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					                                                                       Two levels of information service:
                                                      SNL Basic and SNL Unlimited
SNL Basic:                                             SNL Unlimited — everything included in SNL Basic, PLUS:
MySNL: Custom tracking of the industries              MySNLi                                             Mapping
and companies you follow                              Real-time Premium Documents                        Company & Demographic Mapping
Real-time News & Alerts                                • Conference Call Transcripts                      • Thematic Shading & Buffer Analytics
  • Email Alerts & RSS feeds                           • Investor and Industry Presentations              • Symbol, Geographic & Demographic
  • Portfolios                                         • Financial Supplements                              Layers
  • SNL Mobile: PDA-compatible access                  • Annual Reports                                 Briefing Books
News Archive - 6-Months historically                  Document Comparison Utility                       Company Briefing Books
  • Original Commentary                               News Archive - Comprehensive historically           • Sector-Specific Financials
  • Industry Q&As
                                                      Market Data                                           • Standardized
  • Research & Analysis
                                                      Stock & Peer Analysis                                 • As-Reported
Current Newsletters & Archives
                                                        • Market Comparisons                              • Institutional Ownership
Industry-Specific Blogs
                                                        • Financial Analysis                              • M&A History
Your Personal Library
                                                        • Institutional Ownership Peer Comparison         • Dividends
Real-time EDGAR Documents
                                                                                                          • Credit Ratings
Calendar of the day’s events                          Industry Data
                                                                                                          • Capital Structure & Offerings History
                                                        • League Tables for M&A, Offerings & Audit Fees
Briefing Books: Complete profiles in seconds                                                              • Analyst Coverage & Estimates
                                                        • M&A Statistics & Graphs
Company Briefing Books for public, private and                                                            • Market & Company Demographics
                                                        • Industry Presentations & Documents
historical companies in the U.S. and Canada                                                               • Company Map
                                                        • Demographic Data
  • Corporate Profile                                                                                     • Peer Analysis
                                                        • Offerings Summary
  • Company Description                                                                                 M&A Briefing Books
  • Stock Chart                                       SNLxl: SNL’s Excel Add-In                           • Whole Company & Asset Deals
  • Insider Activity                                    • Real-time and Web-based                         • Deal Profile - Terms, Ratios & Advisers
  • Professionals                                       • Pre-built Spreadsheet Library                   • Related News, Filings & Analysis
  • Officers & Committee Membership                     • Company and Asset-level Data                    • Buyer & Target Financials
  • Executive Compensation                              • Mergers & Acquisitions Data                   Capital Offering Briefing Books
  • Recent News & EDGAR Documents                       • Capital Markets Data                            • Offering Overview
  • Company Events                                      • Bond & Stock Pricing                            • Security Detail
                                                                                                          • Bond Pricing
Events Calendar: Schedule of industry and
                                                                                                          • News & Filings
company events
                                                                                                          • Related Company Financials
Exportable Calendar Downloads
Conference Calls
Earnings Releases
Company Meetings
Industry Conferences
Market Data: A complete snapshot of the
market as a whole
Portfolio Stocks Summary
Stock Highlights
Index Values
Current and Historical Interest Rates & Yields
Currency Exchange Rates
Industry Data: In-depth info on Financial
Institutions, Real Estate and Energy
Industry News, Events, Trends & Statistics
Research Reports: From market leaders and
niche contributors (subject to broker entitlements)
Equity and Credit Research Reports
  • Searchable Archive
  • Free & Real-time Access
                                                                                                        Plug into the right level for you.

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