bible say about the matter?”
Our Mission is to serve Christ and the Community by Faith to secure our
future Today. We will achieve our Mission by becoming God focused
Christians through worship, fellowship, discipleship, and evangelism.
We Welcome visitors as Honored Guests.
If you have any questions regarding our Teachings, our Worship
services or our Schedule please ask any Usher for The Church of Christ
Visitor Information Package.                                  Enjoy Your Visit!
                        God’s Plan of Salvation
                         The Faithful Church Will:
Worship in Spirit and in Truth                                          John 4:23,24
Meet on The First Day of The week                                Acts 20:7/ Heb 5:17
Pray                                                          James 5:16 / Acts 2:42
Sing, making melody with the heart                               Eph 5:19 / Col 3:16
Eat The Lord’s Supper                                                Matt 26:26 - 30

                  In New Testament Times There Was:
One family of God                                              Eph 3:15 / 1 Tim 3:15
One Kingdom                                                Matt 16:18 / C ol 1:13 14
One Body of Christ                                           Col 1:18 / Ep h 1:22 23
One Bride of Christ                                        Rom 7:1 7 / Ep h 5:22 32
One Church of Christ                                                     Matt 16:18

                          The Church of Christ Today:

Wears the Name of Christ                                     Rom 16:16 / Acts 11:26
Is Faithful to Christ                                              Lk 6:46 / Rev 1:20
Is Not a Denomination                                                   1Co r 1:10 13
Contends for the One Faith                                          Jude 3 / Eph 4:5
Pleads for Unity of Believers                                         John 17:20 21
Guided by the Same Doctrine                                1Pet 1:22 25 / 2 Tim 3:16
              To Be Added to The Church of Christ:
Then Peter said unto them, ”Repent, and be baptized every one of you in
the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift
of The Holy Ghost. For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and unto
all that are afar o , even as many as The Lord our God shall call. . .” -Ac ts 2:38 39
        and other such information and trivia as to keep you well informed and entertained

Our Policy on Announcements. None.
Maybe you could help us out with that. . .and some other things, too.
High School and College Students; Seniors, and others: are you Creative?
Imaginative? Intelligent? Seen Some things? Got something to say?
It’s time to ‘get your weight up’ in your writing / people skills!
We can guarantee you hard
work, pressing deadlines, and no pay,                 “See the Vision
but one day you will proudly say,                     Believe in the Vision
“I helped make The Journey what it is today! ”              Live the Vision!”

       Congratulations to our New Converts!
            Welcome Jeremy Barton! Let the lord use you!
            Welcome Darren Robinson. Ain’t God Good!
            We will
        Sunday School now Address you by your new title:

       Worship Service                            “Brother”
                              Here’s a test run:
       Altar Call
                          “Brother” Jeremy Barton
                         “Brother” Darren Robinson
                        Sounds Perretty Good to me!

          Help Give The Journey a ‘Breath of Life’
           Subscribe: $2 per week for 13 weeks

         Your Help and Support is Appreciated!
        Wednesday Noon & Night Bible Study Class

