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					Access Prospectus 09/10

                                                   at Hopwood Hall College

HOPWOOD HALL COLLEGE access courses for adults to higher education & employment

    Welcome from Access Course Leader
                                             Welcome to Hopwood Hall College and I am pleased to have this
                                             opportunity to tell you a little about our Access courses.

                                             Access courses are designed mainly for students over the age of 21 but
                                             students aged 19+ can apply. We offer a number of options and details of
                                             these are in the brochure.

                                             Access courses have undoubtedly been one of the college’s success stories in
                                             recent years. The retention, achievement and success rates on our courses are
                                             among the best in the country.

                                             We are very proud of our students’ achievements, notably the very high pass
                                             rates at GCSE and the large number of students who progress each year from
                                             the Level 3 programme to university.

                                             Access courses have been a stepping stone to career changes for many of our
                                             students. They have gone on to higher education to study a wide range of
                                             specialist degrees and many students have used the Access courses as a route
                                             into nursing and midwifery training, teacher training, gaining social work
                                             qualifications, and degrees in many other subject areas (see pages 8 - 11).

    September 2008 saw the introduction of the new Access to HE Diploma. We will be offering the Access to Health
    Diploma and the Access to Humanities & Social Sciences Diploma. Students can use the diploma to apply to university
    for many courses including:
    • Access to Nursing & Health (see page 8)
    • Access to Teacher Training (see page 9)
    • Access to Social Work & Community Work (see page 10)
    • Access to Humanities & Social Sciences (see page 11)

    Students are offered a place on one of these programmes depending on their future plans.

    We pride ourselves on having some of the best facilities of any college in the area for mature students. The college has
    recognised Access as a growth area and invested money in providing excellent facilities for Access students.

    We have a team of well-qualified and enthusiastic staff. All staff on the team have many years experience of teaching
    mature students and enjoy teaching on the programme as they find the students so keen to learn and well motivated.

    It isn’t just about hard work, however, and Access students invariably enjoy their return to study. They mix well and
    form lasting friendships. There are a number of social events arranged and a presentation evening to celebrate the
    students’ achievement.

    We hope that having read through this prospectus, you will decide to apply for one of our courses. We look forward to
    hearing from you.

    Ken Doodson


                                            Additional Information                                       4

                                            National Awards                                              5

                                            Access Level 2                                               6

                                            Access Level 3                                               7

                                            Access to Nursing, Midwifery & Health                        8

                                            Access to Teacher Training                                   9

                                            Access to Social & Community Work                          10

                                            Access to Humanities & Social Sciences                     11

                                            Access Level 3 Evening                                     12

                                            Results and Statistics                                     13

                                            Access Success                                             14

                                            Childcare                                                  15

                                            How to apply                                               15


Whilst the college has taken all         Students should check at the time     handbook or is available on
reasonable care to ensure that the       of enrolment or acceptance of         request.
information contained in this            any offer whether there have been
brochure is accurate, it cannot be       any changes to the course and           ALTERNATIVE FORMATS
held responsible for any                 should also note that a course
inaccuracies which subsequently          will only run if there is a viable      This brochure is available in
come to light. Similarly, it can         number of students. Acceptance          different formats please contact
accept no liability for other changes    on a course is also conditional
to the services and facilities offered   upon a student agreeing to abide        or alternatively call freephone
where such changes are due to            by the college code. A copy of this     0800 834 297
circumstances outside its control.       can be found in the student             or textphone 01706 650 904


