; children _ young peoples strategic partnership board
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children _ young peoples strategic partnership board


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									                                                                                                                      As at March 2008
     CYPSP BOARD-Voluntary and Community Representation
                                                                         Working group/other   Strategic           Executive

        Barnet Voluntary Partnership                                           * reports
            Chris Sanford IPOP*
                                                                                                                                   To Safer Communities
          Jackie Silverman Mencap                                                                                                          Board
             Cathy Goldin Ezer                       Inclusion Strategy Group                  Executive Management Group
                                                         Cathy Goldin-Ezer*                       Dadia Conti-BVSC/BCF*
            Youth & Connexions                        Jackie Silverman-Mencap
        Local Management Committee                       Chris Sanford IPOP
         Harris Rosenberg-Clubhouse*                         Dadia Conti
                                                                                                 Youth Justice Matters
               Dadia Conti- BCF                                                                    Alison Kira BA4Y*
               Peggy Sharp IPOP                                                                    Dadia Conti BVSC

 Barnet Safeguarding Children Board              Children & Young People’s Strategic
                                                           Partnership Board                       Children’s Workforce Development
            Exec Dadia Conti                                                                                      Group
            Business Group                     Shakil Ahmed-Ayesha Community Education*
                                               Cathy Goldin-Ezer NW                                        Dadia Conti BVSC*
 Barry Rawlings- BCVYS/Old Barn YCC *                                                                       Jill Smith BPSLA
              Training sub                     Dadia Conti- BVSC
                                                                                                          Ellen Olsen Norwood
          Chris Sanford IPOP
        Rameet Reich Norwood*
          Others see attached

                                        Play Strategy Group                                                               Teenage Pregnancy
                                        Chris Sanford IPOP*                                                                 Strategy Group
            Extended Services             Maria Almey BPA                                                                 Peggy Sharp-IPOP*
         Learning Network Boards                                                                                         Rameet Reich-Norwood
South Cathy Goldin Ezer                                                                                                      Kirpal Dhadda
North Gerald Lebrett Norwood                                  Participation Strategy Group
East Harris Rosenberg Clubhouse                                     Peggy Sharp-IPOP*
West Alison Kira BA4Y                                         Harris Rosenberg – Clubhouse     CYP NETWORK
Children’s Centres                                                Jo Domingo BCF/LBB
Jill Smith BPSLA*

                                                                Muslim Youth Engagement
                                                                  Christian Youth Work                     BCVYS Steering Group
                                                                     Jewish Network                         Steve Neale Pitstop*

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