(c) 2009 veeveegeeDesigns   All Rights Reserved   Virgil L Killebrew   312. 618. 6038 google “veeveegee” [docstoc]
     Guy and Carlee Doggan: “The Influence of Grace”
         The Doggan home sits in the          di erence from all of the other homes
middle of the block on North Central          on the block, and because of its location
Park Ave. It is structurally di erent from    in the center of the block.
all of the other homes on either side of it            They like their neighborhood
or across the street. They are all cookie-    because of its convenience to both of
cutter copies of each other: A-Frame          their jobs (when they both were work-
structures built when the city was            ing). They are both retired now, but
younger and immigrants from Poland,           they see no reason to give up their
Germany, and other European countries         long-time abode.
populated the area.                                    Brother Doggan’s favorite room
         Their home is over a hundred         is a comfortable den just east of the
years old. It is a two-story single-family    kitchen where he has a television set
building with gabled roof, and a well-        and a sound system. He used to listen
manicured lawn. It bristles with              to his favorite blues tunes in this room,
evidence of all the property mainte-          but now he listens to recordings of the
nance costs the Doggans have invested         bible to help him understand and
over the years.                               enhance his bible studies.
                                              “. . . art, music, and writing are
“I would get all of the                       all important to me. . .”
children of the neighborhood                           Sister Doggan has her ‘suite’ on
together to play school,                      the second oor. “It has my computer,
                                              my copier, a television set, and all the
and I was the teacher. . . ”                    les and folder I need to keep track of
                                              my personal and professional obliga-
         The house stands in stark            tions.”
contrast to the falling values of many of              Sister Doggan is retired from the
the properties in the surrounding area.       Chicago Public School system after 34
When you enter the gate of the eight-         years of service. She was a teacher for
foot tall wrought iron fence that             22 years, and a counselor for the nal 12
surrounds the property, you e ectively        years. “I’ve wanted to be a teacher
leave Chicago and enter “Grace” land.         since I was eight years old,” Sister
         The Doggans have owned their         Doggan said.
home for 32 years, and have done much                  “I would get all of the children of
for the upkeep of the property. Their         the neighborhood together to play
most recent improvement was the repair        school, and I was the teacher. I chose
of the roof over the back porch. Their        education because it is so diverse: art,
reasoning is simple: well-maintained          music, and writing are all important to
property keeps or increases in value.         me,” Sister Doggan explained.
Neglected property loses its value.                    Sister Doggan was born and
Their options were a no-brainer.              raised in Chicago. She is a graduate of
         Brother Guy and Sister Carlee        the former Carter H Harrison H.S. at 24th
Doggan like their home because of its         and California. It was renamed Salcedo
H.S., and serves a primarily Hispanic        foreign soil. His assignment to the
student body.                                postal facility at Ft Carson, Colorado
        After high school, she attended      prepared him for further advancement
Nova Southeastern University, in Fort        when he returned to work at the U. S.
Lauderdale, Florida, a scant thirty          Postal Service in Chicago. Brother
minutes north of Miami Beach, Florida.       Doggan recently retired after 43 years of
She acquired a life-long a nity for the      service.
beach and the salty essence of the                     Both say Chicago is the only city
Atlantic Ocean.                              they want to live in. “I had thought
 “We didn’t have a lot, but we had each      about leaving Chicago once,” Sister
  “We didn’t have a lot, but we had
other. We were close, and we always          Doggan admits. “I thought I might want
 each out for . and we always
lookedother.. .each other.”                  to go live where he came from. I
looked out for each other.”                  thought it was beautiful down there.”
                                                       She quickly came to her sense
          She also acquired two Masters’     however. “Chicago is consistent,” she
Degrees and a Doctorate in Education,        said. In winter, it is cold, and in summer,
so it is quite proper to call her Sister     it is hot. There is no other city I want to
Doctor Doggan. Or alternatively, to          live in.”
vacillate between the two.                             The Doggans have three adult
          Brother Doggan was born and        children: Guy, Jr., Clarence, and Maurice.
raised in Panola County, Crenshaw,           The legend across a framed 1987 high
Mississippi. Crenshaw sits on the line       school collage in their home reads “Our
