Is this down comforter washable by pengtt


									   To be labeled a high quality               If your down is protected by a duvet cover,         Drying time may vary depending on the size
                                              frequent washings are not necessary, but if it is   of the down. We suggest drying on low heat
    “down” a comforter (duvet)                not protected by a duvet or children and animals    for several hours. This is much better for
must contain at least 75% down                are present in the home, frequent washings is       your down and will ensure that it is dry.
                        cluster.              expected.      Le Blanc® DOWNWASH® was              High heat may cause scorching or may cause
                                              precisely designed for this reason. You can now     the down to loose its oils and resilience.
                                              inexpensively launder your down as often as you
Is this down comforter washable?                                                                  After an hour, check the comforter by
                                              need and have it back on your bed that same
                                              evening.                                            pressing down on it. If it feels cold, clumpy
Yes, down comforters and pillows are                                                              or has an odor, it is not dry and you should
washable.    In fact, the method for                                                              continue the drying process.
cleaning down that is preferred by most
manufacturers is to launder your down                                                             During the drying cycle, we suggest to
with water.      Dry cleaning is not            CLEANING DOWN:                                    periodically take the comforter out of the
recommended. After all, geese do live in                                                          dryer and shake it. This will redistribute
water.                                                                                            and fluff the down.
                                              First, check the down for tears in the fabric
Using a professional laundry service is                                                           Down must be dried completely.     This is
                                              that may cause the loss of down during the
ideal but these services may take up to                                                           extremely IMPORTANT.        If you do not
                                              cleaning process. If the comforter is in good
two    weeks     and   are   very   costly.                                                       properly dry your down it can become moldy
                                              condition, then you may proceed with laundering
Additionally, some laundry services use                                                           and develop an odor.
detergents that may be good for cleaning
the down, but will not guarantee that any     Smaller and lighter comforters, pillows, and
stains will be removed from the actual        jackets can be washed in a home washing
                                                                                                   STORING DOWN:
covering    that    protects   the   down.    machine.    We only recommend laundering in a
Therefore, the inside is clean but many of    front -load (no agitator) washer to protect the
the stains remain on the outside.             stitching on the down from coming apart. If you     After you have properly cleaned the down, it
                                              do not own a front-loading machine, we suggest      should be stored away from direct sunlight in
This is why we have worked hard to bring      that you take it to a neighborhood laundry          a cool, dry place.
you a down friendly cleaner that will         center.
remove difficult stains typical to down                                                           To store a comforter, we suggest first
bedding.       For    years,   we  have       Place the comforter in the machine, use the cold    shaking it and then carefully folding it as
manufactured only the finest specialty        water setting and add ¼ cup of DOWNWASH®.           many times as necessary.           Wrap the
cleansers and Le Blanc® DOWNWASH® is          If you have a stain, pretreat the stain by          comforter in a sheet or some type of
no exception.                                 following the directions on the bottle. Once the    breathable cotton bag. To prevent matting,
                                              cleaning cycle is complete, you may dry the         avoid stacking other items on top of it.
Its low- sudsing, neutral pH formula will     comforter in your home dryer.
                                                                                                      •   Do not store down in a plastic bag.
gently yet thoroughly bathe the down
                                                                                                          This may cause the down fill to
while protecting its natural oils from
drying out. Le Blanc® DOWNWASH® is              DRYING DOWN:                                              mildew.
safe for use on down comforters, pillows,
                                                                                                  Prior to washing, we always suggest following
jackets   and    other   washable   down
                                                                                                  the care instructions on the tag of item being

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