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									                         THE UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM
                    Minutes of the meeting held on 19 October 2007

Present:                Professor D Birch      PVC (Chair)
                        Ms P Campbell          UNISON
                        Dr P Greatrix          Registrar
                        Mrs J Kaur             Director of HR
                        Ms R J Ramsden         Civil Engineering
                        Mrs S J Willington     UNITE
                        Mr M Wynne-Jones       Finance
                        Mr S Pinfield          Chief Information Officer
                        Mr M I Dale            UNITE
                        Mr R Howard            UNITE
                        Mrs E J Stevenson      Information Services
                        Mrs J Humphrey         Nursing
                        Mr B Scott             Newark Hall

In attendance:          Ms M Zipser (minute taker)

Apologies:              Professor B Webb, Mr A Whitfield, Mr R Dawn and Ms E Watts

335    Professor Birch welcomed everyone to the first committee of this academic year.

336    The Committee welcomed Stephen Pinfield as Chief Information Officer and two
       newly elected representatives namely Brian Scott for Constituency E (Operations and
       Facilities) and Elaine Watts for Constituency H (Technical Staff).

       The Committee also welcomed the re-election of representatives Rachel Ramsden,
       Jenny Humphrey and Andrew Whitfield.

337    The Terms of Reference to be updated to reflect the name change of AMICUS to
       UNITE. Paula Campbell requested that in future minutes it should be recorded she
       was attending on behalf of Unison and not the Safety Office.

338    Professor Birch advised of the imminent start of Chris Thompson, the University’s
       new Chief Financial Officer on 19 November 2007 and Jo Delves, Jaspal Kaur’s new
       PA, on 29 October who will be the Committee’s Secretary. Both are expected to be
       present at the next Committee meeting.

Matters Arising

339    Minute 330 - Consultative Committee Structure. Jaspal Kaur reported that this
       item would be raised at the next meeting of the Joint Union Working Group (JUWG).

       Minute 315 – Contractors working wear in Coates coffee bar. Mark Dale reported
       that this concern was still ongoing but that it had improved. It was agreed that John
       Sutherland would be notified.
                                                                 Action: Jaspal Kaur

Organisational Update

340    The Registrar reported the University’s success of winning the Energy Technologies
       Institute bid (with Birmingham and Loughborough) which would be worth
       approximately one billion pounds over 10 years. Nottingham is dealing with the
       research strands. This is a major achievement and is encouraging for staff at China
       and Malaysia campuses.
341   The Registrar reported that there had been an increase of student enrolment
      applications – 200 more Home/EU undergraduates, 80 more international
      undergraduates and 60 more overseas research students. For other categories, the
      level was predicted to be around the same as last year.

342   The Registrar advised of recent infrastructure issues which had increased student
      support facilities, namely the internal Hub inside the Library. Stephen Pinfield also
      reported the great impact on the three other libraries across campus.

      A new Student Services Centre had opened in the Portland Building which had a
      welcoming front desk operation and the Ark social/bar area has been refurbished and
      changed its name to “Mooch”.

      The Registrar wished to express thanks to Information Services for establishing the
      intranet portal which is becoming an effective communications tool across the
      University and where important messages and notices can be posted. The
      Communications team was encouraging staff and students to send them their latest
      news, information and anything of relevance to the University community.

      The Registrar reported that the University’s preferred option remained a system of
      Road User charging but recognised the need to contribute to funding an extended tram
      network and improved public transport infrastructure in Nottingham. The tram will be
      beneficial for the University. There is a public examination as part of the process. A
      final decision is unlikely to be made until 2009.

343   Liz Stevenson raised the question of whether there were plans for a student
      questionnaire to be surveyed about the Learning Hub. The Registrar reported that
      the Omnibus Survey will be undertaken with Student Services incorporating this and
      other new resources.

      Ray Howard highlighted the concern that the portal was not easy to use and navigate
      among his staff. Also all staff do not have regular access to it. It is important the
      portal is not the only means of communication. Stephen Pinfield reported that IS was
      developing a portal aimed specifically at support staff and encouraged members and
      their colleagues to be involved in this initiative. Any member of staff wishing to be
      involved should contact Stephen Pinfield.

Terms and Conditions Review

344   Liz Stevenson reported that staff are particularly concerned about annual leave.
      Jaspal Kaur responded that HR is due to have their first meeting to present University
      proposals to Unions on 31 October 2007. Two days of negotiation are planned for 6
      December 2007 and 31 January 2008.


345   Jenny Humphrey reported concern at the parking on Science Road accessed by the
      ring road and people who drop off and pick up their children at the University Nursery
      causing a significant safety hazard. It was agreed that Chris Jagger would be
      advised so they could assess the whole issue and take necessary action.
                                                                Action: Jaspal Kaur

346   Jenny Humphrey also reported that there were a lack of parking spaces outside the
      Business School when conference delegates arrived.           Brian Scott said EMCC
      delegates should not be using the Business School car park. It was agreed
      clarification would be sought from the conference office.
                                                                Action: Jaspal Kaur

350   Susan Willington reported that at City Hospital, parking had increased from £62 for all
      university staff to £220 for Trust employees and £440 for non-Trust staff. This gives a
       permit but does not guarantee a parking space. Jaspal Kaur commented that this
       issue came through to her department recently and it was agreed that Chris Jagger
       would take this up. The Trust had agreed to bring this up at the next Trust Board
       meeting. Chris Jagger is meeting with John Simpson, the Trust Estates Director, on
       31 October.

