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Parish Paragraphs
                               October 2009

                         ARE YOU A GIRAFFE OR A TURTLE? Being a Christian is not just about believing in
                         Christ; it’s about following Jesus-not just Jesus who’s on our side, but Jesus who calls
                         us to walk by his side. So are you a turtle or a giraffe? Are you going to hide inside
                         your shell or are you willing to stick your neck out and invite someone to come to
                         church with you on Bring-A-Friend Sunday, October 4?

                Home Game Dinners
Friday, October 9: Roast Beef dinner served by Larry and Marnie Groves
Friday, October 23: Swiss Steak dinner served by Morgan’s Class

Purchase your tickets in the office or after the 10:00 worship service on Sundays.


                                            It’s Oktoberfest time!
This fun event is being held in the church Fellowship Hall on Saturday, October 31, from 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
More themed raffle baskets are needed! Sign up in the narthex and have your baskets into the office
BEFORE October 15. If you have questions, please call Joanne Bennett at 330-875-8500.
Here’s some of the wonderful things you’ll experience at Oktoberfest:

                       Country Store with homemade goodies and “white elephant” items
                          Twenty-One crafters demonstrating and selling their wares
                               Delicious German Food in the center “food court”
                                Quilts for sale from our very own quilting ladies
                             Themed raffles baskets on display…you may win one!
                        The new Constitution Queen and her Court will do face-painting

Donations for the Country Store
     Start bringing in your donations to the Country Store for Oktoberfest anytime between October 18-31. There
is a designated table on the stage in the Fellowship Hall for your items. If you are making baked goods, please
bring them on Friday, October 30, or first thing Saturday morning, October 31. Thanks for your generosity!
                               FROM OUR INTERIM PASTOR’S POINT OF VIEW
                               Most of you are aware that my ministry with you is coming to a close October 17.
                               Due to a financial crisis in 2009, namely expenses that outdistanced income, a
                               change from having two to one pastor was the decided upon solution. I appreciate
                               the 14 months I will have spent with you and will pray for your future.

    This is the final newsletter article that I will write as your Interim Pastor. In light of this, I would like to use it
as a “teaching moment.”
    We are different people and we see the world from different perspectives, but basically from one of two ways,
either through linear or lateral thinking. These are:
    Linear thinking is a process of thought that follows a step-by-step progression. It is “cause and effect”
thinking. This can be diagramed in this way…
                        A----- B---- C---- D, therefore = E

    Lateral thinking is an indirect and creative approach to problem solving. Lateral thinking is reasoning that is
not immediately obvious and ideas that may not be obtainable by using only traditional step-by-step logic.
    The difference between these two ways of thinking can be seen in the following illustration. An automobile
manufacturer has a problem with its cars not stopping quickly enough when the brakes are applied. A linear
thinker approaches the solution from the standpoint that brakes stop the car and they are not working correctly.
Therefore, it must be in the material used in making the brake pads and by improving the make-up of the brake
pads, the problem is solved. Whereas, a lateral thinker approaches the problem by looking at the broader
picture… might it be the brakes or the pedal sensor, the hydraulics, tire inflation, road and weather conditions, or
does poor visibility affect driver reaction time?
     As in this illustration, there are variables that play a part in our lives, including the fact that we live in a world
of different thinking people. Others do not see the world as we see it. They see it through their own eyes.
Realize that even with our heads side by side, we still are four inches apart.
    What does this say to the members of Paradise Church? The solution to the church’s lower income might be
to cut back on expenses. Lights turned out when not needed. Thermostats set to higher setting in the summer
and lower settings in the winter. Cut back on staff and staff hours.
    Another solution might be to increase the income of the church. Ask people to please maintain their financial
support even when they chose not to attend Sunday worship. The church is still “their church” whether or not
they are in attendance. Talk about tithing (giving 10% of income) as part of the stewardship campaign with the
desire that the members will increase their giving.

