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									     Wanbury Limited

February 2006

This presentation is made purely for information. We have tried
   to give relevant information which we believe will help in
   understanding the Company. The viewers may use their own
   judgement and are advised to make their own calculations
   before deciding on any matter based on the information given
   herein. While every care is taken to verify the accuracy of the
   information given in this presentation, neither the Company
   nor its officials would in any way be liable for any action
   taken or not taken by the viewers or the users of this
   presentation or for any claims, losses etc. This is not a
   prospectus or document soliciting investment in the Company

                                                           Wanbury Limited

Our Vision …

To become a global pharmaceutical company with
       presence in Formulations and APIs ….

… a market capitalisation in excess of Rs.1000 cr

               ……by March 2009

                                               Wanbury Limited
Business Model

  BULK                                     FORMULATIONS
 BUSINESS                                    OVERSEAS

 Existing        Existing                  Existing
 Export Focus    Focus on Domestic         None
 3 Plants        Ethical Brands
                 New Product Intros.
 Planned         Planned                   Planned
 Expansion       Brand acquisitions        European
 Addl. plant     Addition of division in   Generics
                 medium term
                 Strategic Associations
                                                      Wanbury Limited
Bulk Business

   World’s largest producer of Metformin

   We sell to leading global generic players in regulated markets

   Exporting to over 50 countries

   Over 14 products ... Of these over 8 products for US and Europe

   3 API facilities with 2 USFDA approved for multi product in Maharashtra and AP

   Over 24 products within 18 months and foray in contract manufacturing

   Aggressive pitch of DMF Filings through a strengthened Research Base. New
    R&D centre set up at Navi Mumbai for Process Research

                                                                       Wanbury Limited
Key Customers
   Apotex, Canada               Mega Pharma, Mexico
   Torr Pharma, USA             Pure Pharma, Europe
   Mylan, USA                   Salutos, Germany
   Barr Laboratories, USA       Wessex, UK
   TEVA, Israel                 Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
   Dexxon, Israel               Pharmire, Sourth Korea
   Pliva, USA                   Ranbaxy, India
   Remedica, Cyprus             Strides Arcolabs
   Drageno Pharma, Germany      Glenmark,India
   Moleculus Mexico             Sun Pharma, India
                                 Cadila Pharmaceuticals
   Pfizer
                                 Alkem, India

                                                           Wanbury Limited
Product Portfolio
                           Metformin           Gabapentene Int.
                           Salsalate           Tramadol

Existing                

                                                Amitryiptyline
                           Mefenamic Acid

                           Sertraline
                           Paroxetine Hemihydrate
Introductions              Carvedilol
this year

                           Losartan Potassium

                           Meloxicam           Gliclazide

Pipeline                


for 2007                   Gabapentene         Hydrochlorthyzide
                           Clopidogrel

….a market size of over $ 2 Bn                          Wanbury Limited
                    Product Pipeline
   DMFs Available                DMFs in Process                 Scale up        Lab Stage      New Products

Metformin HCl                   Losartan Potassium Carvedilol                 Pantaprazole   Meloxicam
Tramadol Hydrochloride (EDQM)   Clopidogrel Hydrogen sulphate                 Methoxsalen    Fluvastatin
                                Carvedilol                      Risperidone
Tramadol Hydrochloride( US)                                                   Irbesartan     Glybenclamide
Promethazine Hydrochloride      Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride   Venlafaxine                  Gliclazide
Sertraline Hydrochloride        Glucosamine Sulfate Kcl                                      Fluconazole
Amitriptyline Hydrochloride     Glucosamine Sulfate NaCl                                     Venlafaxine
Paroxetine Hydrochloride
Metformin HCl DC grade 90%
Metformin HCl DC grade 95%
Ibuprofen DC grade 90%
Glucosamine HCl
Mefenamic acid

                                                                                                  Wanbury Limited
Our Research Strategy

      Process                                  Pharma
      Research                                Research

APIs for Regulated                      Development of                 Development of
markets /Emerging                         ANDAs and                     novel platforms
     markets                         finished dosages for                for Specialty
  and Contract                        regulated markets                Generics and IPR

Time Frame               Activity               Scientists   Outlay               Expertise

Existing       Existing set up Formulations        15           -         APIs for Regulated Markets
                     and R&D research

By March ’05     New centre for Process            45        Rs. 5cr          DMFs and Contract
                       Research                                                Manufacturing
By Nov ‘06      New Centre for Research            70        Rs.15cr     Formulations Research + NDDS