    Additional Information
    COURSES                                  The Adult Learning Grant is a new            If you currently have no previous
    Adults aged 19 and over are              source of student funding which              Level 2 qualification and you wish to
    expected to pay tuition fees for         was introduced for the first time for        undertake 5 GCSEs, or an NVQ2 or
    courses. The fee payable for the         the 2007/08 academic year to help            its equivalent, you will be eligible for
    Access level 3 programme is £490         adults studying full-time with               fee exemption.
    (08/09 prices). However there are        learning costs.
    no tuition fees for people aged                                                       Conditions apply, please contact us if
    under 19 or on the following             The ALG pays up to £30 per week              think you may be eligible.
    eligible/income-based state benefits:    for full time learners aged 19 and
    • Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)            over who are studying towards a
    • Income Support                         first full level 2 or a first full level 3   LEVEL 3 ENTITLEMENT
    • Housing Benefit                        qualification. (See Level 2 & 3              If you currently have no previous
    • Council Tax Benefit (not single        entitlement, next column.)                   Level 3 qualification and you wish to
       person discount)                                                                   undertake the Access to HE Diploma
    • Working Tax Credit (if your award      The amount available is dependant            course, you may be eligible for fee
       notice TC602 shows that WTC           upon their income and the income             exemption.
       had been awarded and you have         of any cohabiting partner. It is
       a household income of less than       important to note that learners in           Conditions apply, please contact us if
       £15,050 - this is on page 2 under     receipt of ‘out of work’ benefits such       think you may be eligible.
       "Your Income")                        as Jobseekers Allowance, Income
    • Pension Credit (if your award          Support or ‘inactive benefits’ such as
       notice shows that guarantee           Incapacity Benefit CANNOT claim              WHERE IS ACCESS AVAILABLE
       credit has been awarded)              ALG, and remain in receipt of those          All full-time Access provision is now
    There are no tuition fees for            benefits.                                    based at the Middleton campus.
    unwaged dependants (as defined by                                                     This includes the Level 2 daytime
    Jobcentre Plus) of those listed          Application forms are available from         and Level 3 daytime and evening
    above.                                   Learner Services and College                 classes.
    • Asylum seekers in receipt of the       reception.
       equivalent of a means-tested                                                       This information is subject to change.
       benefit (assistance under the                                                      Please check with the College before
       terms of the 1999 Immigration          Income Level Each        Weekly Payment     enrolling.
       and Asylum Act) and their
                                              Up to £20,817            £30

    To be eligible for fee exemption you      £20,818- £25,521         £20
    must bring evidence to enrolment.
    There is a form available from            £25,522- £38,810         £10
    college that you can take to the
                                              Over £38,810             Nil
    Jobcentre Plus to be stamped.
                                             Amount available to learners with a
    If you are in receipt of an eligible     co-habiting partner in paid
    benefit on enrolment you shall be        employment if living with a partner.
    eligible for fee exemption for the
    whole of the academic year, no
                                              Income Level Each        Weekly Payment
    matter what happens to your
                                              Up to £11,810            £30
    This information is subject to change.
    Please check with the College before      £11,811 - £15,405        £20
                                              £15,406 - £19,513        £10

                                              Over £19,513             Nil
    AFFECTED?                                Amount available to learners
    No. All Access programmes are            without a co-habiting partner in
    flexible and are less than 16 hours      paid employment if single.
    per week, so students can continue
    to claim benefits.                       Full details can be found on


National Awards
The Access course at Hopwood Hall College is the only one in the country to have had learners win NIACE Adult
Learner of the Year Awards in successive years. In 2007 Stewart Holland (see page 14) won the Award and in 2008
Paul Lee was successful. His story (below) featured in the Guardian Newspaper.

                                                               Paul is a role model for adult education and a classic
         PAUL LEE - CAMBRIDGE HERE I COME                      Niace winner. Like so many winners he failed to fulfil
                                                               his potential a school.

                                                               Shortly after his father died Paul decided in mid 2006
                                                               to make enquiries about getting himself back into

                                                               “My back was stopping me doing anything manual. I
                                                               figured the only way to go was to try to get all the
                                                               qualifications I didn’t get first time round.”

                                                               He started looking at further education colleges. At
                                                               Hopwood Hall College, Rochdale, he found instant
                                                               rapport with the man who interviewed him and was
                                                               to become his history tutor, Ken Doodson. He signed
                                                               onto a year-long level 2 “access” programme, i.e. five
                                                               GCSE’s including maths, English and science.

