We introduce to you the hidden delights of Portugal

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					We introduce to you the hidden delights of Portugal...

Para começar - To begin with

Soups – Sopas

Sopa do dia - Soup of the day 4.50

Sopa de Peixe - Fish Soup - Algarve        4.50

Caldo Verde – Green Broth - Portuguese Cabbage Soup –                   Minho       4.50
Cabbage is chopped into extremely fine slices, creating the soup's      distinctive
character, on a moderate thin potato purée and served with slices of chouriço.

Tradicionais - Traditionals

Sardinhas Assadas - Charcoal Whole Grilled Sardines 6.95
Sardines play an important role in Portuguese popular festivities being the main dish on
the 13th of June in Lisbon

Chouriço Assado – Real Portuguese Chouriço 6.95
Hashed pork meat, seasoned with aromatic herbs, served wrapped in artificial skin and
slowly dried over smoke.

Pastéis de Bacalhau– Codfish Cakes – North            7.95
Fried cakes made up of potatoes, dry salted codfish, eggs and parsley

Peixinhos da Horta - Little Fish from the Garden (V) 3.50
Deep-fried fresh breaded green beans
Quentes - Hot
Moelas - Stewed Gizzards 5.95
Lulas Fritas - Fried Squid Portuguese Style 5.95

Frios – Cold

Salada de Polvo - Octopus Salad 7.95
Salada de Grão de Bico com Bacalhau -Chickpea Salad with Salt Cod 5.95
Abacate com Sapateira – Avocado with Crab 7.25
Melão com Presunto – Melon with Parma Ham 6.95
Presunto (Pata Negra) – Parma Ham 12.95

Marisco - Shellfish

Gambas à Guilho - Guilho Prawns 8.95
Fried prawns with olive oil and garlic
Ameijoa à Bulhão Pato - Bulhao Pato Clams Lisbon Area             8.95
Littleneck clams poached in a garlic olive oil and white wine     broth, braised with

Gambas Grelhadas – Grilled Prawns 8.95
Grilled Prawns
Gambas Piri-Piri - Piri-Piri Prawns 8.95
Hot & Spicy prawns
Mexilhão à Bulhão Pato – Bulhao Pato Mussels Lisbon Area              7.95
Mussels cooked in olive oil and wine spiced with garlic and coriander
Sapateira Recheada - Whole Dressed Crab m/p

Pratos Principais - The Main Temptations
Peixes – Fish

Arroz de Marisco - Seafood Risotto 17.95

Cataplana de Tamboril - Monk Fish Cataplana - Algarve             17.95
Monk fish, Mussels and Potatoes specially prepared on a copper    vessel

Dourada no Carvão – Grilled Gray Bream 15.95
With lemon and butter sauce
Espadarte Grelhado - Grilled Swordfish 14.95
With lemon and butter sauce
Robalo Grelhado - Grilled Sea Bass 15.95
With lemon and butter sauce
Espetada de Peixe - Fish Skewer 16.95
Monk fish, squid, prawns alongside with other mixed grilled fish. Served with rice.
Linguado à Fado – Grilled Dover Sole m/p
With lemon, butter sauce and a final touch of prawns
Espetada de Gambas com Piri-Piri - Prawns Skewer with Piri-Piri 16.95
Grilled skewer of hot and spicy king prawns. Served with rice
Halibut à Fado – Halibut Fado Style 14.95
Poached halibut with mussels on a white wine sauce
Lulas Recheadas – Stuffed Squid 14.95
Squids stuffed with carrots, tomato and Portuguese chourico for a different flavour.
Açorda de Gambas - Prawns Açorda 14.95
A thick bread-based casserole flavoured with garlic and coriander, filled with prawns on
a risotto like texture
Bacalhau – Dry Salt Cod
It is said that there are 365 ways to prepare cod in Portugal. Taste one today.

