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									                                AHDB JOB DESCRIPTION
Job Title                          Project Executive – Business Management
Department                         Marketing
Location                           Stoneleigh
Salary range and Grade             £18-25k
Line Manager (Job Title)           Supply Chain Manager

HGCA founded the Cereals Industry Forum (CIF) along with a number of other industry
bodies in 2004. The overall objective of the forum was to improve the efficiency of the
cereals chain at all points i.e. from farm to shop. HGCA’s Supply Chain Partnership has
been established to communicate the findings of the CIF, demonstrate best practice and
help overcome issues that have arisen along the cereals supply chain.

What we do:
HGCA runs a number of initiatives aimed at all parts of the chain:
   Cropbench
   Price Risk Management
   Arable Business Groups
   Arable Monitor Farms
   Communications – Supply Chain Partnership
   Specific supply chain projects
   Innovation support

HGCA’s Supply Chain Partnership encourages growers, merchants, processors and
manufacturers to become involved and share their thoughts and experiences on the five
themes that have been identified as areas to develop in the cereal supply chain:
    Cost and Price
    Supply Chain Communication and Collaboration
    Duplicate Materials Testing
    New Product Development (NPD) & Innovation
    Transport

Communication activities:
   Interactive website: Podcasts, videocasts, case studies
   Events: Conferences, workshops, training groups
   PR
   Publications: Case studies, reports, training guides, CD Roms

Purpose of Job
 To work with the Supply Chain Manager to develop and deliver HGCA’s Business
   Management programme, including Cropbench, Price Risk Management, Arable
   Business Groups and Arable Monitor Farms
 To develop and market the Cropbench benchmarking system
 To develop and support Business Management training to 50+ existing HGCA Arable
   Business Groups
 To deliver a Price Risk Management support structure to the industry and manage the
    delivery of grower and grain chain workshops
   To oversee the development of HGCA’s Arable Monitor Farms project
   To work with AHDB’s Market Intelligence department to deliver business management
    training / information; this will include developing and delivering a communications plan
    to raise awareness of the resources amongst levy payers and cereal processors
   To evaluate supply chain activities
   To build productive relationships with levy payers, key stakeholders and the wider
    cereal sector


Budgetary responsibility:

Budgets:              £100k Arable Business Groups
                      £50k Risk Management training
                      £TBC Grant funding for Arable Monitor Farm project

Targets:           To have implemented targets agreed in HGCA Annual Business Plan
and in personal appraisals.

Subordinates:       None


 Head of Marketing
 Supply Chain Manager - Direct Line Manager
 Supply Chain Team
 Marketing Colleagues
 HGCA staff
 HGCA Board and Committee members
 AHDB colleagues - Central Market Intelligence team – cereals and oilseeds for Market
    Data, Risk Management training and Cropbench
 Head of HGCA Stakeholder Communications
 R&D dept for cross functional activity

 Levy payers
 Cereal Industry Forum (CIF) Committee
 UK trade associations and farmers unions to ensure support for projects
 Arable Business Group facilitators
 Price Risk Management trainers
 IT contractors for CropBench development
 Commercial, professional, research and advisory organisations for dissemination of

 To review and develop the Cropbench system/software

   To develop farm systems designed to improve farm costings and competitiveness of
    farm businesses
   To work with the Head of Marketing and liaise with the Head of Stakeholder
    Communications to market the Cropbench system to levy payers
   To review the Cropbench reporting system and deliver generic findings
   To manage external contractors
   To be a close collaborator with AHDB’s Market Intelligence department to ensure the
    use of Market Intelligence is maximised and provides support for the delivery of
    benchmarking training

Arable Business Groups
 To oversee and develop 50 existing Arable Business Groups in England and manage
   the work of trained group facilitators
 To develop a sustainable programme of pan-HGCA input into Arable Business Groups
 To provide guidance and support in the completion of the groups’ actions plans.

Price Risk Management
 To roll out the risk management training programme for growers and industry
    representatives along with a support structure for ongoing professional development
 To manage the organisation of grower workshops and grain chain workshops
 To work with the Head of Marketing and liaise with the Head of Stakeholder
    Communications to communicate best practice and financial risk management to the
    wider industry
 To manage external contractors
 To be a close collaborator with AHDB’s Market Intelligence department to ensure the
    use of Market Intelligence is maximized and provides support for the delivery of price
    risk management training

Arable Monitor Farms
 To project manage the Arable Monitor Farms programme in Scotland
 To ensure the project delivers all milestones on time and on budget
 To work with the Head of Marketing and liaise with the Head of Stakeholder
   Communications to disseminate best practice from the project to the wider industry
 To manage external contractors

General ongoing activities
 Where necessary, to work with HGCA’s Communications Team to develop promotional
  materials (e.g. promotional flyers) overseeing their design and production
 To assist Supply Chain Manager evaluate the effectiveness of Business Management
  activities and ensure that targets are achieved
 To assist Supply Chain Manager with the Cereal Industry Forum Committee meetings,
  including producing Committee papers
 To disseminate project results to the industry
 Update contacts on database
 Press cuttings analysis
 Assist with organisation of meetings / events
 Deal with supply chain correspondence, faxes etc.
 Attend relevant conferences / events / meetings and be an effective ambassador for
 Maintain relevant areas of HGCA website, including mini-sites


        Graduate in agriculturally related topic
        Genuine interest in cereals / agricultural industries
        An understanding of farm business management
        2 years work experience in either business management or the cereals industry


        Good communication skills, both written and verbal
        Willingness to learn and seek out new skills
        Excellent project management skills and able to prioritise tasks well
        Ability to work under own initiative but also possess collaborative skills
        Budget management experience
        Ability to travel extensively in the UK with periods away from home
        Well developed computer skills (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, databases, email and
         internet packages)

 SIGNATURE (Post holder):                                       DATE:

 SIGNATURE (Manager):                                           DATE:

Follows is a separate sheet detailing:

          Organisation/Departmental Chart

          Sector overview/AHDB background


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