                                                               When the exam results came through he had notched
                                                               up five A*s. He then began a level 3 access
                                                               programme, again a year long, designed to get
  Doing GCSEs at 34 was a big step for Paul Lee, one he        mature students to university. Doodson asked which
  never imagined would get him onto a history course           university he was thinking of applying to.
  at one of the UK’s most prestigious universities.
  Report by Peter Kingston.                                    “I said I’d thought about applying to Manchester, my
                                                               local university, and he asked if I’d thought about
  Not many people speak fondly of backache. Paul Lee           Oxford or Cambridge.”
  is an exception - though it might be more accurate to
  speak of gratitude rather than fondness for the injury       It had never occurred to him but he gave it serious
  that brought 13 years of bricklaying to an end and           thought. He went through the usual worries - would
  spurred him to become a student at Cambridge                 it be too posh for a bricklayer from Oldham, and so
  University.                                                  on - and decided to give it a shot. He went to
                                                               Cambridge for interviews at Hughes Hall, a
  At the age of 36 Paul, from Oldham in Lancashire,            postgraduate college which also admits a certain
  who left school with one GCSE, is taking a place there       number of mature undergraduates, and waited for the
  to read history this autumn.                                 letter. “They offered me a place, which was mind-
  He is thrilled by the opportunity to pursue a subject
  he loves but confesses he is bemused that people             He is grateful for the Niace award but says: “One part
  think it a remarkable achievement. Niace - the               of me can’t see what’s so great that I have done to
  National Institute of Adult Continuing Education - has       deserve it all.”
  named Paul its outstanding learner of the year for the
  north-west of England.                                       He has loved studying for these last two years and is
                                                               raring to continue at Cambridge. “That’s one of the
  He is also a living advertisement for the government’s       great things that has come from this course. I feel like
  policy of fully funding adults to get a first level 2        I’m really being myself again. I feel I have been given
  qualification - that is, to gain the five GCSE’s grades A*   a second chance. I just want to keep living in the
  to C, or a vocational equivalent that they did not           present and make them most of what I didn’t have
  manage to pick up at school.                                 the first time around.”


    Level 2 - Your Questions Answered
    WHAT IS ACCESS LEVEL 2?                         BUT I FAILED MY EXAMS AT
    A one-year daytime programme of                 SCHOOL AND LEFT WITH                             STUDENT PROFILE
    GCSEs available at the Middleton                NOTHING
    Campus for mature students. Most                No problem. The course is aimed at
    students are over 21 but some of our            students with few or no
    younger students are aged 18–21.                qualifications. The students enrol
                                                    onto the Level 2 programme to start
    HOW MANY SUBJECTS DO I                          building up their qualifications. And
    STUDY?                                          don’t worry if you didn’t like school
    Students studying for a full level 2            or have unhappy memories.
    qualification would do 5 GCSEs.                 Students prosper in the mature
                                                    learning environment of the Access
                                                    course, which they find very
                                                    different from their school days, and
                                                    there is an excellent pass rate for

    “The courses                                    students on this course.

                                                               SUBJECTS AVAILABLE
     at Hopwood                                      English                             ✓
                                                                                                     PRECIOUS SIDUNA

                                                                                                Precious was born in
     Hall College                                    History


                                                                                                Zimbabwe. She studied on the
                                                                                                Access Level 2 course from
                                                                                                September 2006 to June 2007
      completely                                     Maths                               ✓      before progressing to the
                                                                                                Access to Nursing course in
                                                     Psychology                          ✓      September 2007. She has
       changed                                       Science                             ✓
                                                                                                obtained a place at Salford
                                                                                                University to study nursing.
                                                     Sociology                           ✓
       my life”.
                                                    Subject leaflets are available and are
                                                                                                     STUDENT PROFILE
                                                    given out at interview and/or subject
                                                    induction days.

                                                                                                  SAMANTHA STRACHAN

                                                                                                Samantha enrolled on the
                                                                                                Access to Humanities and
                                                                                                Social Sciences course in
                                                                                                September 2007. She studied
                                                                                                law, history and English, and
                                                                                                commenced a law degree at
                                                                                                university in September 2008.
    Holocaust survivors Ibi and Val Ginsburg came to college on Monday 22nd May 2006 to speak
    to Access students about their experiences during the Second World War.