between Quitman and Panola Counties.         Legacy.” It is a testament to the Love,
In fact, Brother Doggan went to Quit-        Wisdom, and Patience they exercised in
man high school in Marks, Mississippi,       raising their children.
some twenty miles south of Crenshaw
on State Route 3.
          “We were poor,” Brother Doggan
said. “We didn’t have a lot, but we had
each other. We were close, and we                    “When they had problems we
always looked out for each other.”           basically listened and talked to them,”
          After high school, Brother         Brother Doggan said.
Doggan came to Chicago. He soon got                  “Yes,” Sister Doggan agreed. “If
a job with the United States Postal          anger was an issue we would help them
Service, where Sister Doggan already         redirect that anger by asking self-inward
worked.                                      glancing questions.” She added that
          The U.S. Selective Service Board   their children have always respected
drafted Brother Doggan to serve in the       them for who they are and how the
Vietnam War. However, his heart was          carry themselves.
not in the war. It was in Chicago. Work-             Although the Doggan’s have
ing at the post o ce. He was deter-          enjoyed many blessings in their lives
mined to get back to Chicago as quickly      together, they have not been without
as possible.                                 their challenges; after all, they still live in
          He completed a two-year tour of    the skin.
duty without having to set a foot on                 “I used to drink quite a bit,”
                                               walk, not the least of which is sharing
                                               their faith with each other, going to
                                               Church and Bible classes together, and
                                               enjoying the fellowship of other mem-
                                               bers of the Church. They account these
                                               things as of great value in their lives.
                                                         This has not always been the
                                               case. One area of stress in their lives was
                                               concerning their nances.
Brother Doggan said. “I would sit in my                  “I made my own money,” Sister
TV room and watch The Bulls or The             Doggan said, “and I thought I should be
Bears, or listen to my music and drink. I      able to do whatever I wanted to with it.
didn’t see anything wrong with that. . .”      I did not discuss it with my husband.”
          Sister Doggan acknowledges her                 “As you might imagine, this
frustration with her husband’s drinking.       created all kinds of problems. This is a
          “I wanted it to stop,” she said,     problem young married women are
“but the more you don’t want some-             facing all too often these days. . .”
thing, the more the Devil will cause it to               “I took a money management
manifest. . . .”                               course, and I learned to talk everything
          “. . . and I had my own challenges   over with my husband. I would encour-
with the sin of gluttony. I could go to        age any woman to talk over all nancial
hell for being a glutton while condemn-        things with her spouse. I promise you,
ing him for drinking.”                         life will be a whole lot better . . . and you
          “Once I got into religion and        won’t have to waste a lot of time and
faith,” Brother Doggan concludes, I was        money learning from your own experi-
able to give up all of that. . .”              ences.”
          “I was faced with another chal-
lenge to my faith,” Sister Doggan
allowed, “While working through my
mother’s illness.”
          “I had to listen to the yammering
of people who just seemed to want to
have something to say without regard to
how hurtful their words might be.
          “In my esh I wanted to snap at                Their nancial management
these people with a vengeance, but God         strategy has a orded them the means to
bought me through without allowing             take vacations to Hawaii, Jamaica, and
me to open my mouth.                           The Caribbean, and to take several
          “A lot of my mother’s illness was    cruises. It has also a orded them a
hospital-induced. The doctors expected         timeshare in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida,
that she would die shortly and approved        which is one of their favorite vacation
her as a hospice candidate. But thanks         spots.
be to God, 7 years was added to her life.”              Their most recent vacation was a
          The Doggan’s have experienced        visit to______’s sister, Linda, in Wash-
signi cant victories in their spiritual        ington, D.C. this past August. They went
to the Smithsonian Institute, The Post
O ce Museum, and The White House.
         Sister Doggan dream is to visit
Paris to experience its romantic atmo-
sphere, while Brother Doggan thinks he
would like to see London.
         Their 40th anniversary is in
March of 2010. It is possible that they
will ful ll both their dreams at that time.

