L²P Access for Lecturers and Employees

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					          L²P – Learning and Teaching Portal

L²P Access for Lecturers and Employees

General Information
The eLearning and eTeaching portal L2P is the result of a joint venture between the CiL (Cen-
ter for Integrated eLearning and eTeaching) and the Center for Computing and Communi-
cation of RWTH Aachen University. The main goal is the integration of L2P into existing
processes at the RWTH and the prevention of both redundancies as well as a separate identi-
ty management. In order to accomplish this L2P is based on the CAMPUS-information system
(university course catalog), the CAMPUS-role administration (lecturer and employee access
data), as well as the Aachener Identity Management TIM (student access data).

Access to L²P
Each user must activate his/her personal access data (user name and password) for L2P in
order to gain access to the L²P portal. The access data can then be used for all future
courses and semesters.

Access for Lecturers and Employees
For you to use L2P as an employee of an institute (with your institute e-mail address) you must
be registered via the CAMPUS-information system as an L2P-user.
The activation of your access data as lecturer or employee is done via the role administration
of the CAMPUS-information system. Please contact the role administrator of your organiza-
tional unit to start the authorization process.
Each authorized person receives an e-mail with an activation code. You can use this code to
activate your L2P-user name by clicking on the CAMPUS-link in the e-mail. The same person
can utilize the same L2P-user name for different roles within the RWTH systems. As an example:
the lecturer John Doe utilizes the user name ‘j.doe’ both for the CAMPUS-information system
in the function of lecturer and for L2P as an L2P-user.
In summary proceed as follows:
   1. Contact your role administrator so that he/she authorizes you as L2P-user.
   2. Please follow the instructions contained in the e-mail that you receive after your au-
   3. Select a user name and password for L2P and activate your account.
After you have activated your account you are registered in L2P. The following link takes you
to the L2P- home page where you can log in:
If you have further questions regarding your role administrator or the role administration in
general please contact the CAMPUS-team: campus@rwth-aachen.de.

Further Information
Information regarding student access, other basic instructions, documentations and support
as well as an extensive FAQ-section can be found in the “Help” section of L2P. If you have
further questions or problems please use the L2P contact form:

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