Secret Pal Program 2006-2007 by rfm80781


									                            Secret Pal Program 2006

                            It’s time to sign up for Secret Pals!
                       The program will run from October to April.
If you are interested in being a Secret Pal, please print this form and return it to Debbie
O’Bryan, BOE Instructional Technology Dept., by September 27, 2006, or complete this
                 form and return it via e-mail to
    If you sign up for the Secret Pal Program it is your responsibility to actively
             participate by sending your pal something EVERY month!
                     The maximum spending limit will be $10.00.

                        Please sign me up for Secret Pals!
My Name is:_________________________________________
My Butler e-mail address is:_____________________________
My site:_______________My title:_______________________
I have been at Butler for:__________________(Years / Months)
I prefer a pal from: My site____Any Site____(Please check one)
My Birthday is:_________________________________________
These are a few of my favorite things;
TV Show/Movie:______________________________________
Snack Food/Candy:____________________________________
Other helpful information; Wedding Anniversary, Children, grandchildren, pets, etc.

 The Secret Pal Program is sponsored by the Organizational and Staff Development Office.
Every fulltime or part-time Butler employee receiving benefits is welcome to participate.
  Questions? Please call Debbie O’Bryan at ext. 3120 or Mandy Tetrick at ext. 3268.

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