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									                      2009-10 COLORADO DUCKS UNLIMITED
                                 “Pick Your Prints”
                                  ORDER FORM
Your chapter has the opportunity to offer some of the best of the years’ past Ducks Unlimited prints at your
event this year. Available in sets of three, these are shipped to you matted and framed. Pick your prints from the
list below or mix and match from any of the other states on the site. After your first three prints, you may also
choose additional prints for $60 each.
With ever order, you will receive a shrinkwrapped print FREE. When you order nine prints or more, a FREE
11 x 14 matted and framed decorator print will be included with your order.

                  _____ Quiet Water- Eldridge Hardie- wood ducks- 1992
                  _____ Northern Watch- Neal R. Anderson- Canadian lynx- 1993
                  _____ Morning Stretch- Curtiss E. Poormon- greenwings- 1994
                  _____ Colorado Wildlife Poster- Cynthie Fisher- rams- 1996
                  _____ Legacy- Sherrie Russell Meline- trumpeter swan- 1998
                  _____ Sweet Dreams- Joshua Spies- boy with black lab- 1998
                  _____ High Plains Drifter- John T. Myers- pronghorn antelope - 1999
                  _____ Three for the Taking- Steve Carter- mallards flying in- 1999
                  _____ Red Wing and Long Tails- Parker McDonald- pheasant on jug- 1999
                  _____ Sweet Dreams Too- Joshua Spies- girl with yellow lab- 1999
                  _____ That’s My Blind IV- Harold Roe- turkeys- 2000
                  _____ Signs of Spring- Joseph Thornbrugh- red-winged black bird- 2001
                  _____ Cache Creek Winter- Barbara Schaffner- winter creek with deer- 2003
                  _____ Morning Light- Joshua Spies- Canada geese- 2003
                  _____ Dream Team- Joshua Spies- puppies on quilt

Number of sets _____ x $180.00 (Commercial delivery) = __________ OR
               _____ x $190.00 (Residential delivery) = __________
Additional prints _____ x $60.00                      = __________
                                           TOTAL = $ ___________

        City, State, Zip:
        E-Mail: _________________________________________________________________
        Chapter Code:                                     Event Date:
                  Send this order form along with your EVENT DATED CHECK to:
                      The Finishing Touch, 622 N. Broadway, Pittsburg KS 66762
               1-800-468-0660 OR finishingtouchpk@sbcglobal.net RuthEllen or Michael
                             Thanks for picking us to be your picture framer!

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