The Edwards Partnership Limited Quantity Surveying Scope of Services

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					The Edwards Partnership Limited
Quantity Surveying
Scope of Services
The Edwards Partnership Limited
Scope of Services

“The Edwards Partnership is Swindon’s leading Chartered Quantity Surveying and

Project Management Practice. We make a fundamental commitment at the outset of

our relationship to understand our Client’s needs and business objectives. It is only

through this understanding that we can deliver bespoke solutions.

Working in partnership with our Clients we are able to deliver our service in a

personal and proactive framework, which repeatedly exceeds their expectations.”

                                                                        Paul Edwards

                                                                    Managing Director         Page 2                             Date: June 2008
The Edwards Partnership Limited
Scope of Services
Quantity Surveying


                   The Edwards Partnership Ltd offers the following quantity surveying
                   services, which can be tailored to suit your particular requirements:

                   -     Feasibility studies
                   -     Preparation of tender documents
                   -     Contract strategy and procurement advice
                   -     Tender assessments
                   -     Whole life costing
                   -     Preparation of estimates and cost plans
                   -     Preparation of bills of quantities and other pricing documents
                   -     Specialist Tax Advice

                   -     Post contract management
                   -     Contract administration
                   -     Change control
                   -     Risk management
                   -     Cash flow forecasts
                   -     Cost reporting
                   -     Claims assessment and dispute resolution management
                   -     Claims preparation
                   -     Preparation of interim & final accounts
                   -     Benchmarking and financial reviews
                   -     Bank Monitoring

                   For     further   information    please   contact   Ali   Haynes,   Business
                   Development Manager, 01793 786010 or

                   We look forward to discussing your specific requirements in more
                   detail.               Page 3                                Date: June 2008
The Edwards Partnership Limited
Scope of Services
Quantity Surveying


                   The Edwards Partnership Ltd provides commercial and project
                   management support for clients throughout the property industry.
                   Our priority is to understand your core business and operational
                   requirements, enabling us to provide you with a bespoke service.

                   Our staff are highly trained with extensive experience of working with
                   developers, private clients, contractors and public bodies and are able
                   to fully understand your operational requirements.     Our staff have
                   worked with clients to procure projects from £500,000 to £330million.
                   We have experience of all major standard forms of contract and sub-
                   contract agreements and the various procurement options, including
                   PFI and bespoke routes.

                   We understand that every business is different and will provide you
                   with a strategy to solve your problems, embracing your financial and
                   performance constraints.

                   We will work with you to develop a mutually beneficial relationship
                   that creates long term rewards and future opportunities within our
                   Client network. We will identify the most cost effective method to
                   comply with your requirements and will not be constrained by
                   geographical location or tradition.

                   We will provide your business with a dedicated key contact at The
                   Edwards Partnership Ltd, with whom you can discuss all of your

                   We are passionate about the tangible financial benefits that we can
                   offer your business and we look forward to the opportunity to discuss
                   your particular requirements in detail.            Page 4                              Date: June 2008
The Edwards Partnership Limited
Scope of Services
Quantity Surveying

                   We have provided a summary of our core services and examples of
                   how we can assist you to maximise your return on investment in the
                   property and construction market:


                   - Feasibility Studies
                   We support clients to assess the commercial risks the potential
                   opportunities and threats associated with your new projects and

                   We will review the financial and performance risks associated with the
                   development and provide a comprehensive commercial report
                   detailing our findings, an estimate of the project cost along with
                   recommendations to limit your financial exposure and can assist you
                   with the implementation of a risk management plan.

                   - Preparation of tender documents
                   At The Edwards Partnership Ltd our staff have extensive experience of
                   preparing tender documentation for schemes from £500,000.00 to
                   over £330million.       We understand the importance of preparing
                   accurate information and definitive scopes of works, aligned with
                   appropriate   terms     and      conditions   of   contract,   thus   ensuring
                   appropriate distribution of risk and minimal ambiguity.               We can
                   prepare tender documents for individual works packages or complete
                   projects using all major forms of contract, sub-contract and in
                   conjunction with our strategic legal partners; bespoke agreements.

                   - Contract strategy and procurement advice
                   With the introduction of new standard forms of contract and new
                   procurement options we are able to offer advice on the most
                   appropriate procurement route, and associated contract for your               Page 5                                  Date: June 2008
The Edwards Partnership Limited
Scope of Services
Quantity Surveying

                   projects or arrangements with sub-contractors.            We have provided
                   clients     with    contract      recommendations   and    supported     them
                   throughout         the   procurement     process,   including    undertaking
                   negotiations on the client’s behalf to agree specialist agreements.

