Secure Remote Access for School Users

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Information Technology Department

         Secure Remote Access for School Users

             Secure Remote Access for School Users

                            Ivone Batista
                    Information Technology Department
                       Pembina Trails School Division
                     181 Henlow Bay • Winnipeg • MB
                       Phone 204.488.1767 • Ext.1022

                                May 2008
P E M B I N A   T R A I L S    S C H O O L   D I V I S I O N   –   I N F O R M A T I O N   T E C H N O L O G Y   D E P T .

                              Secure Remote Access for School Users

                              What is the Whale? The Whale allows you to virtually plug into your
                              office/school network from anywhere. All you need is a computer with Internet
                              access. This way you can get to your necessary files and online forms when working
                              away from the office/school.

                              How to login to Secure Remote Access?
                                 1.) open Internet Explorer in the address bar type
                            (please note that it is https and not http)

                                 (*NOTE: when attempting to access the Whale you are prompted to run Active X controls,
                                 please accept and run the controls.)

                                                                                                       2.) You will also need
                                                                                                       to add the site to pop
                                                                                                       up blocker’s allowed.
                                                                                                       You will be
                                                                                                       prompted with a
                                                                                                       screen to do this.
                                                                                                       Simply click the
                                                                                   to accept.

                                                                                   3.) The “Secure Remote Access” login
                                                                                   window will appear on your screen.
                                                                                   Type in your username and password (*
                                                                                   this is the same user and password you
                                                                                   use to log in at work/school)

                                 4.) Click “submit”

5.) The following window will show you all the applications for which you have
    access. (* this will differ from user to user)

6.) Click “ Setup for connection to Microsoft Shares”

                                                   7.) The Whale SSLVPN
                                                       window will appear. Click

(NOTE: When you are done setting up for connection to network shares
please restart your machine. You will not be required to run this again on
your computer.)

8.) Restart your machine and log back into the Whale as usual.

9.) You may be presented with the Microsoft Phishing filter window. If so select
    “Turn off automatic Phishing filter” then click OK

10.) Once you have successfully logged on after setting up for your network shares
     you will be presented with the following screen. You can access Outlook Web
                                                                     Access, Online
                                                                     forms or even
                                                                     your school
                                                                     drives from
                                                                     this location.

Accessing School Drives

                          1.) From your Whale home page click your school
                          folder. (in this example the school is Van Walleghem)

                                                             2.) All school drives
                                                             will be presented on
                                                             the following screen.

                                                             3.) To map any of
                                                             these drives simply
                                                             click the appropriate

4.) Once the drive is mapped it will be located in “My Computer” on your system.
Ensure that you are only minimizing the Whale when you go to your “My
Computer”. Do not close it otherwise you will lose your connection to your drives.

5.) Use your files and documents as you wish (view, change, save etc.) from your
“my computer”

6.) When you are done working with the Whale please remember to click
           located in the upper right hand corner of the Whale screen.

Toolbar Overview

        SRA Homepage - click this icon whenever you wish to return to the
SRA homepage.

Launch Application - Click the dropdown arrow next to “launch application” for
an alternate way to access your applications.

                System Information – this location is used by the IT department to
    access necessary SRA information. If a support call is ever required the
    information located here may be requested.

                  SRA Client Component Installer - this location is used by the IT
                  department to install additional components whenever necessary.

             Information - the information icon will take you documentation fro

                      Clock – this clock is actually a countdown clock starting at 8
                      hours. While active, SRA will remain logged for 8 hours. (* Note:
    the system          will log you off after 30 minutes of inactivity as a security

    Logout – when done always remember to log out of the SRA system by clicking
    the logout icon. This will correctly exit you out of the system.

Thank you for reviewing this information on the Whale. If you have any
questions regarding this topic please do not hesitate to contact either Ivone Batista ext.1022 or Jason Samulaitis
ext.1175 in the Information Technology Department.