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									  SUDHAKAR SINGH, PLOT NO-141 , Main Dhansa Road, Mitraon
            Extn Colony, Nazafgarh, New Delhi- 43

                         Contact Number- 9211330554

                          BIO DATA

1. Name-                        Sudhakar Singh

2.Date Of Birth-                11 Nov 1963

3.Father”s Name-                Sri Nand kishore Singh

4.Basic Qualification-          Matrc

5 .Joined Indian Air Force as Group II Technician in Mar 1980.
6.Completed Deploma in Electronics And Radio Communication from
Communication tranning institute Bangalore in 1984.
7.After conversion to Group I I worked on almost all the communication
equipments involving HF, VHF, And UHF Frequencies.
8..Have ample experience of working ( About 10 Years) in Servicing,
Maintainance and Modification on all types of Communication Equipments
including Air to Ground and Ground to Ground Communication systems.
9.Have fairly very very good ammont of knowledge of Electric system,
Wiring,Battery Chargers,inverters & voltage stabilizers.
I have very good knowledge of Industrial Electronics, as I have undergone a
course on Industrial Electronics at Guindy, MADRAS.
10.Have participated in various organizational activities and was always sought
after by the authorities.
11.I had been a Supervisor ever since Apr 1996 and have always supervised at
least 50 persons at a given point of time.
12.I am considered equivalent to BE ( ELECTRONICS AND RADIO
COMMUNICATION ) Vide:- Ministry of Education and Social Welfare Letter
No;- T 18-19/75/L/-2 Dated 26 May 1977. ( This has reference to Gazatte Of India
Part ii Section iv Page 530 Too.
13. I have attained a Second Class Gazatted Rank in Apr 1996 .
14.Finally I hanged my uniform in Oct 2003 on Medical grounds.
15. Last but not the least, I had always been an Asset to the Organisation and not a
Liability and will always thrive to do so for any organization I work for.

1. Date:-    Sep 07                                    ( Sudhakar Singh)

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