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Customer Service Department
Himalayan Bank Limited

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                                Note: The Applicant must fill in all the mandatory fields (*)
Terms and Conditions of use of Himalayan Bank Limited Internet Banking                                       13. Understands that the Bank does not warrant or represent that services being offered and the
Facility, agreed between Himalayan Bank Limited (“the Bank”) and the                                         information available online are free from virus or other destructive features which may adversely
Customer.                                                                                                    affect the customer’s hardware, software or equipment.
Whereas, the customer has applied to the Bank to avail the Internet banking facility (“the facility”)        14. In case of limited/partnership companies, confirms that all transactions are adequately authorized
being offered by it and the Bank has determined the customer to be eligible to use the facility, the two     by respective BOD of the company. Accordingly the Board resolution submitted to the bank while
parties have agreed to offer and use the said service in accordance with the terms and conditions laid       opening this account does not prohibit such transactions.
down hereunder.                                                                                              Availability, Alterations, Authority and Disclosure:
General:                                                                                                     The customer understands that while the Bank shall endeavor to make available to him/her all the
The terms and conditions contained in this agreement, along with those contained in the application          possible services available under internet banking facilities, it is entirely upon the Bank to decide at
filed by the customer with the Bank, shall collectively form part of the contract between the Bank and       its sole discretion what services may be made available to a particular customer from time to time,
the customer. It shall further include all such terms and conditions that the Bank may agree to with         and to make any changes or alterations in the services being offered, with or without offering any
any service provider in the process of making the facility available to the customer, or any changes,        reasons.
modifications, expansion or reduction of the services that the Bank may introduce from time to time,         The customer further understands that the facility being offered is available only if the customer uses
as well as any imposition of restrictions on the use of service, prescription and use of service hours.      the username and password entered in the records of the Bank, and will not be made available to any
The terms and conditions of this contract shall be construed in compatibility with any other terms and       instructions made from any other username or password. In addition, any and all instructions made
conditions related to any other product or facility that the customer is availing or may in future avail     by anybody using the customer’s username and password entered in the Bank’s records shall be
from the Bank.                                                                                               deemed to have arrived at the Bank from the customer and the Bank shall not be liable for any loss
                                                                                                             caused or confidentiality breached or any other obligation that may arise in any way even if the
Services:                                                                                                    individual making such use of the facility turns out to be is not the customer.
The services for which this contract is being brought into operation are online services to facilitate       The process of authentication of the customer may be altered by the Bank from time to time and the
banking transactions which the Bank shall make available to the customer through an internet site            customer shall be deemed to have agreed to such changes unless he/she objects to the altered method
established, operated and/or maintained by or on behalf of the Bank for the purposes of conducting           of verification or authentication and terminates the use of the facility.
banking transactions. Under the terms of this agreement, the customer whose account details are              During the term for which the customer uses the facilities under this contract, she/he shall be deemed
provided at the end of this document shall be eligible to transfer funds from the accounts to those          to have unconditionally authorized the Bank to access his/her account to effect any banking or other
accounts of the customer's clients and business associates which are provided under a separate               transactions through the use of the facility.
Application for use of facility:                                                                             Limitation of Bank Liability:
The application referred to at the outset of this agreement shall be treated as the original application     The Bank shall not be liable for any of the following –
made for use of the facility and the customer shall apply separately for any change or alteration or         1. Any unauthorized use of the customer’s username and password or for any fraudulent or erroneous
enhancement of the facilities. However, if the Bank makes changes in the facility without an                 instructions received, even if the customer is not the person giving such instruction and even if such
application from the customer and the customer does not object to the changes or continues to use the        instructions are received because of intervention or penetration into the electronic system by an
facility, he/she shall be deemed to have consented to the changes.                                           outside agent.
                                                                                                             2. Any compliance in good faith with the instruction received from the customer’s username and
Eligibility:                                                                                                 password.
The customer undertakes that he/she is an account holder of the bank or is allowed to independently          3. Any error, delay or inability to comply with any of the instructions received because of the
use an account and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of the use of the facilities. The          inability of the Bank to attend to the instruction for technical or operational reasons.
customer further undertakes in case of a joint account that none of the joint account holders is a           4. Any loss of information or data in transmission or any breach of confidentiality because of
minor, and that each of the joint holders of the account has agreed in writing submitted along with the      unauthorized access into the system by an unauthorized agent.
application to be bound jointly or severally for any obligations arising out of the use of the facility.     5. Any oversight on the part of the customer to update himself / herself with the facility and/or
                                                                                                             specific services for each product provided by the Bank.
Customer undertakings:                                                                                       6. Any direct or indirect or consequential loss that the customer may face as a result of its inability to
By applying for the use of internet banking services and agreeing to the terms and conditions of its         accept instructions for the facility, or for system failures at any time.
use, the customer understands that he/she, among others:                                                     Fees and Modification:
1. Represents that the information provided by the customer to the bank in relation to the service is        The Bank shall from time to time charge such fees as it may deem fit at its discretion, and revise and
