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									New Internet Scams Anonymous Group Launched Online

The Internet Scams Anonymous Group provides support services for its members that have been
scammed to help them recognize and avoid the next scam or fraud. Membership is open to all
businesses and individuals that are starting or growing a business on the internet.

Seremban, Malaysia, February 02, 2010 --( The Internet Scams Anonymous Group (ISA)
launched January 2010, after nearly 2 years of research into the magnitude of Internet Crime. ISA is
valuable to its members, business or individual and is anonymous because most victims of a scam will
not admit or are afraid to tell friends, family and others that they have been scammed. Like other
successful anonymous groups - as the member base grows, members will help members by learn from
each other's mistakes, as well as their successes.

With the number of new users on the internet growing at a rate of 40% per year, most of these new users
are ill prepared and must beware that every form of offline scam has or will surely find their way to the
internet and into their email account.

While the internet has, many fine websites and groups that offer how-to information. Many of these focus
on a particular type of scam or fraud such as paid to read or click, MLM, Nigeria, email fraud, identity
theft, etc. Still others go to great lengths to provide lists of scam websites; however, no one has the
resources to keep their lists up-to-date with rate of growth of Internet Crime.

The Internet Scams Anonymous Group concentrates on helping its members understand the basics of a
scam, how to do their own online due diligence of the business and to understand their motivations to join
in the scams. Research has shown that once an internet user has been a victim of a scam, they are likely to
be a victim again, unless some form of corrective action is taken. A daily read of any news source shows
that anyone regardless of his or her experience or credentials is a potential victim.

While individual members do not have a business, marketing or risk management plans, business
members learn that internet crime and spam can affect nearly every aspect of their organizations risk
management plan, be it financial, operations, technology, employee productivity, etc. Business members
learn that unethical competitors use clickers to draw down their funds can consume advertising pay-per-
click advertising budgets. Many companies have some form of employee policy for the use of the
internet, most have overlooked the full impact of internet crime. ISA business members learn the
importance of considering and adding Internet Crime to their Risk Management Plans.

Members learn that any use of the internet to make money online is a business and is not a hobby. ISA
and the scammers understand that not everyone can run a business either offline or online, so the
scammers promise potential affiliates overnight success while the affiliates do nothing, except give their
money. Unfortunately, "guaranteed success" or "refund guaranteed" has little meaning or value online.

Too many of the new users online are work at home moms and dads, senior citizens and others who just
want to make some extra money, but their already limited resources are easily consumed by the

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scammers. Certainly many users are and will be successful online as long as they learn to avoid the
eye-catching email headlines and sites that play to their individual need to make money online.

Of course, ISA recognizes that this is a big challenge and a worthy cause; however, the group is
optimistic that that they can help its members identify the scams and the scammers. Scammers will learn
that the same power that was given to them by the use of the internet to scam or swindle others can also
be used to reduce their effectiveness and ability to take money from others.

Although the Internet Scams Anonymous Group is a private network, the public will benefit from
contributions to various online blogs, articles, social networks and forums that result from member
discussion and participation within the group.


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Contact Information:
Internet Scams Anonymous
Dr Don Yates Sr PhD
60 601 3517

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