Hundreds of students at Ecole Felix Ricard on Lasalle by vwp15099


									                              Hundreds of students locked down after report of man carrying weapon
Hundreds of students at Ecole Felix Ricard
on Lasalle Boulevard were locked inside
the school during lunch hour after several
students reported seeing a man dressed in
black carrying some kind of weapon Friday
Greater Sudbury Police rushed to the
scene and locked down the students
inside the school before conducting an
exhaustive search of the area.
After searching the area for more than
an hour, police deemed the aera safe
and students were allowed to return to
their classrooms. Sgt. Bert Lapalme, media
relations officer with the police service, said
officers could not find anyone matching
the description and deemed the area safe
before allowing students to return to class.
Custodian Bernie Duguay was the only
person left in the school when Northern
Life called Friday around 4:45 pm. He
said he heard “through the grapevine”
several Grade 2 students told teachers
they believe the man in black was holding
what they believed to be a gun. “I guess
the police came and they circled the school.
Other than that, I don't know that much
about it,” he said. Felix Ricard is part of
Le Conseil scolaire de district catholique du


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