Your Interim Pastor and friend,

Dr. Darrell C. Filler

                                   Trick-Or- Treat for U.N.I.C.E.F.
                                      2nd Mile Offering for October
        As a part of the UCC family, Paradise UCC is required to support at least one international organization
throughout the year. We have chosen the Trick or Treat for UNICEF program as the Second Mile Offering
because of its 59-year history, and it is a program in which everyone can participate. The youth and children of
the church will each receive a UNICEF box to collect change as they collect candy during Halloween time. Extra
boxes will be available for adults to pick up in the church office. The bank in the Narthex will also be set up so
that everyone can contribute their spare change. The Trick or Treat for UNICEF program started in 1950, when a
group of children from Philadelphia collected $17 towards the needs of the children affected by WWII. Since
then, the program has grown to raise over $140 million for different causes. The money donated will go towards
polio immunizations around the world, nutritional supplements for those in need, and to supply other basic
necessities to those in need. To see the history of the Trick or Treat for UNICEF project and to see where all of
the money goes, visit
                                                    Cathy’s Corner
                             October 21 was the due date, but nothing was happening. A week passed, then
                             almost two, and the expectant mother was growing antsy. When would Baby Willie
                             arrive? The grandma-to-be arrived with the formula for success, pumpkin pie and a
                             car trip over bumpy roads. "Glory be! It worked!" On November 1 at 2:11 am, a full
eleven days late, I arrived (not Willie) to the delight of an exhausted Mother, Grandmother, and Father who
passed out as soon as he saw me.
    I’m sharing these family details with you because my birthday is coming and I’m hoping you’ll give me a
present. But before you consider a trip to the mall, let me assure you that the presents I desire are not the kind
that you buy and wrap.
    The most meaningful presents that I have ever received are those that come from the heart and are given,
not to me, but to God. My heart overflows when I see people coming together to worship, serve, honor, and
adore God. As you have heard, I will be acting as Senior Pastor until the Congregation calls their next settled
pastor, whether that be in a week, a month, or into the new year. It is an honor to serve you, but I can assure
you that I won’t be able to do it alone. I’ll need your help....that’s why I’m asking for the birthday presents!
    Would you consider giving me the gift of your presence Sunday morning? I would love to see you as we
worship God. Would you consider adding a few minutes to your prayer time as you ask God to bless this
congregation, to bless the Search Committee, Consistory, and the leaders of the congregation? I have a strong
belief that prayer changes things.
    Would you consider working with me as we enter the Fall season? We will be receiving new members,
beginning a new Confirmation Class, considering our giving, happily welcoming the community to home game
dinners and Oktoberfest, and carrying on the mission of the church. I need the gift of your presence to make it all
happen. But more importantly God needs you to share your time, talent, and treasure as we confidently move
into the future.
    Over and again God promises His people, "Your future is filled with hope." (Jer. 31:17). Indeed Paradise’s
future is filled with hope, God is working a good thing in our midst. I pray that you will join with me as we move
forward into that future with its bright promise. Looking forward to seeing you at worship,

                                                                            God be with you, Rev. Cathy Arble

A word about my health . . .
    In March I went to my doctor for an annual checkup. Things went well until I went for the follow-up visit. He
shocked me with his comments about my kidney not functioning correctly…and was proven wrong about that
assessment. But, I spent an anxious several weeks until the nephrologists (kidney doctor) reassured me that
everything is A-OK in that department.
    However, my doctor discovered some other quirks in the system. One of them is fibromyalgia, a disease that
I have probably been living with for years and just didn’t know it. It causes aches and pains that have, so far,
been manageable.
    The other condition is Raynaud’s Phenomenon. If you have shaken my hand, you may have noticed that it is
cold. That’s part of Raynaud’s. On occasion, when I’m chilled the capillaries in my fingers go into spasms and
stop the blood supply…so not only are the fingers cold…they’re also numb and white. So this winter, you may
see me with several layers of clothing, just trying to keep warm!
    Thanks to each of you who have inquired about my health and who have prayed for me. It is good to know
that I am surrounded by a cloud of loving, caring people.

