conditional access training by nsr11162


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  c onditional ac c es s t r aining

  -   Q Ua l iF i e d t r a in e r W i t H e X P e ri e n c e in c o nF i g Ur at i o n a nd t r o UBl e s H o o t in g
  -   ta il o r e d P r o g r a M s t o M e e t UniQ U e n e e d s
  -   c o M P r e H e n s i V e c o V e r a g e o F t o P i c s, W i t H Va l Ua Bl e H a nd s - o n l a B e X P e ri e n c e
  -   F l e X iBl e o n - s i t e a nd o F F - s i t e t r a inin g o P t i o n s

e X P er t is e a nd ta r g e t ed c oUr s e W orK t o                              ird e t o c a s ins t rUc t or - l ed t r a ining
Pr e Pa r e o P er at or s F or PaY-t V s er V ic e s
                                                                                    P r o V e n e X P e ri e n c e in d V B, iP a nd M o Bil e t V

The foundation of a successful pay-TV operation lies in having a best-in-           Irdeto has extensive experience in training operators’ staff to manage
class conditional access system (CAS) to protect the operator’s content             and maximize the value of the CAS. Common topics covered in
and having a well-trained team to operate and manage it to the optimum.             training include:
To help operators build this foundation and continue expanding their                - Irdeto CAS security and feature overview
knowledge, Irdeto offers CAS training that can be tailored to meet the              - Irdeto CAS head-end installation and configuration for various pay-
unique needs of the operator. Irdeto’s training covers a variety of topics to          TV services
address different audiences within the operator’s organization who may              - Redundancy setup for servers and databases
have varying functional roles and involvement with the Irdeto CAS. Training         - Ongoing operations, administration and maintenance (OA&M)
is conducted in a small classroom setting; either at the operator’s premises
or at an Irdeto training center based on the operator’s preference, to              ta il o r e d P r o g r a M s t o M e e t Uni Q U e n e e d s
ensure that attendees receive maximum value from the session and have               To address the operator’s training needs, Irdeto first works with the
sufficient hands-on lab time. With the help of Irdeto’s professional trainers,      operator to assess its business models, training objectives and trainee
operators can quickly prepare for new pay-TV operations as well as                  background in order to design the right combination of modules and
optimize their current operations by increasing the knowledge levels of             schedule. Typically a three-day foundation program is recommended
their staff in a safe classroom environment.                                        for all conditional access (CA) administrators and users in an operator’s
                                                                                    organization, with the first day being useful even to non-technical staff
                                                                                    or high-level managers as it provides an essential introduction to the
                                                                                    features and benefits of the Irdeto CAS. In addition to the foundation
                                                                                    program, supplementary sessions are advisable for staff involved in
                                                                                    specialized management or administration functions such as OA&M
                                                                                    and system redundancy. At the end of the training, Irdeto collects
                                                                                    feedback from the customer to ensure that the training objectives have
                                                                                    been met to the customer’s satisfaction.

