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                                     Access Report Form Process
After receiving notification of an access problem via the Access Report Form (, the
following process steps will be taken according to an assigned priority rating.

Priority Rating Definitions:

    Emergency                                      Urgent                                        Routine
                                                                 Definition: Problem                           Definition: Problem
                   Definition: Problem
                                                                 severely prevents access                      does not completely
                   compromises safety;
                                                                 but is not a safety issue;                    prevent access; the fixing
                   needs immediate
                                                                 problems should be fixed                      of problem would
                                                                 as soon as possible.                          increase/improve access.

                                                                 Example: Broken
                   Example: Large fallen                         automatic door; object                        Example: No signage;
                   branch in walkway;                            blocking automatic door                       unclear/incorrect
                   broken elevator.                              button; disabled parking                      signage.
                                                                 blocked; etc.

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                                            Physical Access Barrier Process Flowchart 
   User reports physical
                                          Access report form received by ADA Compliance Office staff and assigned a priority rating.
  access problem directly
   to ADA Compliance
                                                          Priority Ratings: Urgent or Routine                          Priority Rating: Emergency

                                     ADA Compliance Office communicates the course of action that will be            ADA Compliance Office reports
                                               taken to person who reported access problem.                          access problem immediately to
                                                                                                                             UPD & FD&O.

                                   ADA Compliance Office submits a work request to FD&O via the i-Service
                                          Desk (FD&O's database used to submit work requests:                       Details of access problem & action
                                                                           taken documented in ADA
                                                                                                                      Compliance Office database.

                                       Access problem documented in ADA Compliance Office database.

                                                                                                                          ADA Compliance Office
   User reports access                                                                                                 communicates resolution of the
   problem to FD&O i-             ADA Compliance Office follows up and tracks the status of the work request              problem to person who
Servicer Desk & completes                                    on a weekly basis.                                              reported incident.
   Access Report Form.

                                   Problem not resolved within a month.          Problem resolved within a month.

                Collaborative document                ADA Compliance Office                          ADA Compliance Office
             reporting between FD&O and               discusses problem during                   communicates resolution of the
               ADA Compliance Office.                 monthly FD&O Projects                      problem to person who reported
                                                              Meetings.                                     incident.
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