Peace, Cathy
                  Consistory Minute Highlights for September 17, 2009

Corrected minutes from August 20 meeting: A kitchen coordinator will be a future consideration of the Church
  and Ministry Committee.
Explanations were given by Bart Keiser and Jim Lutz of the Financial Committee regarding why expenses are
  significantly different between some months. A few major factors may include whether there are two or three
  pay periods in one month, whether fundraising money goes out to pay expenses before the income is realized,
  and if insurances and pensions are paid (which are quarterly).
Dr. Filler asked if anyone would like to attend the Eastern Ohio Association’s Fall Meeting on October 31. The EOA
  is looking to possibly change the Spring Meeting to a Convocation.
The Search Committee is taking their discernment process very seriously and ask that the Consistory and
  congregation please keep them in continued prayer, giving them patience and support in the committee and
  the search process. There are no deadlines in receiving more profiles.
The Evangelism Committee has been busy preparing many upcoming events: Bring a Friend Day is Sunday,
  October 4; Oktoberfest is October 31; Rev. Cathy Arble will hold a Healing and Wholeness Service on
  September 22; the church’s web site looks good and is almost completely filled in but they need more pictures;
  Welcome Center training has taken place with one more session after worship on Sunday, September 27-they
  really need more volunteers; the Wednesday evening Bible Study begins with a six-week study book
  “Unbinding Your Heart”; A new members class will be offered on October 11, 18, 25 during the Sunday School
  hour in the Pastor’s study; Confirmation class begins in November on Sundays from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.;
  The cookbook committee is looking to finalize recipes and orders very soon.
Hospitality Committee donated $500 to the General Fund from a funeral luncheon donation; served 24 at the
  new members breakfast; served 220 at the Swiss Steak Home Game Dinner; several funeral luncheons
  took place over the last month; plans will be made to transition the duties of the Hospitality chairperson from
  Joanne to the next person.
In Missions, the 2nd Mile Offering for October is Trick or Treat for U.N.I.C.E.F. The coin drop will be out again to
  collect money. The Mitten Tree will go up at the end of October. M.U.S.T. will be the mission offering for
  November and the Angel Tree will be put up for December. Angel Food Ministries is going at a steady pace
  right now. They can now receive on-line orders each month.
The Community Cupboard may have a new location within the next month.
The gazebo roof was stained by His Carpenters. Outdoor equipment has been maintained. Furnaces have been
  maintained for the coming season.
The new Confirmands will receive their Bibles on Sunday, October 25.
Pastor Appreciation month is October.
Stewardship talks will take place in worship in October, given by the three newest Deacons.
Executive session followed the regular meeting regarding Church and Ministry and Finance.

                            Schedule of Upcoming Important Dates
Sunday, October 4, is WORLD COMMUNION SUNDAY

Stewardship Packets will be mailed to members mid-October.

Sunday, October 25, is a Congregational Meeting at the 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. worship services.
   * Nominees for Consistory will be introduced to the congregation
   * Additional nominations may be made from the congregation

Sunday, November, is the Annual Congregational Meeting at the 10:00 a.m. worship. (NO 8:00 a.m. worship)
   * Election of new Consistory officers
   * Vote on the new 2010 church budget
                          Paradise UCC Safe Church Policy:

  If you are a children’s Sunday school teacher, a Youth Leader, a member of the Visitation Committee or a
member of the Hearts & Hands group and have not returned “Exhibit A – Authorized Volunteer Application and
Disclosure Form”, please do so soon and return it to me. If you have any questions regarding the Safe Church
Policy, please contact me. Thank you.
                                           SEARCH COMMITTEE
    The committee has been working diligently continuing to review profiles. Yes, we have received a few new
ones and at this point, we have received 49 profiles.
    As many of you have already heard, the individual with whom we did our first “face to face” interview
received a call from 2 other churches and accepted one of those calls. As we have said, we are interviewing for
the position of senior pastor but the candidate is also interviewing Paradise Church. As we have identified the 12
characteristics that we are looking for in a pastor, the candidate also has in mind the characteristics that are
important and with God’s guidance, makes a choice that he or she feels is the best fit.
    As we do these interviews, we are making every attempt to find that special person that will be able to not
only lead us well in the pulpit but will have the skills to relate to us on a committee and personal level with all the
aspects of our daily and church life as different situations occur. We continue to be enthusiastic about the
possibilities that we have with several candidates. We know that all of you are anxious to have all of this “settled”
and we are trying very hard to listen to all of you and yet pay attention to the way in which we feel God is
leading us.
    Our hope is that all of you will continue to keep us in your prayers on a daily basis. Even though we do not
meet every day as a committee, there is not a day goes by that one of us is not working on something that will
help us to discern just who it is that will be the person that is the one that we will present to you as our
recommendation for the Senior Pastor position.
                                                                                           -Helen Pugh, chairperson

                                      NEEDLEWORK FELLOWSHIP
   Did you know that the needlework fellowship has been faithfully meeting the last Wednesday of the month?
Through spring and summer they have been carefully fashioning knit or crochet rectangles for afghans, working
on personal projects, and enjoying each other’s company.
   They would love to have you join them October 28 at 7 p.m. in the Media Center. This joyous group will
welcome you as an interested observer or one who is ready to tackle a project.

