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					                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

      Payday loans should be able to give you emergency cash when needed and it should not be some kind of a
       debt trap. Payday loans can be useful if you need them for things like paying off a car loan, but use them
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                                    Where Payday Loans Spending Are No Way, Jose
                                                            By Brendon Heins

   You will not be questioned as to purpose and plan when you avail of payday loans. You can use it
for whatever you want, however way you want, whoever you want, and whenever you want. You only
need to pay your debt on time.

 However, there are certain things that you will be well advised not to spend payday loans on. You will
get into trouble with your self, your family, your society and with your government if you do decide to
splurge on these activities.

Illegal Drugs

 Fast fact: In Canada, the annual economic costs of the trade in illegal drugs exceed $5 billion that
includes health care for drug addicts, lost work productivity, criminal offenses and law enforcement.

 When you spend your payday loans on illegal drugs, you are contributing to this humungous amount
that could be better used for other government projects like education. Closer to your pockets, you will
be spending more than $40,000 annually to support your drug habit, which should be enough to
finance your education for the same year!

 More than the financial costs to society and to your wallet, you are subjecting yourself and your family
to emotional and physical costs that cannot be quantified as easily as economic costs to society.

 Consider these: broken relationships, domestic abuse, arrests and jail time for crimes committed to
feed your habit, lost job opportunities, infectious diseases including sexually transmitted ones, and
other physical ailments.


 Fast fact: Spouses and children of compulsive gamblers suffer abuses at the hands of their
husbands/wives and fathers/mothers. Also, research studies always point to children of compulsive
gamblers showing higher rates for pathological gambling, tobacco, alcohol and drug use and

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

 When you decide to gamble your payday loans in casinos, sweepstakes, lotteries, and online betting,
you likewise decide to expose your spouse and children to abuse, neglect, addictions of every kind,
and even prostitution. What might be a harmless one-time bet today can turn into a harmful full-time
occupation tomorrow.

Soliciting for Sex

 Fast fact: In Canada, prostitution per se is not prohibited by law as a crime. However, you will run into
many criminal laws that make activities related to prostitution, including solicitations for sex, criminal
and therefore punishable.

Let us count some of the ways you can be punished for soliciting sex with your payday loans:

 - Mere communication about purchasing and actually buying the sexual services of an individual under
the age of 18 – six months jail time

 - Attempting to and/or conducting the purchase of sex in a public place even if the individual in
question is over 18 years of age

- Performing sexual acts in public places even if it is inside your parked car

 - Allowing to operate, actually operating and working in a bawdy-house and even offering someone for
a visit to a bawdy house are punishable by law

 And need you be reminded of the dangers of prostitution to your physical and mental health? Consider
these: sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and AIDS, sex addictions and broken marriages.

 Indeed, you availed of payday loans to cover emergencies – births and deaths, dates and weddings,
health and hearth, medical and bills exigencies, to name a few. You definitely want to solve your
financial problems with cash advances, not to aggravate your financial condition!

For cash advance ( and payday loans in Ontario (, go to today! However, be sure that you will make good use of your payday
loans ( to get the best returns.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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