                   For particularly challenging contracts we have alliances with specialist
                   legal firms that can provide detailed recommendations on drafting
                   unique contracts.

                   - Tender assessments
                   We can undertake management of the tender process for the
                   appointment of contractors and consultants, including assessments of
                   the tender returns and provide you with a recommendation for the
                   appointment of the most advantageous tenderer.

                   We can issue and receive the tenders on your behalf, manage any
                   tender amendments and subsequently complete detailed financial
                   analysis of the tender return – retrieving further information when
                   required, review the technical content of the offer to ensure it
                   complies with your requirements and conduct post tender interviews –
                   all of which can be completed independently or in partnership with

                   We are able to conduct financial checks on prospective contractors, in
                   conjunction with our specialist financial consultant.

                   - Whole life costing
                   With projects where you have a maintenance agreement or mutual
                   cost saving agreements, we can review the whole life costs of
                   particular elements of the building or the plant and identify the
                   replacement costs and net return on investment.                Page 6                                 Date: June 2008
The Edwards Partnership Limited
Scope of Services
Quantity Surveying

                   We can support you as a specialist advisor throughout your
                   construction project to review your material choices and ensure that
                   your long term revenue stream is maximised.

                   - Preparation of estimates and cost plans
                   We can prepare outline and detailed cost plans or estimates for your
                   next project.      Using the latest computer software packages and
                   market data we will provide robust estimates that will enable you to
                   assess your tender returns or confirm the likely construction cost of a
                   proposed development. We have a variety of standard templates to
                   provide you with a breakdown of our estimate or cost plan and can
                   review different design options and recommend which offers the best
                   value for money.

                   We are able to source competitive prices through our extensive
                   database of specialist subcontractors and suppliers. We can provide
                   early advice at the concept design stage to ensure that your financial
                   constraints and aspirations are compatible.

                   Our cost plans provide clients with the necessary certainty to progress
                   with their projects through the design phase in the full knowledge of
                   the likely outturn cost of their project and when savings or
                   compromises are required.

                   - Preparation of Bills of Quantities and other pricing documents
                   We have one the South West’s largest bill production teams and can
                   provide you with a reliable service producing your bills of quantities to
                   SMM7      and   other pricing documentation     such   as   approximate
                   quantities, schedules of rates etc. Our quality management system
                   ensures such documents are accurate and minimise the risk to the
                   Client.             Page 7                                Date: June 2008
The Edwards Partnership Limited
Scope of Services
Quantity Surveying

                   All of our software is industry compatible and is capable of being
                   exported into various mediums.

                   - Specialist tax advice
                   We are aware of tax strategies that have enabled our clients to make
                   significant savings on Stamp Duty Land Tax, VAT, Capital Gains Tax
                   and can support your application for Capital Allowances.      We can
                   introduce you to our Strategic Partners who will be pleased to discuss
                   any opportunities with you.            Page 8                             Date: June 2008
The Edwards Partnership Limited
Scope of Services
Quantity Surveying


                   - Post contract management
                   We provide a dynamic approach to post contract commercial
                   management (i.e. the construction phase), undertaking regular site
                   inspections and valuing the construction works, providing robust
                   recommendations for payments, assessments as to the costs of agreed
                   variations and extensions of time.         We ensure that the contractor
                   receives a fair valuation of the works which have been properly
                   completed and therefore limit the financial exposure of the Client.

                   Each project is assigned a responsible Director who will manage the
                   Surveyors involved in your project and attend the progress meetings
                   to submit a commercial report, which details the current expenditure,
                   the forecasted final account (including a summary of any claims from
                   the contractor), anticipated and actual cash flow and a summary of
                   commercial risks.

                   We can also work on your behalf to review and approve the collateral
                   warranties for the key suppliers or sub-contractors.

                   We will work with you to identify the most cost effective method of
                   supporting your project to ensure that it is delivered within budget.
                   Where       necessary,   we       permanently   locate   surveyors   on   the
                   construction site or within client offices to provide a constant cost
                   monitoring and reporting service.

                   All of our services are designed to be stand alone or operate as a
                   complete commercial service to assist you in delivering your projects
                   as commercial advantageously as possible. We will work with you to
                   tailor the specific service you require to ensure that you always
                   receive the best value for money.                Page 9                                Date: June 2008
The Edwards Partnership Limited
Scope of Services
Quantity Surveying

                   - Contract administration
                   We can assist you to administrate contracts for whole projects or
                   packages on your behalf. Our experienced staff can provide you with
                   a strategic advisor service or become an integral member of your
                   delivery team and act as your agent and manage the construction

                   We can provide you with a short term or long term solution to
                   resource this key role of managing clients or sub-contractors.

                   More details are provided in the Project Management section.

