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					Equality Impact Assessment Screening (partial) Assessment Template 2

This template should be used to assess the equality relevance of a policy or procedure for any equality group.
What is the function, policy, practice (name and brief description)?

Special Leave Policy

What equality group is this screening for?

Race/Disability/Gender/Age/Sexual orientation/Religious Groups

  Impact of policy in a)promoting equality, b) eliminating discrimination c) achieving equity
Who are the stakeholders in relation to this policy (staff, patient groups, other organisations)?


Is responsibility for the policy shared with anyone else, internally or externally (if so, you should involve them in the screening)?

Step         Activity         Examples of relevant issues        Comments
                                      to consider
1       Identify aims of        What is the purpose of the      The purpose of this document is to provide the basis for a clear
        the policy               policy?                         understanding of the circumstances in which staff may be entitled to
                                                                 take special leave and the period of time, paid and unpaid, that will
                                                                 apply in such circumstances. (Section 4)

                                                                 The document also sets out the provisions in respect of an
                                                                 individual’s right to Parental Leave. (Section 5)

                                Who will benefit from the       Staff
2   Collect             What data are you using to       Workforce data is available from HR Annual report & annual staff
    Information &          determine the impact on the    survey
    attach to              groups you are screening for
    template.              equality relevance?            Total staff in post 1457 head count – all have access to policy
                        How many people will be
    (If you have           impacted by the policy?        RACE
    insufficient data For example                         BME staff 14% (Hr report)
    to help you to      - number of BME people
    complete this       - number of disabled people       DISABILITY
    section then       - number of men & women            Disabled staff 3% (staff survey)
    probably the first - number by age
    actions in your    - number religious groups
    action plan will   - number of gays/lesbian           Insufficient data available to breakdown equality groups accessing
    be to gather       Compare with local census data     policy
    further data)
                        You may find the following       No grievance following application of policy.
                           types of information useful:
                           o Demographic data and
                               other statistics. Recent
                               research findings
                           o The results of
                               consultations / surveys
                           o The results of equality
                               monitoring data
                           o Analysis of complaints
3      Decide if policy is      For Race and Disability         No evidence to suggest adverse impact – potential to have
       equality relevant         equality refer to the           adverse impact
                                 General duty for each
       If the policy is          strand and consider the
       equality relevant         affect of the policy on
       you will need to          each aspect of the              Relevancy - medium
       assign a level of         General duty.
       H – High                 For other equality groups
       M – Medium                consider for each
       L - Low                   equality group if the
                                 policy has negative
       (If it is not, you        consequences; if the
       may end the               policy will damage
       process here but          relations; if the policy will
       you need to               promote equality of
       explain how you           opportunity.
       have come to
       that conclusion)         Use data to support your

What action do you intend to take to address the issues arising from this screening exercise?

To collect additional data on those people accessing special leave policy by equality group.

To carry out full EIA when policy reviewed
Is a full impact assessment recommended?
(If you have answered yes to any of the questions in step 3 above, then the answer is yes)

Date of screening:
9th November 2006
Name and contact details for person screening:
Belinda Collett

Please return a copy of this form to the Trust Equality Group for quality control and compliance monitoring purposes.
Send to Belinda Collett.

Keep a local copy along with the data you used to undertake the exercise.