Bacalhau à Lagareiro – Lagareiro Codfish Minho 15.95
Charcoal grilled dry salt cod, drizzled with hot olive oil, garlic and layers of onions,
served with punched potatoes

Bacalhau à Minhota - Codfish Minho Style 15.95
Fried dry salt cod, onion layers and peppers. Served with round
sliced fried potatoes

Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá – Codfish Gomes de Sá Style- Porto                   14.95
Boneless dry salt cod involved in layers with potatoes, egg, onions, hot olive oil and

Bacalhau à Fado – Codfish Fado Style 17.95
Grilled dry salt cod with hot olive oil, onions, potatoes and king prawns

Bacalhau com Todos 16.95
Poached cod with vegetables, egg and chickpeas

Bacalhau a Bráz – Codfish Braz Style Lisbon             14.95
Made with thin strips of cod mixed with onions,         and thin strips of potatoes bound by

Bacalhau e Ameijoa na Cataplana Codfish with Clams on the Cataplana 17.95

Carnes – Meat
Our meats are supplied by Jack O’Sheas – organic and free range meat suppliers of
Knightsbridge. Except for Regional Portuguese Chouriço and Parma-Ham

Bife à Portuguesa – Steak Portuguese Style 16.95
Pan-fried lean beef steak served with golden round sliced fries, parma ham and topped
with a fried egg

Chanfana – Portuguese Stew - Coimbra         14.95
Lamb cooked on a casserole on a red wine sauce, spiced with garlic and bay leaf. Served
with pot roasted potatoes

Bife à Café – Steak Coffee Style – Estremadura          15.95
Sirloin Steak fried with wine and cream and mustard     sauce

Bife do lombo à Fado – Steak Fado Style 19.95
Pan-fried fillet Steak with prawns, on a white wine and Worcestershire sauce

Costeletas de Cordeiro Grelhadas - Grilled Lamb Chops 13.95
With garlic

Franguinho Piri-Piri – Piri-Piri Spring Chicken 13.95
A dish that has made its mark outside Portugal. Charcoal grilled spicy spring chicken

T-Bone Grelhado - Grilled T-Bone 16.95
Grilled T-bone steak

Espetada à Madeirense - Skewer Madeira Style              15.95
Large chunks of beef rubbed in garlic and salt,
skewered onto a bay leaf stick

Carne de Porco à Alentejana – Pork Alentejo Style         15.95
A combination of pork and salty clams that provide an unexpected nice contrast to the
rich meat. Cooked on Massa de Pimentão, a paste of roasted red peppers, garlic, and
olive oil. Diluted in white wine, mixed with fried potatoes in cubes and sprinkles of

Frango na Púcara– Chicken Pot Roast 14.95
Whole Chicken pot roasted with mushrooms, little onion, stripes of bacon and roasted

Iscas de Cebolada - Liver with onions 13.95
Sautéed pork liver with garlic, onion and wine sauce

Bife da Vazia 15.95
Grilled Sirloin with garlic butter

Bife do Lombo com Pimenta - Peppered fillet steak 19.95

Peito de Galinha com Cogumelos- Chicken fried breast with mushrooms 14.95
On a cream sauce

Vegetariano – Vegetarian
(V) – Vegetarian (VV) – Vegan

Soja à Portuguesa - Soya Portuguese Style (VV) 10.95
Similar to Carne de Porco à Alentejana. Pork style chunks cooked in white wine and
Massa de Pimentao mixed with fried cube potatoes
Frango com Natas e Cogumelos - Chicken with Cream Sauce and Mushrooms (V)
Vegetarian chicken style

Bife com Pimenta - Peppered Fillet Steak (V) 10.95
Vegetarian fillet steak style

Crepe à Portuguesa - Crepe Portuguese Style (V) 10.95
Crepes stuffed with mixed vegetables cooked in white wine topped with cream sauce and
left to toast

Massa do Dia - Day Special Pasta (V) or (VV) 9.95
Pasta with vegetables of your choice

Side Orders

Batata na Sertã - Sautéed potatoes (VV) 2.50
Espinafres com alho - Sautéed spinach with garlic (VV) 2.50
Batatas Fritas ou Cozidas - French or boiled fries (VV) 2.50
Vegetais Mistos - Seasonal mixed vegetables (VV) 2.50
Salada Mista – Mixed salad – 3.95
Salada de Tomate – Tomato Salad – 2.95