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					         Cults Playgroup Exclusion Policy for Infectious Diseases
The aim of this policy is to provide guidance to playgroup staff and parents/carers on the most common
illnesses young children are most at risk of getting and how long a child should be excluded from
playgroup if they have one of these illness.

   ILLNESS        SYMPTOMS          INCUBATION          MEANS OF           RISK OF           EXCLUSION
                                      PERIOD             SPREAD          FURTHER
 Chickenpox       Sudden onset –    2-3 weeks       Person to           High from 1-      5 days from the
                  fever, malaise,   before first    person.             2 days before     onset of rash.
                  generalised       spots appear.                       onset of rash
                  rash.                                                 and for the
                                                                        first 5 days
                                                                        after the spots
 Conjunctivitis   Watery eyes,      24-72 hours     Contact with        High during       Until symptoms
                  swelling                          discharge from      infection.        settle or until treated
                  around the                        eyes and                              with antibiotics for
                  eyes and                          respiratory                           24 hours.
                  discharge from                    secretions.
                  the eyes.                         Contact with
                                                    fingers , clothes
                                                    and other items.
 Flu              Fever,            1-4 days        Airborne,           Fairly high in    Until feeling better.
                  headache,                         droplet spread.     the first 5
                  muscle pain,                      Close contact       days of
                  exhaustion,                       with respiratory    symptoms.
                  runny nose,                       secretions.
                  sore throat,
 Hand, Foot       Sudden onset –    3-5 days        Person to person    High during       Until feeling better.
 and Mouth        fever, sore                       via salvia and      acute stage.
 Disease          throat, grayish                   respiratory         Virus may
                  lesions in                        secretions.         persist in
                  mouth, on                         Contact with        stools for
                  fingers, palms,                   faeces.             several
                  soles of feet.                                        weeks.
 Head Lice        Itchy head,       5-7days         Direct              Low risk          Until after first
                  sometimes                         prolonged head-     unless head to    treatment is applied.
                  nothing.                          to- head contact.   head contact.

 Impetigo         Blister-like      4-10 days       Direct contact      As long as        Until skin is healed
                  lesions with                      with discharge      lesions are       or until after 48 hour
                  yellow/green                      from lesions or     discharging.      treatment with an
                  discharge.                        contact with                          antibiotic.
                  Skin                              contaminated
                  surrounding                       items including
                  the lesions red                   hands.
                  and inflamed.

February 2009                                       1
Review February 2010
 Cults Playgroup Exclusion Policy for Infectious Diseases (continued)
   ILLNESS        SYMPTOMS          INCUBATION               MEANS OF             RISK OF           EXCLUSION
                                      PERIOD                  SPREAD             FURTHER
 Measles          Fever,            10-15 days. (12         Airborne,           High from        Until 5 days after
                  conjunctivitis,   days to onset and       droplet spread      first            onset of rash.
                  runny nose and    16 days for rash        or direct           symptoms to
                  cough. White      to appear.)             contact with        5 days after
                  spots on gums.                            respiratory         onset.
                  Rash.                                     secretions of
                                                            person with
 Slapped          Striking          4-20 days (more         Person         to   Most likely      Until feeling better.
 Cheek            redness of        commonly 13-18          person by direct    1-2    weeks
                  cheeks.           days)                   contact, droplet    before rash
                  (slapped –face                            or      airborne    appears.
                  appearance)                               spread. Contact
                                                            with respiratory
 Stomach          Sickness,         Up to 3 days.           Person         to   High from        Until     clear      of
 Upset            diarrhoea,                                person contact,     first onset of   symptoms for
                  fever, stomach                            especially after    symptoms.        48 hours.
                  pain.                                     going to the

General Points
1. The above table is by no means exhaustive and if a parent/carer is in any doubt as to whether a child
   is well enough to attend playgroup please phone and check.
2. Any child who is unwell and has symptoms of an acute illness should NOT attend playgroup.
   Thorough personal and environmental hygiene must be practised at all times.

Adapted from NHS Grampian’s Exclusion Policies for Infectious Diseases, November 2005 and
NHS Grampian’s Head Lice Policy, August 2007.

February 2009                                           2
Review February 2010

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