                                                                                    F l e X iBl e o n - s i t e a nd o F F - s i t e t r a inin g o P t i o n s
                                                                                    Training can be conducted at either the operator’s facility or an Irdeto
                                                                                    training center based on the training objectives and attendee needs.
                                                                                    The length and agenda of the course can also be tailored to
                                                                                    accommodate different audiences within an operator’s organization.
ta il or ed t r a ining
Every organization has different business objectives, operations
                                                                                sUPPl eMen ta rY s e s sions
                                                                                DURATIO N: O N E DAY EAC H
requirements and fields of expertise, therefore effective training requires
a tailored approach to ensure the organization’s needs are properly             a d Mini s t r at i o n, o P e r at i o n s,
addressed. Irdeto works with customers to assess their situations and           a nd M a in t e n a n c e (o a& M)
determine the most suitable training methods, course content and program        This module covers tasks that need to be executed on a one-time
length for their staff. A tailored training is created by designing an agenda   or recurring basis to keep the CAS in optimal operating condition.
that combines various modules to cover topics relevant to the operator’s        It introduces tools for monitoring and exploring events and
business models and CA configuration, and typically consists of a three-        system details, such as EMM bandwidth and DVB protocols as
day foundation program plus supplementary sessions as needed:                   well as troubleshooting methods for pinpointing issues and taking
                                                                                corrective actions. Database (DB) maintenance procedures are
                                                                                also covered in detail, as the database is the main repository for
  F oUndat ion Pr o gr a M                                                      all smart card, entitlement and transport network data.
  DURATIO N: THR EE DAYS                                                        Topics covered:
                                                                                - Monitoring and analyzing event logs
  Suitable for all CA administrators and users
                                                                                - Performance monitoring
                                                                                - Service access criteria
  D AY 1: in t r o d U c t i o n t o ir d e t o
                                                                                - Database backup and restore
           c o ndi t i o n a l a c c e s s s Y s t e M
                                                                                - Installation and upgrade of Irdeto CAS head-end
  Topics covered:
                                                                                - Smart card upload
  - Broadcasting terminology
                                                                                - Basic troubleshooting
  - DVB transport stream multiplexing
                                                                                - Irdeto customer support web portal
  - Conditional access system components and messages
                                                                                - Request for support
     (ECM and EMM)
  - Irdeto key hierarchy
                                                                                - DB maintenance, including DB size management, migration
  - Irdeto CAS security and feature overview
                                                                                  during a CAS software upgrade and useful SQL queries
                                                                                - Ethereal analysis
  D AY 2: g e n e r a l s Y s t e M F Un c t i o n a l i t Y
                                                                                - SMS command analysis
  Topics covered:
                                                                                - SNMP
  - CAS installation
  - Head-end configuration to support pay-TV services
  - Bandwidth usage management                                                  F Ul l s Y s t e M r e dUnda n c Y (F s r)
  - Subscriber Management System (SMS) configuration                            This module covers topics related to hardware and software
     to grant subscriber access rights                                          redundancy. For medium-sized to large operators, the Irdeto
  - STB and SoftCell integration, smart card versions                           CAS is typically split into an application and database server and
  - Guided tour of the Irdeto CAS graphical user interface (GUI)                clustered for redundancy, using RAID disk array. This session
  - Redundancy and performance                                                  trains administrators to configure and manage the FSR setup, and
                                                                                to bring servers online and offline for maintenance.
  D AY 3: o P e r at o r - l i c e n s e d F Un c t i o n a l i t Y             Topics covered:
  Topics covered:                                                               - Irdeto CAS head-end control service
  Customized content based on the product licenses purchased and                - System configuration
  the operator’s network and services; examples include:                        - Application switch-over
  - Pay-per-view service                                                        - Database cluster
    Event scheduling, service information (SI) tables for playing               - SQL cluster resources
    out multi-day electronic program guides (EPG), costs, copy                  - Database switch-over
    protection and conditional access of scheduled events                       - RAID disk configuration
  - STB or CAM deployment with secure chipsets                                  - DS3X00 storage solution
  - FlexiFlash and other software tools for updating                            - HBA/iSCSI/FC NAS
     smart cards and STB software images over the air                           Optional:
  - Latest, or new, release of the Irdeto CAS most relevant                     - Dual-machine configuration
     to the operator                                                            - Microsoft iSCSI initiator
  - IP or mobile TV services                                                    - Fiber channel zoning
                                                                                - Switch configuration
                                                                                - DS3X00 configuration

                                                                                diF F e r e n c e s a F t e r c a s Mi g r at i o n, UP g r a d e s
                                                                                a nd/o r s e c Uri t Y UP dat e s
                                                                                This module covers feature, security, GUI and/or operational
                                                                                differences after one of the following types of events:
                                                                                - Migration from a previously supported CAS such as
                                                                                   M-Crypt or CryptoWorks to the latest Irdeto CAS
                                                                                - Software upgrade of the Irdeto CAS
                                                                                - Security updates

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