                                          WOMEN”S LUNCHEON
   Ladies . . . Come One, Come All! Shades of Fall, a luncheon for ladies, will be held Saturday, October 17, at
1:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall. We will enjoy scrumptious food, fine fellowship, and some rousing games. After we
have eaten, we’ll play a round or two of Bingo. If you’re staying for the fun, please bring a “white elephant” for
the prize table or a gift from the dollar store.
   If you are able to attend, please sign up on the bulletin board outside the main office so we can adequately
prepare for your presence.
                                             HELPING HANDS
     The comforters that we have been working on will be taken to Crossroad Children’s Home this month so now
is the time when we need to start looking toward next year. I am sure that when the group returns, they will
have stories to share that will warm our hearts. Each child receives a comforter to keep and on which a heart that
says it is “made with love.” When children are so troubled, just to know that someone has cared enough to take
the time to make the comforter just for them can serve as solace when they are trying to deal with all the
difficulties in their young lives.
     Don’t worry about having sewing skills because there are many steps to making the comforters that require
no sewing ability. As an added bonus, you can enjoy some wonderful fellowship and sharing. Plan to join us on
the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month from 10 until 2. If you need a ride or have questions, please call Julie at
330-875-1036, Nancy at 330-875-8639 or Helen at 330-875-2756.

                                        ANGEL FOOD MINISTRY
    We continue to be very pleased with the quality of food that is being offered in the program. After concern
was shown about the nutritional value of some of the items, the menu was revised to become healthier.
    We will be distributing menus to the school children in all of the elementary classes in both the public and
parochial schools in the Louisville area and we are checking to see if we can also do the East Canton area. We
continue to find that there are individuals who do not know about the program. If you can help in getting out the
information, it would be very much appreciated. We will gladly make copies of the menus for you to share
wherever you think that people might pick them up. Please call Helen Pugh at 330-875-2756 for menus.
    As we distribute the food, we continue to receive blessings as we see the smiles and hear the appreciation
expressed by those who come. We are so thankful for the time and effort that our church members and other
volunteers put into this program. As always, when we are truly doing what God would have us do, we receive so
much in return.
    The dates for ordering for October are Thursday, October 8, from 5 to 7 p.m. and again on Saturday, October
10, from 10 to 12 noon. Distribution is Saturday, October 17, at the Nimishillen Grange on Easton Street.

                                CONFIRMATION ANNOUNCEMENT
    If you are in 7th grade, are at least 12 years old, or if you are a little older and haven’t been confirmed yet,
you are eligible to participate in Confirmation Class beginning this Fall.
    Two special activities are planned for October 25. If you are going to share in the Confirmation Class, you will
be presented with a Bible in the 10:00 a.m. worship service. Following a brief cookie time, (around 11:15 a.m.)
you and your parents are invited to a short organizational meeting in Fellowship Hall.
    You may call the church office at 330-875-2677 or leave a message on the answering machine regarding your
interest in the class, if you have not done so already. Letters to prospective participants will be mailed shortly.

                                       NEW MEMBERS INSTRUCTIONAL CLASS
                         Dr. Filler and Rev. Arble will share leadership in telling about our congregation,
                     denomination, and other information helpful to new members in a class to be held during
                     Sunday school time, 9 to 9:45 a. m., October 11, 18, and 25 in the Senior Pastor’s Study.
                     Letters have been sent to prospective class members, but if you did not receive a letter and
                     want to join the congregation’s membership, please come!
                                    To all members of Paradise United Church of Christ:

                                        You are cordially invited to attend the marriage of
                                        Julie Robbins Callisto and Gary Lee Blythe
                                        Saturday, October 24, 2009, here at Paradise Church.
                                        Music begins at 5:00 p.m.