Level 3 - Your Questions Answered
WHAT IS ACCESS                                                            SUBJECTS AVAILABLE
A one-year course at the Middleton
Campus available both daytime and                                                              Level 3        Level 3
evening. It is the equivalent of A-                                                            Evening        Daytime
levels but is continual assessment.
Students accumulate credits to             English                                                ✓              ✓
achieve the QAA approved Access to
                                           Criminology                                                           ✓
HE Diploma, which is accepted by
all universities.                          Geographical and Environmental Issues                                 ✓

HOW MANY SUBJECTS DO I                     Health Sciences                                        ✓              ✓
Students on the programme study            History                                                               ✓
three subjects at Level 3 but they
                                           Law                                                                   ✓
can combine daytime and evening
modules. There are also compulsory         Psychology                                             ✓              ✓
core modules.
                                           Sociology                                              ✓              ✓
AVAILABLE?                                 Social Policy                                                         ✓
The Level 3 subject provision can be
seen on the grid to the right. In
addition, English, Maths and Science                               EXAMPLE LEVEL 3 PROGRAMME
are available at GCSE.
                                             Block 1           Block 2         Block 3         Block 4
BUT I’VE NOT WRITTEN AN                                                                                       Evening
                                             Daytime           Daytime         Daytime         Daytime
Don’t worry, most Access students
are in the same situation. There is        Geography         English                        Criminology     English
plenty of help and advice from your
tutors. All subjects place a strong        Health                                           Health          Health
emphasis on study skills and there is                        Psychology      History
                                           Sciences                                         Sciences        Sciences
a weekly tutorial programme.

Students would normally have at least      Law               Sociology       Psychology     Psychology      Psychology
2 or 3 GCSEs at grades C or above (or
equivalent qualifications) before          Social Policy                                                    Sociology
enrolling directly onto Access Level 3.
Students without qualifications would
normally be advised to do the Access
Level 2 course first, followed by Access                                                  STUDENT PROFILE
Level 3.
                                                                                           JOEY MCGRATH

                                                                                 Joey commenced his studies on the
                                                                                 Access Level 2 course in September
                                                                                 2006 and achieved GCSEs in History
                                                                                 (A), English (A), Science (C) and Maths
                                                                                 (C). This gave him the confidence to
                                                                                 progress to the Access to Humanities
                                                                                 course where he studied history,
                                                                                 English and social policy. His
                                                                                 qualification helped him to get a job
                                                                                 as a Residential Care Worker for
                                                                                 Ripponden Borough Council.


    Access to Nursing, Midwifery & Health
    Students interested in a health          Students would need to study            LOCAL UNIVERSITIES
    related career would study the new       Health Sciences, Psychology and a       OFFERING HEALTH RELATED
    Access to Health Diploma. Students       third subject in addition to the core   COURSES
    without any formal Level 2               modules (see below).
    qualifications will be advised to                                                Bradford College
    study GCSEs on the Access Level 2        Students applying for health related    Bradford University
    course before applying for the           courses including nursing &             Central Lancs (Preston)
    Access to HE Diploma.                    midwifery now need the Access to        Edge Hill (Ormskirk)
                                             Health Diploma (see below) and in       Hopwood Hall College
                                             addition a maths qualification -        Huddersfield
           STUDENT PROFILE                   GCSE (C or above) or OCR Adult          Lancaster
                                             Numeracy. If students don’t have a      Leeds Metropolitan
                                             maths qualification they can study      Leeds Trinity and All Saints
                                             one alongside the Access Diploma.       Leeds University
                                                                                     Liverpool Hope
                                             There is also a vocational route        Liverpool John Moores
                                             available through the School of         Liverpool University
                                             Health & Social Care. Details are       Manchester Metropolitan
                                             available from Student Services.        Manchester University
                                             There are no tuition fees for
                                             students studying health degrees at     DIPLOMAS AND DEGREES IN
                                             University and there are also           HEALTH RELATED SUBJECTS
                                             bursaries available. Details are
                                             available on the NHS website            DIPLOMAS
                                             (                 Nursing
      Margaret arrived in the country                                                Nursing
      from Zimbabwe in 2003. She                                                     Midwifery
      commenced her studies on the                                                   Physiotherapy
      Access Level 2 course in                                                       Radiography
      September 2006, before                                                         Podiatry
      progressing to the Access to                                                   Prosthetics/Orthotics
      Nursing course. She                                                            Opthalmics
      commenced a Mental Health                                                      Occupational Therapy
      Nursing degree at Salford                                                      Sports Science
      University in September 2008.                                                  Complementary Medicine

