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									                      Patient Information leaflet
                         Protected mealtimes

Protected Mealtimes

The concept behind protected mealtimes is to enhance the patients’ experience
of eating as this helps to ensure the patients get the most from food provided.
Important components in encouraging patients to eat well include ward
environment i.e. how much hustle and bustle is there going on, presentation of
foods as well as timing and content of meals.

What is a protected mealtime?

This is the period of time over all meals provided in hospital i.e. breakfast, lunch
and tea where all avoidable and unnecessary interruptions are stopped. All
essential and urgent care needs will still continue. Avoidable interruptions
include ward rounds, observations, drug rounds, cleaning task etc. By limiting
these interruptions when it is meal times in turn frees nurses, auxilliaries and
housekeepers to help serve and assist with eating where required.

Why are we protecting mealtimes?

Many patients find disturbances at mealtimes distracting. A calmer environment
before, during and after eating can help patients to socialise and enjoy their
meals. It also allows ward staff more time to help those who need assistance
with eating as it has been found that patients in hospital feel they don’t get
enough assistance with eating.

How can you help?

The only people on the ward routinely at mealtimes should be nursing and
domestic staff.

Try to avoid visiting during mealtimes, so if you are visiting a ward displaying a
protected mealtime’s poster, please respect this and try to visit out with

Also, if possible, try not to phone the wards for information during meal times
so staff can concentrate on meals and feeding patients who need help.
If you normally visit at meals, to help or encourage a friend or a relative, please
continue to do this and ask the nurse in charge how you can help.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please speak to the nurse in
Data Protection
Throughout the NHS, information about your treatment and care is recorded and is
available to other health and social care professionals who are directly involved in
and/or need access to it to plan your care. Some of this information may be used
to ensure that we maintain a high quality of service and care and to aid in planning

Under the Data Protection Act you may request to see what information is held
about you and you may refuse the recording of particular items of information. If
you have any queries or concerns about your medical records please contact our
Data Protection Officer: (01856) 888000.

If you have any complaint regarding any aspect of the service you receive please
speak, in the first instance, to someone involved in your care. NHS Orkney can
provide further guidance. This can be obtained by contacting our Complaints
Officer on (01856) 888000 or by via the web at the following address:
Support of Students
At NHS Orkney, we support students undertaking courses from a variety of
Universities. Supervised students may participate in your care.

Patient Information
This leaflet is also available in large print. If you require any patient information in
a different format and/or language, please contact the Clinical Safety & Quality
Department at Balfour Hospital on (01856) 888204.

Feedback from patients helped us develop this leaflet. If you have any comments
or suggestions as to how we can improve this leaflet, please let us know.

    Lead: Lindsey Gray   Ratified: December 2008   Next review: December 2009

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