Review and Exams Limited Certification Pesticide Applicator Licenses by ibw10426


									                                                Program Location
                                          Orange County/UF/IFAS Extension
Central Florida Pesticide Trainers               6021 S. Conway Rd.              Review and Exams
                                                  Orlando, FL 32812
     Orange County Extension                      PH: 407-254-9200              Limited Certification
                                                 FAX: 407-850-5125
           Celeste White                                                        Pesticide Applicator
         6021 S. Conway Rd.
         Orlando, FL 32812
           (407) 254-9200
                                                                                   Limited Commercial
      Lake County Extension                                                       Landscape Maintenance
          Juanita Popenoe
         1951 Woodlea Rd.                                                       Limited Lawn & Ornamental
         Tavares, FL 32778
           (352) 343-4101                                                            Limited Structural

     Osceola County Extension                                                         Saturday, January 31, 2009
         Jennifer Welshans                                                            Class / 8:00 am - 3:30 pm
     1921 Kissimmee Valley Lane                                                   Exams administered / 3:30 pm
      Kissimmee, FL 34744-8947
                                                                                       Sponsored by:
           (321) 697-3000                            Visit us at:
                                                                                  Orange County/UF/IFAS
                                                                                Extension Education Center
    Seminole County Extension
                                                                                    6021 S. Conway Rd.
           Richard Tyson
                                                                                     Orlando, FL 32812
      250 W. County Home Rd.
                                                                                     PH: 407-254-9200
         Sanford, FL 32773
          (407) 665-5551                                                                 CEU’s Available!
                                     “The Foundation for the Gator Nation" an           $20 Per-person
                                     Equal Opportunity Institution.
                                                                                  Non-refundable fee for class
                                                                Class Agenda
          Application Process
                                                   8:00 - 8:30 am     Registration
                                                                                                             Register here!
Exams are administered ONLY with: Photo
ID, a completed application, and license fee      8:30 - 10:10 am     Key Plants/Key Pests                  Saturday, January 31, 2009
of $150.00 payable to FDACS          OR an                                                              $20 Per-person, Non-refundable fee
approval letter from the Bureau of                10:10 - 10:30 am    Break
                                                                                                       Deadline: Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Entomology & Pest Control (L&O/Structural
                                                  10:30 - 11:20 am    Why Landscapes Fail
only).     See web locations below for                                                                 Please PRINT information below. Cash
applications.                                                                                          and checks ONLY. One form per
                                                11:20 am - 12:10 pm   IPM & Biological Control
•   Limited Certification for Commercial
    Landscape Maintenance                         12:10 - 1:00 pm     Lunch - on your own
       A license is necessary for each
                                                  1:00 - 3:15 - pm    Review for all Exams: Pesti-      Name _________________________________
       commercial landscape maintenance
       person who applies pesticides to                               cide Safety, Labels, Laws and     Business ______________________________
       ornamental plant beds.                                         Regulations and Pest Identifi-
                                                                      cation                            Address _______________________________
       pdf/lndspckt.pdf                            3:15 - 3:30 pm     Break/Study
                                                                                                        City/State/Zip ________________________
•   Limited Certification for                                                                           Phone ________________________________
                                                      3:30 pm         Exams administered for all
    Governmental & Private Applicators –                              categories
    Lawn & Ornamental                                                                                   Fax ___________________________________
       A license is necessary for each                                                                  Email _________________________________
       government employee, business                          Study Materials
       owner or their employees who                                                                     Confirmation by:      Fax        Email
       applies pesticides outdoors of a        If you plan to take an exam, you should study the
       government or business owned            training manuals. They can be ordered at
                                                                                                         Check which exam you will be taking:
       buildings.                              800-226-1764 or at
       Application:      • All exams : Applying Pesticides Correctly -
                                                                                                         Lawn & Ornamental
       pdf/lmtdpckt.pdf                            A guide for Pesticide Applicators, 6th Edition
                                                   SM 1 - $7.00                                          Structural
•   Limited Certification for                  • Limited Lawn & Ornamental/Limited
    Governmental & Private Applicators –           Commercial Landscape Maintenance:                     Commercial Landscape
    Structural                                     Ornamental and Turf Pest Control SM 7 -
        A license is necessary for each            $20.00
        government employee, business          • Limited Structural: General Household Pest            Mail registration form in attention to
        owner or their employees who               Control Applicator - SM 47 - $15.00                 Celeste White, 6021 S. Conway Rd,
        applies pesticides indoors of a        • In addition:                                          Orlando, FL 32812. Individuals needing
        government or business owned                   All Exams: The Structural Pest Control          special accommodations to participate
        buildings.                                     Act, Chapter 482, Florida Statutes and          in program should contact Celeste
        Application:             Chapter 5 E - 14, Florida Administrative        White at least five working days prior to
        pdf/lmtdpckt.pdf                               Code are available on the Bureau’s Web          the program.
                                                       Site at or
                                                       request by phone at 850-921-4177.

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