Requires current both ID card, and DOD Decal (or pass)

 Current ID:
      o Military ID card - active, retired, family member, or
      o Government ID card - CAC or RSA Security Badge
      o Both Cards may be obtained at

 DOD Vehicle Registration:
      o Existing DOD vehicle decals may be used until expiration

      o New DOD vehicle decals
            Vehicle & Secure Bldng Pass Office, Gate 10, Patton Rd,
            Hrs 0700-1600 M-F, Tel: 256-876-5770
                    • Current vehicle registration
                    • Proof of current vehicle insurance
                    • Current/valid drivers’ license and CAC/Mil

      o Temporary Pass for Rental or Loaned Vehicles
           Visitors Access Control Building, Gate 9, Rideout Rd
           Hrs 0600-1700 M-F, Tel: 256-876-7738
                  • Rental agreement (if rented)
                  • Current/valid drivers’ license and CAC

      o Taxi Cabs - must use authorized providers (you must call a
        company first and see if they have current access to RSA)

   Visitors without a current ID card must be sponsored by an ID card-holder (and signed-in if
   driving their own vehicle) at Gate 9

   You may not enter the post with weapons, knives, contraband, or Brittany Spears CDs
The Common Access Card (CAC):
The CAC is used as a general identification card as well as for authentication to
enable access to DOD computers, networks, and Redstone Arsenal.
     Use your current CAC card at Redstone until it expires. If you are within 90
     days of expiration, it would be beneficial and save time to get one prior to
     leaving Ft Belvoir.
     If you CAC expires, or need new one, you must set up an appointment using
     the CAC appointment website.
        o Location is the Mil Personnel Division Bldg, 3494, corner of Hercules
            Rd and Roadrunner Rd, Mon-Thur 0715-1530 and Friday 0830-1530
        o Ms. Annie Scott (256) 876-3295
        o You will need 2 forms identification. (e.g. Driver license, SS, Birth
            Certificate, Voters, Passport, Military ID card.)
        o Spouses and dependents may get a RSA ID badge to use MWR
            Activities. Dependents up to 19 years of age, or 23 if enrolled in school.

Military IDs: (same office as CAC)
     Location is the Mil Personnel Division Bldg, 3494, corner of Hercules Rd and
     Roadrunner Rd, Mon-Thur 0715-1615 and Friday 0830-1615
     Ms. Annie Scott (256) 876-3295
     No appointments necessary

     You will need 2 forms of identification
        o   Such as Driver license, SS, Birth Certificate, Voters, Passport, Mil ID
Security Clearances
  For Personnel, Industrial Information, Security Training issues to include
  security clearances and fingerprinting
    Building 4488 (1st floor d-111) Hrs 0700-1630
    Located at the Garrison Headquarters on Martin Road
    Ms. Ruby Childers 256-876-1345

Family and Morale Welfare and Recreation
  FMWR for family memberships ACS, and all recreational programs
    o Building 1500 Weeden Mountain Rd, Hrs 0730-1630
    o Challenger Community Activities Center
    o Ms. Crystal Howard 256-876-2073 or Mr. Chris Carter 276-830-9175
    o ACS relocation assistance Mary Breeden 256-876-5397

BRAC Healthcare Resource
Huntsville Hospital’s BRAC Relocation Assistance program is designed to help
families find local health care. Representatives can recommend physicians in our
area and answer questions about the healthcare services you will find in the
Huntsville community. Toll free line - weekdays at 866-581-BRAC (2722).

Your USASAC BRAC Team -                                  Your assistance team
  Maria Cristina Konsonlas                RSA          256-319-9284 Cell: 256-683-8872
  HR Representative                       RSA          256-450-5700
  IT Help Representative                  RSA          256-450-5999
  Matthew Tittmann                                     703-806-2352 Cell: 703-200-7469

  Emergency Numbers                       Area Code   256 -
     Alabama Poison Center                            800-462-0800
     Ambulance                                        Dial 911
     American Red Cross                               536-0084
     Billeting                                        876-5713
     Chaplain                                         876-2409
     Child Abuse (Family Crisis Center)               876-8000
                         From Official Telephones     Dial 113
                         From Quarters And Off-Post   876-2151
     Fire                                             Dial 911
     Medical Officer of the Day                       508-3493
     Military Police                                  876-2222
     Operations Center                                313-2066

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