                                                                                     “It’s a good
     Health Sciences   Psychology        Choose one           Core Units
     (compulsory)      (compulsory)      subject from:
                                         • Criminology
                                                              • Communication        course. The
                                         • English            • Numeracy
                                         • Geography
                                         • History
                                                              • IT
                                                              • Personal               students
                                         • Law                  Development
                                         • Social Policy
                                         • Sociology
                                                              • Research
                                                                                        are so


Access to Teacher Training
Students interested in teacher
                                                        ACCESS TO HE: PATHWAY - TEACHER TRAINING
training would study the Access to
Humanities and Social Sciences               National Curriculum
Diploma. Students wanting to                                              Other Subjects       Core Units (compulsory)
progress to university to do teacher
training must have GCSEs (grade C          English                    Criminology              Communication
or above) in English, Maths &
Science in addition to the Access          Geography                  Law                      Numeracy
Diploma. If they don’t already have
                                           History                    Psychology               IT
the GCSE qualifications, they will be
advised to study GCSEs on the              Health Sciences            Social Policy            Personal Development
Access Level 2 course before
applying for the Access to                                            Sociology                Research
Humanities and Social Sciences
Diploma, although it is possible to
study a GCSE alongside the Access          Students choose two national curriculum subjects and one other subject.
Diploma.                                   Or
                                           Three national curriculum subjects.
Many of our students have been
inspired to pursue this career having
enjoyed teaching their own children       • Degree in specialist subject
and having had some experience of           followed by one-year
                                                                                            STUDENT PROFILE
helping out in schools. Indeed,             postgraduate teaching certificate.
students are strongly advised to          • Foundation Degree in Early Years
have some experience of working in          Childhood Studies, followed by a
schools before applying for teacher         top up to an honours degree and
training.                                   then a one-year postgraduate
                                            teaching certificate.
Students would need to study
national curriculum subjects in           LOCAL UNIVERSITIES OFFERING
addition to the core modules (see         TEACHER TRAINING
grid above). There is also a              • Manchester Metropolitan
vocational route available leading to       (Didsbury)
teacher training and details are          • Edge Hill (Ormskirk)
available from Student Services.          • Trinity and All Saints (Leeds)
                                          • Bradford
TEACHER TRAINING OPTIONS                  • St Martin’s (Lancaster)
• BEd or BA degree at teacher             • Holy Cross College, Bury
  training establishment.                   (franchised from Liverpool Hope)
• Degree in specialist subject with
  QTS i.e. qualified teacher status.
                                                                                              BARRY CASEY

                                                                                      Barry had always had a passion
                                                                                      for History so he enrolled on
                                                                                      the Access Level 3 course prior
                                               STUDENT PROFILE
                                                                                      to applying to University.

                                                LAURA BRADLEY                         He studied Military and
                                                                                      Contemporary History at
                                        Laura had already passed her GCSEs            Salford University and
                                        at school so she enrolled onto the            graduated in June 2006.
                                        Access to HE course in September
                                        2007. She started a history degree            He has now applied to do his
                                        at Manchester Metropolitan                    PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate
                                        University in September 2008 and is           in Education), a one year
                                        planning to go into teaching after            teacher training programme
                                        that.                                         prior to teaching in schools.