                                                                                          Wanbury Limited
Our Research Strategy


            Development of novel platforms
            for Speciality Generics and IPR

                  Pharma Research
              Development of ANDAs and
        finished dosages for regulated markets
                  Process Research
     APIs for Regulated markets /Emerging markets
                 and Custom Synthesis
                                                    Wanbury Limited
Stage I- Process Research Center

   Area of Focus
     – Widening DMF pipeline for regulated markets (10 DMFs over 15 m)
     – New Product introductions for emerging markets
     – Intermediate manufacturing for innovators
     – Development for Contract Manufacturing
     – Widened coverage of therapeutic area
     _ Custom synthesis
   Research Set-up
     – Existing facilities to be strengthened and new Research Facility being set up
       in Navi Mumbai
     – Team comprising 20 scientists with 4 PhDs in Organic Chemistry
     – Well equipped analytical Lab comprising HPLCs, GCs, FTIR, UV Visible,
       Particle size analyser etc
     – Team expandable to 60 scientists over 24 months

                                                                           Wanbury Limited
Stage II Research Center
   Area of Focus
     – Development of Formulations
     – Dossier preparations and ANDA filings for regulated markets
     – Development of platforms for Novel Drug Delivery for Speciality Generics
     – Clinical Research Capabilities for carrying out bio equivalence studies

   Research Set-up
     – New facility for a closed loop research lab to be set up close to
     – Full service Analytical Lab with NMR, HPLCs, GCs, FTIRs,
     – Lab Management Systems
     – Clinical Research capabilities starting with capabilities for bio equivalence
     – Facilities for In vivo studies
     – Animal House for In vitro studies

                                                                            Wanbury Limited
Contract Manufacturing

   Wanbury is well positioned to emerge as an outsourcing
    partner of choice due to our quest for quality, desire for
    innovation, a highly efficient supply chain management and
    optimal utilization of capacities.

   Wanbury is in an unique position to offer a single point of
    contract for R&D, process development and production.
    Availability of dedicated, adequately trained and highly
    qualified manpower in R&D , production and QA/RA.

                                                        Wanbury Limited
Custom Synthesis
   Custom synthesis

    – Already carrying out synthesis for European customers

    – Expanding team of scientific officers to procure business

    – New systems to be incorporated in the R&D to strengthen
      IPR protection and facilitate business

                                                           Wanbury Limited
Reaction Capabilities
   In addition to general reactions we are specialised in the following
   Azidation
   Bromination
   Reactions involving Butyl Lithium
   Cyanation
   Chiral chemistry
   Griganard
   Sodium metal reactions
   Metal hydride reductions
   Optical Resolution
   High Pressure Reactions
   Hydrogenation
   High Temperature Reactions (250°C)
   High Vacuum Distillations
   Low Temperature Reactions (-80°C)
                                                                           Wanbury Limited
Formulation Business

Our Formulation Business
   Founded in 1865 by Dr. George Wander in Berne, Switzerland

   Wander has been in the Indian market since late forties with it’s cold
    and nutrition products …originally a subsidiary of Sandoz

   Now a Wanbury division with 310 professionals, 16 brands, 24
    Distributors and about 1200 stockists across the country.

   Independent Formulation Research and Development Centre at
    Chembur recognised by Govt. of India

   Strong focus on Pediatrics, Gynecology and Orthopedics

   Growth through niche neutraceuticals led lifestyle segment

                                                                   Wanbury Limited
  Doctor Segment         Brands

     Orthopedics          Nock -2
 Consulting Physicians
                                     Wanbury Limited
Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy
                                                         LEVERAGE ON ….
                                                             Existing Satisfied Customers

                                                             Strong Marketing Skills

                                                             In-house technical competence
                               Global Generics

                         Contract                            In-house Research expertise
                                    Strategic Alliance
                                                             Experience in managing and
                Product                                       building US FDA approved plants
          Introductions        Life Style Division
Expansion               Improve PCPM

                                 4 Years
                                                                                Wanbury Limited

Board of Directors

   Mr. K Chandran       ..ED
   Mr. K.R.N. Moorthy   ..ED

   Mr. N. K. Puri       ..Independent

   Dr. P. L. Tiwari     ..Independent

   Mr. A. Bongirwar     ..Independent

   Mr. S. Bhattacharya ..Nominee(EXIM)

                                          Wanbury Limited
Advisory Board

   Mr. K. R. N. Moorthy is supported by an
    advisory board:

    – Mr. S. Balsekhar,
          Ex-Chairman Roussel Pharmaceutical

    – Dr. Indira Parekh,
          Dean IIM Ahmedabad

    – Group Directors

                                                Wanbury Limited
Human Resources
                             Human Resources

                 Services and
               Corporate Office,
                      75           R&D (API), 30
  Manufacturing -                                  Formulation Sales
  On Contract, 160                                  and Marketing ,

