For On-Line Medical Access Program Provided for KSA Visa

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					For On-Line Medical Access Program Provided for KSA Visa System Accredited with
the Saudi Embassy

        Authorized clinics must proceed with the Electronic Health Certificate on-line to
validate the clinical results through the kingdom and visa consulate system.

Go to Health Certificate website under:

      Then enter the user login and password which been agreed officially from the

Input the Application Number EXXXXXXXX on the field ( Add Health Certificate ) then
click Search
Fill up the required fields of clinical results

      Then click Submit so the results will be validated electronically through the
kingdom and visa consulate system. Proceed with the next application.

Note: If you get a message: "To complete the health certificate procedure, you have to
pay the electronic service fees" It means that payment is required to complete the
stage as necessary.
         For those who will enter the Kingdom, for the visa to be issued, the Electronic
Health Certificate must be paid and as a part of the agencies duty, the agency should
complete their information online and all the required matters before they file the
application in the consulate section.
         Though there is an on-line payment method for "servicing costs of health
certificates" for those who wish to pay by credit card directly as an individual matter
(provided that the electronic application has been submitted on-line and there's an
electronic application number EXXXXXXX), the accredited agencies should complete
all the required matters and validated all the information ahead before medical stage
and visa issuance afterwards.

       Direct payment for servicing costs of health certificates on-line is provided
through Enjaz information technology website as follow:

Click on: "Servicing costs of health certificates" from the site

Fill up the required fields to view the person's information

Proceed and submit payment by credit card transaction as required

Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
Manila, Philippines

Embassy Trunk Line 0063 2 8564444
                                                                    Aug 2009