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					                                                                               East Side Access
Technologies to manage risk for infrastructure                                        Monitoring
The East Side Access (ESA) pro-                  ment, tilt, strain and induced vi-   system to ensure the data are
ject in New York City will con-                  brations from tunneling, excava-     processed, presented and re-
nect the Long Island Rail Road’s                 tion and construction activities.    ported in a timely, accessible
(LIRR) Main and Port Washington                                                       and understandable manner.
lines in Queens to a new LIRR                    Instruments include automated
terminal beneath Grand Central                   motorized total stations (AMTS)      To fulfill these project require-
Terminal (GCT) in Manhattan.                     with reflective prismatic targets,   ments, Geocomp is:
The new connection will in-                      manual survey points, inclinome-
crease the LIRR’s capacity into                  ters, extensometers, observation     •   providing professional staff in
Manhattan, dramatically shorten                  wells, tilt meters, seismographs,        support of the geotechnical
travel time for Long Island and                  dynamic strain gages, and liquid         instrumentation aspects of
eastern Queens commuters trav-                   level settlement systems (LLSS).         this project as part of the ESA
eling to the East Side of Manhat-                Many of the instruments are de-          project team,
tan, provide a new commuter                      signed to be read remotely and
rail station in Sunnyside, Queens                automatically.                       •   providing iSiteCentral, the
and much more.                                                                            firm’s web-based data man-
                                                 The ESA construction manager             agement system,
Prior to starting construction,                  selected Geocomp Corporation
geotechnical instruments are                     to collect and manage the vast       •   integrating and connecting
being installed above ground                     amount of data from these in-            all specified instrumentation,
and in the subway tunnels to                     struments, and to provide a              data handling, communica-
measure any movement, settle-                    web-based data management                                     (continued)

                                                                          East Side Access
Technologies to manage risk for infrastructure                           Monitoring, cont’d.
      tion and computer equip-                   By monitoring all instruments and    With its highly qualified and ex-
      ment, and furnishing and                   conducting continuous review         perienced site personnel,
      installing application soft-               of data collected and proc-          backed by specialized staff
      ware,                                      essed by Geocomp’s team and          based at the company’s head
                                                 iSiteCentral technology, the ESA     office, Geocomp is meeting the
•     collecting readings from in-               Project Team will be able to de-     client’s needs for a complete
      struments which need to be                 termine whether excavation,          geotechnical data manage-
      read manually.                             tunneling or construction activi-    ment solution.
                                                 ties may have an adverse effect
                                                 on surrounding structures.

    ESA TUNNELING/EXCAVATION PROJECTS                              the south end of the GCT tail tracks. The work
                                                                   also includes excavation of cross passages be-
    Geocomp is responsible for managing the geo-                   tween the tunnels and a central instrument room.
    technical instrumentation data on the following
    ESA contracts:                                                 Queens Open-Cut Excavation (CQ028)
                                                                   An open-cut structure is being created and then
    Manhattan Approach Tunnels (CM009)                             decked over to serve as the TBM launch area for
    Tunnel boring machine (TBM) equipment has                      the Queens tunnels prior to its permanent use as
                                                                   an interlocking and an emergency exit/
                                                                   ventilation facility. The shaft that was completed
                                                                   in November 2003 is being expanded via tunnel-
                                                                   ing under Northern Boulevard (requiring under-
                                                                   pinning of the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit “BMT”
                                                                   structure) into LIRR's existing rail yard.

          CM009 assembly chamber excavation

    been delivered and a TBM assembly chamber
    has been constructed. Following the construc-
    tion of the TBM in the assembly chamber, tunnels
    will be bored via four TBM drives from the existing
                                                                                     CQ028 open-cut
    tunnel under 63rd Street and Second Avenue to