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             Parent has killed or seriously harmed another child through abuse or neglect and no
               significant change has occurred since; OR
             Child has experienced extreme physical or sexual abuse by the parent(s) [or parents
               have allowed someone else to abuse the child] and must be removed from the home;
             Parental rights to another child have been involuntarily terminated following a
               period of service delivery to the parents and no significant change has occurred
               since; OR
             Child or siblings have been in out-of-home care on at least one other occasion for a
               period of 6 months or more or have had two prior more placements with CPS
               interaction; OR
             Parents have been diagnosed with severe mental illness and have not responded to
               previously delivered mental health services. Symptoms continue which prevent
               parent from being able to protect and nurture; OR
             There have been three or more CPS interventions for separate incidents and there is
               a chronic pattern of abuse or severe neglect; OR
             Parents have a history of substance abuse or are chemically dependent and/or have a
               history of treatment failures; OR
             Child had been abandoned with friend, relatives, foster care or hospital, or, after
               being placed in care, parents do not visit on their own accord. Parents disappear or
               appear rarely; OR
             Parents are intellectually impaired, or have shown significant deficits in caring for
               child, and have no support system of relatives to share parenting; OR
             There is a pattern of documented domestic violence of one year or longer between
               the caretakers and they refuse to separate; OR
             Parent is under the age of 16 with no parenting support systems, and placement of
               the child and parent together has failed due to the parent’s behavior; OR
             Parent has asked to relinquish the child on more than one occasion following initial

If Concurrent Planning Assessment is recommended, the worker completes the Concurrent Planning
  Model Worksheets: Strengths in Families and Poor Prognosis Indicators and, in consultation with
   the supervisor, makes a determination whether the case should be a Concurrent Planning Case.