                   - Change control
                   Within our team we have considerable experience in managing the
                   often difficult process of change within construction. We can provide
                   established change control procedures that we can implement on your
                   behalf or adopt your systems and ensure that they are followed

                   We recognise the importance of identifying and managing change, and
                   the associated impacts to ensure are valued fairly. We can provide a
                   full financial and performance review service which can consider
                   changes at all levels of the project. We can provide support in the
                   preparation of financial documents (i.e. construction cost estimates,
                   delay analysis etc) associated with a particular change or for a whole

                   - Risk management
                   At The Edwards Partnership Ltd we are focused on managing risk and
                   minimising exposure. All our services seek to manage risks with the
                   appropriate initial planning and implementation of management
                   procedures, all of which are integral to our procurement management
                   and contract administration services.           Page 10                               Date: June 2008
The Edwards Partnership Limited
Scope of Services
Quantity Surveying

                   We can work with your team to identify potential risks at the tender,
                   pre-construction phase or during the construction and operation

                   We will provide risk management strategies which are proactive with
                   agreed action plans and areas of responsibility for the key staff.

                   We will review your risk registers on a regular basis to ensure that
                   they are current and consider the possibilities in the future. We will
                   provide you with management reports including assessments of your
                   financial liabilities.

                   - Cash flow forecasts
                   At either the tender stage or post-contract we can provide you with
                   project specific cash flow forecasts that consider the procurement
                   and construction programmes. We can support the financial planning
                   of individual projects or programmes of work with a cash flow report
                   that includes recommendations on improving your financial position
                   and can be used to monitor the performance of the contractor on site.

                   Our reports are prepared by our highly trained staff and subjected to
                   our rigorous quality management systems that ensures you can rely on
                   the information that The Edwards Partnership Ltd prepares on your

                   - Cost reporting
                   To support your projects, we can provide specific cost reporting
                   services which can either be integrated with our other support
                   services or as an independent audit of your projects to ensure that
                   they are maximising your financial opportunities.

                   We will review the financial performance of the project, including the
                   current expenditure, forecasted construction cost, the value of any                Page 11                           Date: June 2008
The Edwards Partnership Limited
Scope of Services
Quantity Surveying

                   variations or extension of time. We can also provide recommendations
                   on how to increase your financial returns on individual projects or
                   particular packages.

                   - Claims assessment and dispute resolution management
                   We can help to resolve claims and disputes through structured
                   negotiations and thereby avoiding the costly and timely formal dispute
                   resolution procedures.

                   We can work with you to resolve disputes with contractors,
                   subcontractors or suppliers, acting on your behalf to reach a
                   beneficial settlement as early as possible.

                   We will prepare a settlement strategy that will guide you through the
                   process of negotiation and can represent you during communications
                   with the other party.

                   We will prepare financial assessments of your potential liabilities and
                   opportunities and provide regular updates of progress towards

                   Our dispute management service ensures that you are in the strongest
                   position to succeed with your dispute, whilst allowing your team to
                   continue to deliver the project or works package without further

                   The Edwards Partnership Ltd has a number of strategic alliances with
                   various legal firms who can provide the detailed legal perspective on
                   any disputes with progress to a formal procedure such as adjudication,
                   arbitration or legal proceedings.              Page 12                           Date: June 2008
The Edwards Partnership Limited
Scope of Services
Quantity Surveying

                   - Benchmarking and financial reviews
                   We can offer a bespoke financial review and benchmarking of your
                   projects either during the construction process or on completion. We
                   will agree with you the particular financial or performance elements
                   of the project or package you are interested in and then provide a
                   detailed    report     on   your    performance     against    agreed   market

                   We will provide you with a formal report and recommendation on
                   areas where you project could be more efficient and therefore
                   maximise the financial rewards.            We also update our findings at
                   regular intervals to monitor the improvements and illustrate the
                   practical benefits of our solutions.

                   - Bank Monitoring
                   The Edwards Partnership offers bank monitoring services to provide an
                   auditable and independent assessment of the value of construction
                   projects,     either   during      the   design   stage   or   throughout    the
                   construction process.

                   We offer an active monitoring service which ensures we are familiar
                   with the particulars of the project and provide a robust valuation to
                   limit the financial exposure of the bank or other funding organisation.
                   We provide a monthly report throughout the construction period to
                   detail any commercial risks, likely completion costs and date.               Page 13                                   Date: June 2008
The Edwards Partnership Limited
Scope of Services

                                              38 Shrivenham Hundred Business Park
                                                                     Majors Road
                                                                         SN6 8TZ

                                                                TEL: 01793 786010
                                                                FAX: 01793 783890
                                         Email   Page 14                               Date: June 2008