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									Websphere Application Server

IT market is full of different innovative tools thrive the business with all time benefits. Range of
web and desktop tools are being utilized for the development of full fledged websites or portals. To
create and manage sophisticated business portals, there is a need to have powerful web tools which
can be easily deployed in real time environment. As the product of IBM, websphere designed to
create, operate, and integrate business applications across the numerous platforms.

Websphere tool or WebSphere Application Server can use to connect portal users with java
applications or servlets. Besides to java, Webshpere development supports open standard interfaces
like CORBA i.e. Common Object Request Broker Architecture and JDBC i.e. Java Database
Websphere is also work with many web servers like Netscape Enterprise server, IIS, Apache HTTP
server and other IBM’s web servers. Websphere’s first edition is fully dedicated to small and mid-
size enterprise portals and second edition is for larger businesses. It is also built to use open
standards like Java EE, XML etc.

Websphere includes studio i.e. websphere studio which permit a portal page to be created and
managed in an efficient manner. Websphere Application server (WAS) architecture comprises of
three levels and making it as three-tier systems. HTTP Engine > Servlet Engine > Enterprise
Application Server are three components in WAS architecture.

With considerable years of experience in websphere development, offshore provider can offer
comprehensive solutions in hosting full fledged websphere portal. Dedicated websphere developer
can work with overseas clients remotely in software application development project. They too can
work on temporary, contract, permanent and as per client’s requirements on turnaround basis. CAT
technologies J2EE developers have designed and developed IBM WebSphere enterprise solutions
since 2002.
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