  QC, QA and RA,
               Manufacturing -
                 On Rolls, 225

                                                                  Wanbury Limited
Key Personnel
                           BOARD of DIRECTORS
                            ADVISORY BOARD

                 K R N MOORTHY                           ASHOK SHINKAR
         ED & President APIs/Formulations              Director C F (M&A)

  S R Jagannathan                 Dr S Samant              S Jayaram
  Sr. VP Operations               V P Marketing            V P Legal

                               M.K. PADMANABHAN             P. Gupta
     Dr. Pulla Rao
Head QA and Regulatory        National Sales Manager      Company Sec.

     Vijayan Nair                    V S Ayare           Mahesh Kolatkar
     GM Finance                        R&D                  AGM IT

     Raman Iyer                  Kurush Dubash
    GM Marketing                  Head Training

     Dr Shankar                    Surina Iyer
       GM R&D                       DGM HR
                                                                            Wanbury Limited
Management                                   – Key personnel
 Name                   Designation                  Experience

 Mr. Ashok Shinkar      Director Corporate Finance   12 years with J.M.Morgan Stanley and SSKI Corporate Finance

 Mr. S. R. Jagannathan SVP - Technical         28 years with Ranbaxy, Sanmar Chemplast, Shasun Chemicals and
                                               Drugs, Matrix Laboratories
 Dr Y Pulla Rao      SVP - QA and Regulatory   26 years with IDPL, SOL Pharma, Neuland Laboratories, Jubliant
 Dr.Rajaram S Samant VP–             Marketing 8 Yrs with USV, Ranbaxy, Emcure
 Mr. S. Jayaram      VP – Legal                37 years with Crompton Greaves, Innovation Equipment, M&M,
                                               Boots Pharma & Khandelwal Builders
 Mr.M.K.Padmanabhan National Sales Manager     22 years with Ranbaxy, Mircro Lab

 Mr. Vijayan Nair       GM Finance                   24 years with Concept, Lupin, Parekh Dyechem

 Dr. S. Shankar         GM – R&D                     17 years with Calyx, Chemspec, IPCA, E.Merck

 Mr. Raman Iyer         GM – Exports (API)           22 years with Concept, Ranbaxy, Alkem, Vorin, Aarti

 Mr. Kurush F. Dubash   Head of Training             32 years with Wockhardt Pharma & Pfizer Ltd

 Mr. Anand Dhoka        DGM -Commercial              28 years with Maharashtra Polybutenes, EPIC, Sriman Group,
                                                     Cyanides & Chemicals
 Mr. Sabu Daniel        DGM – Marketing (API)        16 years with Aarti Drugs, Rajasthan Glyoxal

 Mrs. Surina Iyer       DGM – HR                     11 Yrs with L&T, Lavasa Corporation

 Mr. Pankaj B. Gupta    Company Secretary            4 years with Grasim Industries Ltd, Global Boards Ltd

 Ms. Janki Desai        Marketing Manager            9 years with GlaxoSmithKline & Cipla Ltd

 Mr. Mahesh Kolatkar    AGM - IT                     20 years with Baan Infosystem, Raymonds etc.
                                                                                                              Wanbury Limited
  HR Thrust .. Focus Areas

     Talent Acquisition – Selection Techniques
     Team Alignment & Rationalization
     Measuring Performance & Assessing Potential
     Compensation Benchmarking
     Capability Building and Leadership Development
     Career Development & Succession Planning
     Create Think Tank ~ Innovative Practices
     Communication – Openness – Transparency - Speed
     System Orientation

Building Human Capital …..                        For Superior & Competitive Results

                                                                      Wanbury Limited
                 Wanbury’s VALUES

   Respect for People
   Innovation
   Sense of Urgency
   Result Focus
   Leadership
   Team Work
   Customer Focus

                                    Wanbury Limited
              Mission statement

We at Wanbury, want to make a company that employees are proud of
and committed to, where every employee has an opportunity to
contribute, learn, grow and advance on merit.
We are dedicated in improving quality of our employees by continuously
providing high quality training and development.
We will continue to establish a business model, which is predictable,
sustainable, growth oriented and profitable.
We will always worship exceptional and superior performance. We will
continuously challenge status-quo / maintenance and simultaneously
encourage and recognize stretch and growth.
We will work hard not only to satisfy but delight our customers (both
internal and external).
We will strive to make Wanbury one of the preferred employers.

                                                                 Wanbury Limited
Thank You


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