     Access to Social & Community Work
     Students interested in a career in         Subjects relating to                              Core Units
     social work or community work                                          Other subjects
                                                    social work                                   (compulsory)
     would study on the Access to
     Humanities & Social Sciences             Social Policy            English                    Communication
     Diploma. Students without any
     formal Level 2 qualifications will be    Sociology                Geography                  Numeracy
     advised to study GCSEs on the            Psychology               History                    IT
     Access Level 2 course before
     applying for the Access to               Law                      Health Sciences            Personal Development
     Humanities & Social Sciences
     Diploma.                                 Criminology                                         Research

     Students would need to study some        Students choose two subjects relating to Social Work and one other
     subjects that relate to social work in   subject.
     addition to the core modules (see        Or
     grid). There is also a vocational        Three subjects relating to Social Work.
     route available through the School
     of Health & Social Care. Details are
     available from Student Services.
                                                                                             STUDENT PROFILE
     Students studying degree and
     diploma courses in social work at
     university may be eligible for a                                                        MELISSA McEVOY
     bursary. Details are available on the
                                                                                   Melissa’s dream is to become a social
                                                                                   worker. She started on the Access
                                                                                   Level 2 course to build up her
                                                                                   qualifications before studying on the
                                                                                   Access to HE course and has a place
                                                                                   at Manchester Metropolitan
                                                                                   University to study History.
     • Salford
     • Bradford
     • University of Central Lancashire
     • Huddersfield
     • Stockport College
     • Manchester Metropolitan
     • Leeds Metropolitan University
     • The University of Bolton offers
       degrees in community studies

        “You can
      start with
       no formal


Access to Humanities & Social Science
Many students enrol on the Access to
HE course to progress to University to                                      FRANCHISED DEGREES AT
                                              STUDENT PROFILE
pursue their interest in a particular                                       HOPWOOD HALL
subject or subjects. Students who are
not following a vocational pathway                                          BSc (Hons) Psychology
such as nursing, teaching or social                                         This is a part-time daytime
work, will enrol on the Access to                                           degree franchised from
Humanities and Social Sciences                                              Manchester Metropolitan
Diploma course. Students would                                              University. The course
need to study three subjects plus the                                       commences each January and
core modules (see grid).                                                    students would study one day a
                                                                            week – Monday – at Hopwood
                                                                            Hall College for 5 terms. They
                                                                            would then transfer to
                                                                            Manchester Met for a further 3
   ACCESS TO HE: PATHWAY -                                                  years before graduating with a
 HUMANITIES & SOCIAL SCIENCES                                               Psychology degree. This course
                                                                            is recognised by the British
                                                                            Psychological Society.
                                                SHAHAB ADRIS
    Subjects           Core Units
    Available        (compulsory)
                                         Shahab Adris had his own
 Criminology        Communication        business but wanted a career
                                         change. He studied geography,
 English            Numeracy             history and life sciences on the
                                         Access to Humanities course
 Geography          IT                   and commenced a degree in
                                         Geography at university in
 History            Personal             September 2008.
 Health Sciences    Development

 Law                Research




 Students choose three subjects
 from the available subjects

  “It’s a good
  course, I’ve
   told all my
    about it”.

     Level 3 Evening
     The Access Diploma is available to
     students who can only study in the
     evening. Student would study either
     the Access to Health Diploma (see
     page 8) or the Access to Humanities
     ad Social Sciences Diploma (see
     page 11).

     Students would need to study three
     subjects in addition to the core
     modules. This would require
     students to study two evenings a
     week for two years. If students
     wanted to complete in one year,
     they would have to combine
     daytime and evening study.

     Part-time students would have to
     pay tuition fees but there are
     reduced fees for students on
     benefits and they may be entitled to
     the Level 3 entitlement (see page 4).   PSYCHOLOGY
                                             • Developmental psychology           STUDENT PROFILE
                                             • Cognitive psychology
                                             • Social psychology
                                             • Bio psychology
                                             • Research methods and data

                                             • Personal writing
                                             • Study and response to
                                               drama, poetry and prose
                                             • Wider reading
                                             • Introduction to linguistics
                                             • History of English
                                             • Contemporary English

                                             • Gender
                                             • Social class                         STEVEN SHAW
                                             • Ethnicity
                                             • Sociological theory and       Steven wants to train as a
                                               methods                       teacher. He studied history,
                                                                             psychology and life sciences on
                                             LIFE SCIENCE                    the Access to HE programme
                                             • Cells and biochemistry        and has obtained a place at
                                             • Homeostasis                   university on the teacher
                                             • Circulatory and respiratory   training degree programme
                                               systems                       commencing in September
                                             • Diet and digestion            2008.
                                             • Disease
                                             • Reproduction