                                        A reception follows the ceremony in Fellowship Hall.
       No gifts please.
       If you plan to attend, please sign up on the bulletin board
       outside the church office by Sunday, October 11,
       so that they may adequately prepare for the reception.


                                               You’re Invited!
   Join us for Coffee Chats class on Sunday, October 4, as we begin a new series, “Unplug the Christmas
Machine,” a guide to putting love and joy back into the holiday season, and learn how to create a stress-free
   Have you ever struggled to maintain long-time family traditions with today’s fast-paced
schedule? How do you combine healthy living and the rich, elaborate, abundant food on
the Christmas table? And how many months will it take your finances to recover from
your holiday spending habits? We will learn the solutions to these problems and many
more starting October 4 in Room 205. Please join us … we’re saving a seat just for YOU!

Sunshine Makers K - 4                       Graders!
Sunday, October 4: 11:15-1:30 p.m. Get Acquainted Pizza Party! Please join us in Fellowship Hall as we get to
 know each other, play games, win prizes, and of course, eat pizza! This is a great event for new members to
 our group.
Sunday, October 18: 2:00 p.m. (tentative time) Watch for more details as we’ll be meeting at a pumpkin patch
 and farm for a fun-filled afternoon with our families! Location and exact time to be announced soon.
November meetings: November 1 and 15.
Sunshine Makers Leaders: Laura Geyer, 330-875-7437; Beth Fouts 330-875-4562; Sue Folk 330-875-3924

Jr. High Youth: Grades 5-6-7-8
Sunday, October 11: 6 – 7:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall. Come to this planning meeting, we’ll have pizza and pop!
Jr. High Youth Leaders: Barb Foutz 330-875-1922 and Shari Folk 330-875-3924

Sr. High Youth: Grades 9-10-11-12
Sunday,   October   4:    No youth meeting
Sunday,   October   11:   6:00-8:00 p.m. meeting in the Youth Room
Sunday,   October   18:   No Youth meeting
Sunday,   October   25:   6:00-8:00 p.m. meeting in the Youth Room
                          Sr. High Youth Leaders: Wendy Emerick 330-875-4464; and Kathy Wolf 330-875-4869
                          The B.i.G. Idea this month for the Preschool through 5th grade class is “We believe that
                          Jesus is the Messiah, the special one sent by God.” The classes will explore the biblical
                          story of Jesus calling the disciples to follow him, and they will identify ways they can follow
                          Jesus and be disciples today. The children will discover that Jesus loves and accepts all
people, and they will develop ways that they can accept people who may appear different from themselves. The
Bible verse for October is “You are the Messiah” Matthew 16:16.

    The “Word Up” Class (6th grade – 12th grade) meets in the Youth Room (Room 229) from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.
They will be studying the “Armor of God” from Ephesians. The class has started on their yearly service project of
making blankets for shut-ins.
    There will be a children’s sermon on Sunday, October 11, during the 10:00 service. Hope you can join me
on the steps!
    Something new this year! Our Preschool through 5th grade will be getting together at 9:15 a.m. on Sunday,
October 25, in Fellowship Hall for a group activity. We hope to do this each month. What are we doing on the
25th? Come at 9:15 and find out!!!!
    Adult helpers are needed for the Preschool/Kindergarten class for the months of January and April and for the
1st/2nd Grade class for the month of April. If you are interested, please contact me.
    The Coffee Chat Class (Room 205), Morgan’s Class (Room 027) and the Bixler/Strausser Class (Room 1110
meet from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Stop in and see what they are up to this month!
    On Sunday, September 13, we held our Teacher and Youth Leader Installation. Below is a list of the 2009 -
2010 Sunday school teachers and Youth Leaders.