true, complete, relevant and up-to-date.                                                                     alter the same, for the services offered under the contract. If the customer disagrees with the fees so
2. Agrees that the services are for the sole and exclusive use by the customer and understands that the      charged, every changes of which will be communicated either in writing or electronically or through
Bank shall not be liable for any transaction allegedly performed by a third party whether the same           any other feasible means as determined by the Bank, he/she shall have the option to discontinue the
becomes possible because of accidental, negligent or unauthorized disclosure of the username and the         use of such services, failing which he/she shall be deemed to have consented to the changes.
password by the customer or otherwise. The Bank shall not be under any obligation to verify the              The customer agrees to be bound by any modifications in these terms and conditions, which may be
actual identity of the person making such instructions by using the customer’s username and                  introduced at the sole discretion of the Bank. The Bank shall, at its sole discretion, endeavor to
password, and it shall be presumed to be acting in good faith and with due care as long as the user          inform the customer of such changes through a prior notice which may be given to the customer
name and password match each other.                                                                          through email or by posting the changes in the website or by giving a public notice. Unless the
3. Agrees that he/she shall not let any other person to use the services for any purpose and any             customer discontinues the use of services after such notice is given, he/she shall be deemed to have
obligations arising out of such authorizations, or such use by any third party even without                  agreed to the changes or modifications so introduced and be bound by any additional terms
authorization by the customer, shall be his/hers.                                                            or conditions.
4. Shall not hold the bank liable for any loss arising out of transactions performed on the basis of         Indemnification:
prices and information provided on the internet site, such information being only for reference              The customer agrees to indemnify and hold the Bank and its affiliates harmless from any actions,
purposes.                                                                                                    demands, suits, claims, proceedings, losses, damages or any other expenses or obligations whatsoever
5. Agrees not to hold the Bank liable for any time lag between his/her instructions for a banking            which the Bank may incur at any time as a result of its good faith execution of, or omission or refusal
transaction made by use of the facility, nor shall he/she hold the bank liable for any nonexecution of       to act, on any instructions received from the customer with proper username and password. The
instructions by the bank without assigning any reasons. Any instructions made online may not be              customer shall also hold the Bank and its affiliates harmless against any loss incurred by him/her in
withdrawn by the customer unless with the consent of the Bank and shall be irrevocably binding on            process of, or as a result of, his/her availing the facilities, or for any negligence on the part of the
the customer if by the time the customer approaches the Bank for rescinding such instructions the            customer including, but not limited to, allowing unauthorized persons from using the facility or
Bank has already acted upon it in good faith.                                                                failure to protect the username and password at all times from unauthorized use.
6. Agrees to follow the guidance provided by the Bank on-line to log onto the service by entering
his/her username and password, which shall be their online identification. The customer further              Termination:
agrees that any instructions received by the bank by use of his/her username and password shall be           The customer may terminate the use of the facility by requesting the Bank for such termination by
treated as genuine instructions from the customer and the customer shall be solely liable for any            giving a reasonable notice in advance of such intended termination. Till such time as the customer’s
obligations arising out of the same. The customer may change the password at any time but the same           request for termination has been acted upon, he/she shall remain responsible under the terms of this
shall be effective only if accepted by the Bank.                                                             contract.
7. Understands that to access the service for the first time, the customer is required to authenticate his   The Bank may, at its sole discretion, terminate or temporarily withdraw any or all of the facilities
identity online, accept all terms and conditions governing the use of the services and to provide such       offered to the customer without giving any prior notice, and may suspend any or all facilities without
information as the Bank may specify to identify him/her and designate accounts approved by the               giving any notice for such reasons as maintenance or repair, or for reasons of security or any kind of
Bank to be accessed by the customer to avail the services.                                                   pressing necessicity during which time such services may have to be suspended.
8. Understands that the information about any account or transaction made available online is only           The closure of the account with the Bank, death of the user, termination of the user’s authority to
for reference purposes and any inconsistency between the information so made available and the               operate the designated account, failure of the customer to maintain a minimum balance with the bank
information in the Bank’s records shall be resolved in favor of the Bank’s records, unless the contrary      for using the facilities and/or if the customer is blacklisted and/or if the customer is a defaulter on
is established.                                                                                              loan or other similar obligations, among others, shall result in the termination of the facilities. This
9. Understands that the Bank shall not be liable for any cyber crimes such as hacking etc nor shall it       provision shall operate without prejudice to the Bank's absolute authority to terminate any service, by
be liable for any unauthorized transactions carried out by using illegal and fraudulent methods.             providing a reasonable notice.
10. Understands that he/she shall be required to provide to the Bank such additional information as          Applicable Law:
the Bank may from time to time require for the purpose of providing such services.                           Any dispute arising out of this contract shall be settled in accordance with the terms and
11. Agrees that the Bank is authorized to share information with any other person or entity including        conditions contained herein and in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Nepal.
its third party agents as and when necessary in accordance with the prevailing laws.                         The applicant confirms that he/she/it has read the terms and conditions contained above and agrees to
12. Understands that no rights, title or interest in and relating to the computer system and the             be bound by the same by putting his/her/its signature/seal below:
intellectual properties belonging to the Bank which are used for making the services available is
conveyed or transferred to the customer.

                                                                                                             ______________                 ______________                 ________________________

                                                                                                             Signature                             Date                     Name of the customer

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