Results & Statistics - Access Subject Programmes

                                        ACCESS LEVEL 2 (GCSE) RESULTS 2008

                                                                                                             Pass       %
 GCSEs                        A*       A          B        C      D         E      Other          Entries
                                                                                                             A-C       A-C

 English Language              3       7          8       10      4                                 32           28    88%

 History                               7          9        7      2                                 25           23    92%

 Law                                              4        7      1                                 12           11    92%

 Maths                                                     9      2                                 11           9     82%

 Psychology                                       5       12      5                                 22           17    77%

 Science                                          2        6      7         1           3           19           8     42%

 Sociology                                        2       10      1                     1           14           12    86%

 TOTAL GCSE                    3      14         30       61      22        1           4          135       108       80%

 Access Maths                                             19                            2           21           19    90%

 TOTAL ACCESS                  3      14         30       80      22        1           6          156       127       81%

                                                      ACCESS LEVEL 3

                                                          2002-    2003-        2004-       2005-        2006-        2007-
                                                          2003     2004         2005        2006         2007         2008

 No of students achieving QAA approved certificate         106         81        84          87             79         82

 No of students progressing to university                  98          75        72          75             65         73

Local Universities to which Access          HE OPPORTUNITIES AT HOPWOOD HALL COLLEGE
students apply
• Bolton                                    •   HND in Art & Design (Textile Design or Fine Art)
• Bradford                                  •   Foundation Degree in New Media Design
• Central Lancs (Preston)                   •   HND/C in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
• Edge Hill                                 •   HND/C in Manufacturing Engineering
• Hopwood Hall College                      •   HND/C in Computing (Business Information Technology)
• Huddersfield                              •   HND/C in Business (with pathways in Human Resource Management,
• Leeds                                         Marketing and Law)
• Leeds Metropolitan                        •   Foundation Degree in Sport
• Manchester                                •   Foundation Degree in Early Years Childhood Studies
• Manchester Metropolitan                   •   NVQ Level 4 in Health and Social Care
• Salford                                   •   BSc (Hons) in Psychology
• University Campus Oldham

             “It’s good to be on a course with
                     like-minded people”.

     Access Success Stories

     Results day 2006 was extra special
     for Access Level 3 student Stewart
     Holland. His story caught the
     interest of the BBC, and made
     regional, national and international

     Stewart formerly ran his own courier
     company that turned over more
     than £1m a year. One night he was
     attacked by a gang, and badly
     beaten up.

     The gang left him for dead in the
     street and Stewart spent around five
     weeks in hospital with life
     threatening injuries. Suffering from
     depression on top of recovering
     from his injuries, Stewart felt as if he
     couldn’t take anymore.                     Level 3 course. College helped me    JOANNE SETS AN EXAMPLE
                                                overcome my depression and get
     Stewart says; “I was holed up in my        back my confidence and self          Mum of four Joanne Archer, 34,
     apartment and I felt like a prisoner.      esteem.                              from Langley, was ecstatic when
     My relationship with my girlfriend                                              she learned she had achieved
     broke down and people I had once           “I was delighted when I found out    GCSE grade Bs in Psychology,
     called friends disappeared after the       that I had got As in History and     Sociology and History, a C in
     attack happened. I was left alone to       Geography. Now I have a place at     Law and a D in Science on her
     contemplate my life and that was           Manchester Metropolitan University   Access Level 2 course in 2006.
     when I decided to go to Hopwood            to study History and I am ready to
     Hall College and enrol on the Access       go on with my life.”                 Joanne, who was a level 3
                                                                                     student from 2006-2007 says: “I
                                                                                     absolutely love coming to
     PAUL GOES FROM BRICKS TO                   wonder if I had done enough to get   College. I am the only one of
                                                in. I’m now focusing on working      seven brothers and sisters to
                                                hard and getting the grades I need   have gained any qualifications.
                                                for my Access level 3.”              Some people think it is a waste
     2008 got off to a great start for
                                                                                     of time and qualifications are
     former bricklayer Paul Lee as he
                                                                                     just bits of paper, but I think
     learned he had been offered a place
                                                                                     that having an education gives
     at Cambridge University to read
                                                                                     you the credibility to stand up
     History after he achieved 5 A*s in his
                                                                                     and get your voice heard. The
     GCSEs last year. After leaving school
                                                                                     learning bug has rubbed off on
     with no qualifications, 35 year old
                                                                                     my children who all love going
     Paul had worked on building sites
                                                                                     to school and have 100%
     before discovering his love of
                                                                                     attendance. I have learnt so
     learning at Hopwood Hall. Paul
                                                                                     much at College in such a short
     received the letter offering him a
                                                                                     space of time. I have made
     place at Hughes Hall, Cambridge in
                                                                                     friends and have felt really
     January. He has also been invited to
                                                                                     supported by my tutors. Now I
     attend a summer school, taking
                                                                                     would like to go on to be a
     place before the first semester
                                                                                     teacher or a child psychologist.”
     commences in October.
                                                                                     Joanne is now studying
     Paul said: “I was elated when I
                                                                                     Psychology at university.
     opened the envelope. After
     travelling down to Cambridge,
     going through two interviews and a
     written exam I was beginning to