Cradle Roll - Donna Edwards
Babyland/Toddler Room - Greg & Jennifer Anderson, Patti Carden, Tammy Coffy, Jeremy & Aimee Lirgg, Ron &
  Erin Mong, Debbie Ramsey, Matthew & Sara Sheckler and Jill Smith
Preschool/Kindergarten - Beth Fouts, Diane McLaughlin, Bob Meadows, Michelle Nervo, Beverly Peterman, Paula
  Phillps, Liz Ramsey and Kathy Wolf
1st & 2nd Grade – Leanne Barton, Beth Blanc, Brenda L’Amoreaux, Missy Simon, Kelley Stillwagon and Ann Vesely
3rd/4th/5th Grade – Ruth Cessna, Jane Conrad, Linda Raderchak, Kris Scheetz, Rick & Becky Sliter and Sherri
 “Word Up” Class- Donna Edwards and Dianne Walker
Bixler/Strausser Class - Edith Buchanan, Nancy Chenot, Marie Ickes, Helen Pugh, Marita Hahn-Royer, and Connie
Morgan’s Class – Ted Burwell, Joan Frost, Jim Jackson, Dan MacIntyre, Jim Raymond and Pat Smith
Youth Groups:
Sunshine Makers (K – 4) – Laura Geyer, Sue Folk and Beth Fouts, Leaders
Jr. High Youth (Grades 5 – 8) –, Barb Foutz and Shari Folk, Leaders
Senior High Youth (Grades 9 – 12) – Wendy Emerick and Kathy Wolf, Leaders

Thank you to all of you for volunteering your time and leadership to be “Serving in His Steps”.

                                                                                 Church School Director

                                    Blessed Birthday Wishes to these Children of God:

                                   Mikayla Ramirez     Keith Beaver                     Ryan Mong
                                   Nicole Strouse     Jennifer McLaughlin               Brice Ramsey
                                   Carter Wick     Madison Wagoner-Stoffer          Jonathan Mong
                   Babyland/Toddler Room – Room 130
October        4     Jeremy & Aimee Lirgg
              11     Greg & Jennifer Anderson
              18     Tammy Coffy & Pattie Carden
              25     Debbie Ramsey & Jill Smith

              Preschool/Kindergarten Class – Room 102
October        4     Beth Fouts & Beverly Peterman
              11     Kathy Wolf & Michelle Nervo (Children’s Sermon)
              18     Beth Fouts & Liz Ramsey
              25     Beth Fouts & Liz Ramsey     (Group Activity @ 9:15 in Fellowship Hall)

              1st & 2nd Grade Class – Room 202
October       Leanne Barton & Ann Vesely
              (October 11 – Children’s Sermon)
              (October 25 – Group Activity @ 9:15 in Fellowship Hall)

            3rd/4th/5th Grade Class- Media Room (Room 224)
October      Sherrie Wallace & Linda Raderchak
             (October 25 – Group Activity @ 9:15 in Fellowship Hall)

            “Word Up” Class – Youth Room (Room 229)
             Donna Edwards, Doug Scheetz and Dianne Walker

Church Finances: 2009 Actual Expenses
                                      Revenue      Income
               Budgeted     Actual      from       & Fund     Total     Impact to
               Expenses    Expenses   Offerings   Raising    Revenue      Cash

 January        $40,665    $35,464    $21,407     $2,090     $23,497    ($11,967)
 February       $31,939    $28,554    $25,661     $1,890     $27,551     ($1,003)
  March         $31,938    $30,675    $26,183     $2,383     $28,566     ($2,109)
   April        $35,688    $23,994    $23,680     $2,241     $25,921      $1,927
   May          $32,738    $26,437    $26,363     $6,114     $32,477      $6,040
   June         $37,988    $31,452    $20,676      $490      $21,166    ($10,286)
   July         $34,608    $34,628    $19,973     $6,423     $26,395     ($8,233)
  August        $39,184    $27,441    $29,739      $694      $30,433      $2,992
September       $36,588
 October        $34,338
November        $32,838
December        $32,746
 Full Year
  Budget        $421,261
Year to Date Information   $238,645   $193,681    $22,325    $216,006   ($22,639)
 ____________Thank You Notes in the Mailbox____________
A huge thank you to Rev. Cathy Arble and Dr. Darrell Filler for their many visits and prayers with Herbert
Sundheimer. Also, thank you for the continued contacts made by members of the visitation committee. Recently
when I visited Herb in his room, I saw a beautiful altar bouquet of white and red carnations had been given to
him. I really appreciate all the Bixler/Strausser class and Paradise U.C.C. family have done and continues to do in
remembrance of my sister, Marian Sundheimer. You have all been faithful with your prayers and your many,
many cards as you continued to touch Herbert Sundheimer’s life.                                     –Lillian Haidet

To all that donated and that are praying for us, we thank you so much for your kindness. Sorry this is so late.
                                                                        -In Christ, Clyde and Kim McCauley Family

