Analysis of Equivalent Asset Power to Average Monthly Commissions by bloved


									                                       How to Get Paid

Buy then Sell
   1. As a Wholesale Distributor, you will purchase product for $25 per bottle plus
      applicable tax, shipping, and handling, normally bringing the price to $28-$30.
      Suggested retail price is $39.95 per bottle, so you can sell the product directly for
      whatever the local market will bear. Normal profit: $10 per bottle. This method is
      recommended primarily for minimizing costs of introducing the product to
      prospects, but it does generate immediate revenue.

Sell then Buy
   2. Initial Order: If you are on 1 case ADP and sponsor a new Distributor/Customer,
      you will receive a 30% commission on each case of Initial Order, so if someone
      starts the “Best Way” with 4 cases of Initial Order you would receive $120. If you
      are on a 2 case ADP, then when someone you have sponsored brings someone in,
      you receive a 15% commission on each case of the 2nd level Initial Orders.
      Payments on Initial Order commissions are paid Weekly.
   3. Unilevel Commission: See the Compensation Plan for details, but commission is
      paid for 9 levels using a dynamic compression model that ensures 50% of each case
      is paid to the distributor force. You receive 5% of the 1st, 2nd, 4th. 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th
      levels, 10% of sales on the 3rd level, and 2% on the 9th. Unilevel commissions are
      paid Monthly.
   4. Global Bonus Pool: When you achieve the Premier level, you will share in the
      Global Bonus Pool, which consists of 3% of every case sold in the entire world, split
      and distributed to Premiers based on the percentage of their group to the other
      Premiers. Global Bonus Pool commissions are paid Quarterly.

   5. Periodically, the company and individuals in your up-line will offer promotions in
      order to encourage business building. These have included such things as the trip to
      Thailand that is currently offered by the company when you reach Premier, free
      cases product for reaching the next level, or for sponsoring people that start with the
      “Best Way”, and even cash incentives for sponsoring new distributors.

  6. Home-based business deductions can reduce your income taxes by thousands of
       dollars. Understanding the benefits allow you to adjust your withholdings and give
       yourself an immediate pay raise at your current job.

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        Analysis of Equivalent Asset Power to Average Monthly Commissions
     Rank                Average               Equivalent              Avg Mo                Annual ROI
                                               Asset Value               ROI
      1K                 $111.56                  $50 K                $116.60                 $1,399.17
      5K                 $576.41                 $250 K                $582.99                 $6,995.83
     20K                $2,326.39                $1 MM                $2,331.94               $27,983.32
   Premier              $4,885.28                $2 MM                $4,663.89               $55,966.64
    100K                $10,884.00               $5 MM                $11,659.72              $139,916.50
   Set Your            Own Limits                $36 MM               $83,949.96            $1,007,399.55

ASSET is anything owned by an individual or a business, which has commercial or exchange value. Assets may
consist of specific property or claims against others, in contrast to obligations due others. This business is a legal
Asset and can be sold and is part of your estate.

LIABILITY, in accounting, is a loan, expense, or any other form of claim on the assets of an entity that must be
paid or otherwise honored by that entity. This business starts off with zero debt, so the value of the asset is not
offset by any liability.

You need to realize that we are not earning wages, but building a business asset and receiving profit from that
business asset, and any financial expert will agree that PROFITS are BETTER than WAGES! Equivalent asset
values are computed as the amount needed for my bank (Wells Fargo) in the currently (September 2005) highest
available interest bearing account that would produce the average monthly commission. That interest rate is 2.76%
(2.8% APY or annual percentage yield including daily compounding for one year) and is actually only available in
Texas for balances over $100,000.

So what this is saying is that if you were to have had the equivalent asset value in the bank at the BEGINNING of
the year, these amounts are what you would receive on average each month by the END of the year. Nobody I
know personally has 1 million dollars to put into the bank to earn an extra $2,300 a month, but ANYBODY can
become a 20K distributor in this company working only part-time, and that within a relatively short period of time,
and that is enough to change your life. Furthermore, ANYBODY can become a Premier if they have ambition and
are willing to learn from our Up-line, and your life will NEVER be the same.

That is why I can truthfully say that when I introduce this opportunity to you, I am giving you a check for 1 million
dollars, and all you have to do is ask how you can cash it. And that check can be for a million dollar business, built
very quickly for an initial investment of $35.00, and ultimately for million dollar asset income! This is NOT a get-
rich-quick scheme, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn to build a truly successful business organization
that is open to ANYBODY with a little ambition. See the 2003 Compensation and Growth explanation below for
further details on actual results in just the FIRST year.

Note: This is the return on investment calculator I used free on the web with a 2.76% rate for an investment period
of one year, compounded daily:

Truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it and Ignorance may deride it, but in the end…There it
IS! Winston Churchill

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                             2003 Compensation and Growth

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Average Income For Each Level In The XanGo™ Comp Plan

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