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					      PowerSchool Parent Access

                                                                                              September 20, 2008

Parental involvement is critical to student achievement.
PowerSchool was the first web-based student information system to recognize the
importance of connecting the home with the school and offer an external interface to
parents and students.
PowerSchool's powerful communication tools let              Additionally, we are approaching mid-quarter and our
everyone stay connected: Students stay on top of            time for sending home progress reports. In the past, we
assignments, parents are able to participate more fully     have sent progress reports home three times a year to
in their child’s progress, and teachers can use their       students and parents. The paper version of progress
gradebook to make decisions on what information they        reports told parents if their child was satisfactory, not
want to share with parents and students.                    satisfactory, or failing to date. Due to the increased
                                                            communication available to you through our
Over the past few years, the Easton Area School             PowerSchool Parent Portal, we have decided to
District has provided parents and students the              eliminate these paper progress reports sent to every
opportunity to view grades, schedules, and attendance       student. We realize that not all of our parents have
through PowerSchool, our student information system.        Internet access at home, but we encourage parents to
Previously, to obtain access to this information, we        find alternative locations such as the public library to
have asked parents to attend a short training session.      view their child's grades and attendance online. For
                                                            those unable to find computer and Internet access,
In order to increase school to home communication           PowerSchool enables teachers to easily print and send
and reach parents that have been unable to attend these     home more informative paper copies of grades and
trainings as well as new families to our district, we are   comments to notify parents of student progress or
now providing online training to the PowerSchool            impending issues.
Parent Portal and have distributed login information
through the U.S. mail. As of September 20, 2008, all        Our goal is to increase school to home communication
parents/guardians that had not previously attended a        while embracing the ideology of Easton's 21st century
PowerSchool Parent night, have received a letter in the     schools.
mail with their login and password and directions on
how to access our new online training. Families new         If you are the parent of a 5th through 12th grade
to our district can expect to be mailed their access        student, and have not received your PowerSchool
within one month of registering their child. Families       Parent login and password, please email
with more than one child in the district, will receive      poweradmin@eastonsd.org or call 610-250-2400
separate letters with a username and password for           extension 35010.
access to each child's information.
                                                            Thank you,
Access has not changed for parents that had previously      The Technology Staff
attended a PowerSchool Parent night.