Your cards, calls and visits certainly uplifted my lengthy hospital rehab. Thank you for thinking of me. Also, Dr.
Filler’s many conversations and prayers were much appreciated. I hope it won’t be too long until I am able to join
you at Paradise.                                                                                –Owen Schmucker

For all who helped with the Home Game Ham Dinner on September 11 and all those who attended, the Youth
thank you very much for your support.                                                  –Wendy Emerick

Thank you Dr. Filler for seeing me at the hospital and for the beautiful cards and prayers from the congregation.
It was so nice to see Rev. Filler and Nancy Chenot when they came to give me communion. –Geraldine Wasnak

To Our Wonderful Friends at Paradise United Church of Christ: Thank you so much for allowing us to watch the
Constitution Day Parade on your front lawn! You were so wonderful and accommodating to us. We appreciate
you! (note: They also delivered a beautiful HUGE potted mum, which is planted in the flower bed in front of the
rose window.)          Thank you, The Staff and Residents at Green Meadows Health and Wellness Center

On behalf of the Stark County Bicentennial and the Augustus Juilliard Tribute Committee, I would like to extend
my sincere appreciation for your generosity in using your church for our musical celebration.     –Chip Conde
I want to thank all my church family for all the beautiful prayer cards which helped me when I had knee surgery,
the beautiful flowers that Kathryn Lautzenheiser sent me, the girl who brought them, and the visit from Dr. Filler
who was very faithful. Along with his prayers and visits from Helen and Ralph Pugh, it helped a great deal. Thank
all of you from the bottom of my heart.                                                  –Sincerely, Dee Wilkens

Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday cards, visited me and the Pastors that visited me. Also thank you to
everyone from the church who has done everything for me. Also, thank you to the Jackson girls for delivering
altar flowers one Sunday. I’ll miss you when I move to Strasburg. Please come to visit me at 190 9th St. SW,
Strasburg OH 44680.                                                                            –Marjorie Jossi

Hello Friends of Paradise!
After a year of visiting churches in our area, we are ready to step into a local congregation again, First
Presbyterian Church of Winter Haven with Dr. Ray Larsen, Minister of visitation. Of all the wondrous ways in
which Providence works, Ray is a retired U.C.C. minister serving this congregation of about 1,000 in a part-time
position. He served the U.C.C. church in Paris (just down the road from Paradise) many years ago! Barb and I
enjoyed a dinner with Ray and his wife Gladys just last week. It IS a small world and our paths cross so many
others that we are never truly alone. Best wishes to Darrell as he ends his interim service to Paradise U.C.C.
Best wishes to Cathy (and Harry) as she carries the pastoral leadership responsibilities for the church as Acting
Pastor. Best wishes to the congregation as people are called to step forward and share their gifts! Our prayers
are with you all.                                                     –Grace and Peace, Kline and Barb Roberts
                    Special Notices to the Congregation
* NEEDED for October, November, December: Greeters following the 10:00 worship service, cookie bakers
  and servers for fellowship time following worship.

* Parish Paragraphs by email: If you would be interested in receiving the monthly Parish Paragraphs by
  email instead of by regular mail, please call the church office or send an email with your request.

* “Snowbirds:” Those in our congregation who head south (or west) for the winter months, please call the
  church office and let us know the approximate dates you will be leaving Ohio and returning in the spring. This
  will enable us to transfer any mailings to you including the Parish Paragraphs. If you would like your winter
  address published in the newsletter, please give us permission to do so.

* If you or a family member of our congregation is in the hospital or a rehab center following an illness,
  surgery, or accident, please let the Pastors or church office know as soon as possible since hospitals do not
  always notify the church in a timely manner, or at all due to the privacy act.

* There are “enhanced” CD’s of worship services in the office if you would like to sign one out and take it
  home or to a shut in to listen to. Thank you to Jim Jackson for his efforts.

* Large tin cans are used to deliver altar flowers on Sundays after worship service. If you can save any in
  the next few months, please bring them to the church office and we’ll place them in the proper storage

* Home Game Dinner volunteers needed! There are only two dinners left – October 9 and 23. We really
  need extra people to bake pies, make salads, serve meals, and help clean up. If you can help in any way
  possible, please call the church office and leave your name and phone number.
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