The College is sympathetic to the
needs of adult students with family
commitments. Most Access classes
start at 9.30 am or later and finish
by 3.00 pm or earlier.

Students requiring help with
childcare are advised to apply early
as assistance is given on a first-come
first-served basis. Financial help is
available depending on the
students’ financial circumstances.
Apply for help with childcare
through College reception.

How to Apply
APPLICATIONS FORMS ARE                    There are individual leaflets for all     GUIDANCE AND STUDENT
ATTACHED TO THIS BROCHURE                 Level 3 and 2 subjects which are          SUPPORT
AND ARE AVAILABLE FROM                    available on request.                     All guidance staff are fully trained
ADMISSIONS                                                                          and offer a range of services. They
Middleton Campus 0161 643 7560,           THE INTERVIEW                             can assist with:
ext 3315, 3316 or 3317.                   Upon receipt of your application,         • Choosing a programme - taking
Alternatively Freefone 0800 834297.       your form will be processed and you          into account your future career
You should complete the form and          will be sent a letter inviting you in        aims
return to Central Admissions,             for an interview. The interview is        • Evaluating your experiences -
Hopwood Hall College.                     informal and the purpose of it is to         determining your skills and
                                          ensure that the course of your               abilities
When completing the application           choice meets your expectations and        • Identifying and planning your
form, under ‘Proposed Course’:            abilities. Students will be required to      future career
                                          take a one hour communication             • Support with UCAS and further
FOR THE ACCESS SUBJECT                    diagnostic test when they attend for         education applications
PROGRAMME                                 interview. Second language speakers       • Any difficulties you may have, no
Write ‘Access Level 3’ or ‘Access         will be assessed by our ESOL                 matter how large or small, whilst
Level 2’ if you are clear which           department.                                  studying at college
course you want to apply for or                                                     • Information and advice on learner
alternatively write ‘Access Level 3 or    WHEN TO APPLY                                support funds, grants and
2’. This covers all progression routes    Applications are accepted from               bursaries that may be available to
to Nursing, Teaching, Social Work         January onwards for the courses              support your chosen programmes
and University Degrees, etc.              commencing in September.
                                                                                    You can contact a member of the
CHOOSING ACCESS LEVEL 2 OR                Early application is advisable,           guidance team through either
3 SUBJECTS                                especially if you will be requiring       college reception points. The college
Students are not expected to choose       help with childcare.                      also operates a confidential
their subjects before applying.                                                     counselling service. Trained
                                                                                    counsellors can be contacted in an
All students offered a place are                                                    emergency. Alternatively, an
invited to an induction day. They                                                   appointment can be made through
can listen to talks about different                                                 either college reception points.
subjects, meet the staff, find out more
information and ask questions. Subject
induction days are held in July.

                  Rochdale Campus
          St. Mary’s Gate, Rochdale OL12 6RY
         t: 01706 345 346 f: 01706 641 426

                 Middleton Campus
          Rochdale Road, Middleton M24 6XH
         t: 0161 643 7560 f: 0161 643 2114

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