         Concerning changes in their
lives, Brother Doggan said, “I grew up in
the segregated south. A railroad track
ran through the center of town, and you
did not cross those tracks if you knew
what was good for you.
         If you went to a restaurant, you
could not sit down and eat, you had to
go to the back door, and they would
hand your order out to you. You had to
say “yes sir” and “no sir” to white men . . .
now they are saying, “yes sir,” and “no sir”
and we have a Black President.”
         “My concern has been with the
church,” Sister Doggan said. “It seems
that many people are just kind of laid
back, with an inability to really expound
upon the beliefs and doctrines of The
Church, and to see more of the Power of
The Lord in their lives.”
         Brother Doggan describes
himself as Quiet, Earnest, and Lovable.
         Sister Doggan said that she
“Stands FIRMLY on the Word of God;
Is FRIENDLY to all who believe CARLEE
And FAITHFUL, allowing all to express
their feelings and reasoning.
                       A Graceful Christmas Party
          The Time, Date, and Place were             After that came Henry Smith,
set: 2-4 pm Thursday, December 19 at         who came to be called Henry “Green,”
The Doggan residence on North Central        although he was decked out in resplen-
Park Ave. The meal was two weeks in          dent red, then Cora “Purple,” and Bernice
the making, and it was a veritable feast,    “Beige,” and on and on.
  t for royalty.                                     The repetition ingrained the
 Chicken and Turkey and Fish, Oh My!         names into everyone’s’ brains, and it was
          Classical Christmas music played   fun trying to recall all of the names that
in the background as the guest began         preceded your own. We had Teals, and
to arrive. Members from the Monroe           Lavenders, and Yellows. We had Blacks,
Street Church of Christ, neighbors, and      and Violets and Whites and more. The
friends – and a special group of Doctor      process facilitated cordiality and name
Doggan’s bible class students from the       retention while serving as an excellent
Greencastle Seniors home at 1138 W.          icebreaker.
Washington Blvd.
          Introducing strangers can be an
act in futility since most people forget
the new names within moments.
However, Sister Doggan conducted the
introductions creatively and imagina-
          She had each person replace his
or her last name with their favorite
color, and then as the introductions                  As guest continued to arrive it
proceeded from left to right, each           became inconvenient to continue
succeeding guest would repeat the            substituting colors for names, but by
names of all those who had come              then the party was in full bloom, and
before.                                      the introductions had accomplished
                                             their initial goal of putting strangers at
                                             ease with one another.
                                                      Soon we blessed the meal, our
                                             hosts presented the food bu et-style,
                                             and the general sounds of feasting
                                             amongst friends lled the air.
                                                      Brother and Sister Doggan were
        Guest number one Was Michael         Gracious and Hospitable Hosts, attend-
O-Harrow, whose favorite color was           ing to the needs of their entire party as
blue; therefore Michael O-Harrow             best they could. However, they would
became Michael “Blue.” Guest number          have been hard pressed to serve every-
two, Nathan Terry, chose red as his          one. But Sisters Jean Selvidge, Pauline
favorite color, so he repeated Michael       Johnson, JoAnn Dawson, and Russella
“Blue” followed by his own new name,         ‘Bu y’ Dawson came to their aid, doing
Nathan “Red.”                                service work for the comfort of all.
        Mrs. Bernice “Beige” Adams was
the most senior of the guest (She has
been a member of the Full Gospel
Holiness Church at 147 S Keeler for
thirty years).
        She said that her Christian name
meant ‘Victory’, and she shared some
wisdom and sage advice with us: “We
have to take what we get and make of it
what we want. . . .” Wise words to live
by from someone who has lived by

them a long time.
        All too soon the party began to
disperse, but not before everyone had
made a stop by a table which was
loaded down with sweets. A rich pecan
pie, a pan thin chess cake, banana
bread, peach cobbler and more.
        It is certain that many had to go
home to snooze after the belt loosening
meals that had been consumed.
Brother Boyd thought some might even
be in danger of committing a sin
(gluttony), and su ering the punish-
ment of putting on fty pounds. There-                 Sunday School

fore, we pray that everyone ate as much              Worship Service

as could be enjoyed without overin-                   Sermon

                                                     Altar Call
        Sister Doggan said that they
would not be hosting another party for
a couple of years. If you happen to be
around when they announce a future
gathering, mark it on your calendar and               Communion

make it if you can. If it is god’s will, we         Wednesday Noon & Night Bible Study Class

will meet you there.                          (c) 2009 veeveegeeDesigns   All Rights Reserved   Virgil L Killebrew   312. 618. 6038 google “veeveegee” [docstoc]