WIRELESS NETWORK ACCESS

Revised 10 July 2006

This document is subject without notice.

1. Introduction. Central Penn has become a wireless friendly campus by the installation of several
Wireless Access Points around campus, both inside and outside. A nearby Access Point will eventually
support all classrooms and conference rooms, as well as the library and other specific areas. The areas
currently supported by these Wireless Access Points are as follows:

    •   Col Craiger Parker Amphitheater
    •   Charles T. Jones leadership Library
    •   Scoozi's Café, adjoining Student Lounge and adjacent foyer
    •   ATEC classrooms and offices

2. General Information. The Central Penn wireless network provides unsecured (eg, unencrypted)
wireless access to the Internet only. You cannot access CARS from the wireless network, but can reach
any regular commodity Internet activity such as Blackboard, CPC Web, Jenzabar I-Campus and the
online library card catalog thru their Internet hyperlinks via www.centralpenn.edu. The wireless network
will not support PDA type devices, but will allow communications using Instant Messaging (IM) software
such as MSN Instant Messenger or Trillian. The operating system for your laptop, notebook or tablet PC
must be Windows 98 SP2 or higher and a compatible Network Interface Card (NIC) must be installed and
operational. Most NICs will work with the Central Penn wireless network, but the following have been
tested and found compatible:

    •   3Com 11a/b/g Wireless PC card with XJACK Antenna 3CRPAG175
    •   D-Link 802.11b or g models
    •   Linksys 802.11b or g models

3. User ID and Passwords. Because the Central Penn allows access to commodity Internet only, with no
access to the College’s internal network (Jenzabar, CARS, etc), there is no requirement for a user name
or login. However, remember, this is an unsecure link to the Internet so please insure you have
your own computer properly protected with appropriate anti-virus and anti-spam/spyware

4. Computer Settings. Using Central Penn's wireless network requires specific setting under the
Windows operating system. In most cases these setting are pretty much the default settings for anyone
who has a NIC installed on their PC, but in case there is a difference in your setup, here is the correct
information (and if this is unfamiliar or confusing, any member of the Help Desk will be able to
assist you):

    •   Under Network Connections - right click on your NIC and choose Properties. Then in the ensuing
        screen highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties. Insure that both radio buttons are
        checked to automatically obtain and IP Address and DNS server address.
    •   Also under Properties, choose the Wireless Networks tab and in the Available Networks window
        highlight CentralPenn and click the Configure button. Insure that under Association, Network
        Authentication is set to Open, and Data Encryption is set to Disabled.
    •   Also under Properties, choose the Wireless Networks tab and click on the Advanced button. On
        the resulting screen insure the radio button Any available network (access point preferred) is
        checked and also that the Automatically connect to non-preferred networks check box is marked.
    •   Personal Firewall (Windows, Zone Alarm and so on) - If installed please activate, though
        depending upon your settings the firewall may need to be disabled for the duration of your use of
        the wireless network here at Central Penn. Normally, this is not necessary.
    •   Internet Browser - Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla and Firefox are all supported on the College’s
        wireless network.

5. Logging On and Using the Wireless Network. When you turn on your computer, your NIC will likely
detect that there is a wireless network available and ask you if you would like to access it (if not you can
right click on the NIC icon in the systems tray at the lower right of your screen and then choose Show
Available Networks). Choosing this option will bring up a screen that will indicate a wireless network
named CentralPenn. Highlight this option and then check the box that acknowledges that this is an
unsecured network and you wish to access it anyway. Click OK, then start your Web browser.

At this point you should be able to bring up your personal homepage and surf the Internet. However,
remember, this is an unsecure link to the Internet so please insure you have your own computer
properly protected with appropriate anti-virus and anti-spam/spyware software.

6. POCs for Assistances, Concerns or Questions - contact the Help Desk at extension 2600 or via Email
at helpdesk@centralpenn.edu.


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