351    Paula Campbell reported that traffic congestion and delays were building up at the
       back of Portland Building loading bay. It was agreed that this should be reported to
                                                              Action: Jaspal Kaur

Level 4/5 descriptions in R & T/APM and Technical job families

352    In response to a question about the justification for having a different definition of
       levels 4 and 5 for the R & T family compared with APM and Technical job families.
       Jaspal Kaur said that there are key generic traits that are common to the roles
       although the language will be specific to the nature of job family. The critical element
       is job size as assessed using the Hay methodology. Further clarification is available
       from Maureen Docherty.

Update on the implementation of the Operations Family and clarification on unsociable

353    A concern was expressed about the implementation of payments in the Operations
       job family if staff moved across to the new terms. Also clarification was sought about
       unsociable hours issue. Jaspal Kaur responded that the current position was that four
       members of staff have not signed from the entire group. If staff sign they will receive
       the associated terms. If they do not sign but the revised terms come into effect
       following a period of notice, the new terms will be effective from the end of the notice
       period. Liz Stevenson agreed to get Ray Dawn to direct his query to Jaspal Kaur if
       further clarification was required.

       Paula Campbell reported that some staff did not perceive the communication from HR
       outlining the new terms as an “amended contract”. Jaspal Kaur responded that the
       Operations Family was treated in the same way as all the other families. If people are
       unclear about their terms then HR are happy to provide assistance to help clarify this.
       In the event that a member of staff wishes to have an updated contract this could be
       provided but this would include the latest clauses being issued.

Part-time workers

354    There was concern about claw back of hours from part-time staff who had rota-ed
       shifts when university buildings are closed and who are then required to pay this back
       unlike full-time staff. Jaspal Kaur responded that full time staff are entitled to all the
       13 days paid PH/UH’s as opposed to part time staff who receive a pro rated
       entitlement. An adjustment is made to take account of which bank holidays are taken
       as days off.

Day nursery on campus

355    Liz Stevenson advised that a constituent had raised a question about the possibility of
       the University taking over Merrivale Nursery located on Science Road on the main
       university Campus which is being closed by the Council.

       Paul Greatrix reported that he was contacted by the same individual and advised her,
       in the first instance, to approach Sue Mellors, Child Care Manager. Currently the
       needs were being met with the main nursery and TLC nursery which had 82% and
       82%+ occupancy respectively. Additionally there was not a huge waiting list;
       however, if there was an on-going demand and a robust business plan developed,
       then the University would be interested to consider development of these services.
Update on Redundancy scheme, Redeployment policy, Voluntary Severance scheme

356    Liz Stevenson said there were various drafts available and enquired what the current
       position was and whether any documents from previous policies were comparable.
       Jaspal Kaur said that there were a number of key changes to legislation, e.g. age
       discrimination, Fixed Term legislation. Some policies were replacing existing policies
       e.g., severance scheme and redundancy scheme. The existing policy can be found in
       the staff hand book. Other policies are new policies. Di Birch enquired whether the
       documents were ready from first stage of unions discussions with the management –
       essentially a consultation was needed and commentary up front.

       HR met with unions on 24 September and another meeting is planned for 2

Justification of increase in cost of membership for Sports Centre

357    In response to concern about the justification of the increase in cost of membership,
       Paul Greatrix outlined the payment structure to the committee. The structure had
       changed in order to offer students and staff the option of becoming either a bronze,
       silver or gold membership which from a student perspective enabled them to
       understand the costs associated with sports membership rather than the model
       where after the membership fee a further fee of £1. £1.50 or £2.00 was payable
       based on usage. Gold members last year paid £290 where this year will pay £220
       before tax benefits which was still very competitive compared to external providers. It
       was noted that a small element of choice had been removed, and that in moving to a
       new system there would be winners and losers, but the change should benefit a
       greater number of staff. Paul Greatrix reminded committee members that the total
       income from students and staff does not cover the costs of running these facilities.

Any Other Business

358    Paula Campbell had received the funding statement for CPAS raised the question of
       the funding shortfall under the CPAS scheme and queried whether in the light of this
       an evaluation would be brought forward. Martin Wynne-Jones informed the
       committee that an evaluation takes place every three years, the next one is planned
       for 2008. Results from 2005 were incorporated in 2006 and involved closing CPAS
       as a final salary scheme. There was a detailed review then which led to both the
       employee and employer’s contributions increasing and the introduction of salary
       sacrifice to mitigate this increase for staff. Deficit is shown to have reduced by £5-6
       million. Paula Campbell queried this with Unison Pensions Officer and they have
       requested Statements Report and Accounts.                  She also added that pension
       entitlement settlements were due. Martin Wynne-Jones said these were not due to
       go out until January 2008. Requests for information should be addressed to the

359    Mark Dale reported a pigeon problem in the overhang area between the L2 Civil
       Engineering block and the Shell building. Droppings were causing a health and
       safety issue as it makes the surface slippery. Estates office would be alerted.

360    Liz Stevenson reported that the constituency mailing list was out of date. This is to
       be updated.

Next Meeting

This is to be held on Monday 4 February 2008 at 2.15pm in the Trent Committee Room.

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