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       Guide’Tis the season for giving, and The Iowan
           is pleased to offer our annual Holiday
           Gift Guide. We’ve spent the last year
          combing the state for great ideas, each
         one with its own Iowa connection.
          Buying locally is a way to not only
              support Iowa artisans and retailers
                and fuel local economies but also
                  to ensure that your gifts are unique
                   and memorable. Pour a warm cup,
                   get comfortable, and start shopping!

[ compiled by Paula Poland | photography by BoBBIe RussIe ]

                                                              The Make-A-Wish Foundation®
                                                              of Iowa’s Jolly Holiday Lights

Ooooh and aaaah like never before
This year, take in a 3D holiday experience at Jolly Holiday
Lights! Just purchase a set of three 3D glasses for $3 and
you’ll enhance your enjoyment of our 3 mile magical
holiday wonderland. (Wow! That’s a lot of threes!)
And as always, 100% of your $9 admission goes to the
Make-A-Wish Foundation of Iowa to help children with
life-threatening medical conditions. For more information
visit www.iowa.wish.org or www.hyvee.com.
Share the Power of a Wish® and join us this holiday season!

Water Works park
Nov. 24 - Jan. 2 5:30 - 10:00pm
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Pamper Him
show that great guy in your life how much you care — about
his skin. Give him some healthful, botanical skin-care products
from Soy Spacasso. The Manstyle line includes this oatmeal Milk
& Honey Hydrating Formula lotion and oatmeal Milk & Honey
soothing lip Balm. The unisex sweet Vanilla sea salts Foaming
Body scrub is also popular. available at east Village spa and
Mountain Memories in des Moines, as well as online.
$18/8oz Manstyle Oatmeal Milk & Honey Hydrating Formula Lotion
$4 Manstyle Oatmeal Milk & Honey Soothing Lip Balm
$15/8 oz Unisex Sweet Vanilla Sea Salts Foaming Body Scrub
East Village Spa
315 e. 5th #121, des Moines
Mountain Memories
southridge Mall #229
1111 army Post Road, des Moines
                                                                                  Worth It
                                                                                  she’ll love these
                                                                                  pretty and terrific-smelling
                                                                                  shea butter soaps from Two Rivers Soap Company.
                                                                                  order online or pick up at the main store. Check the
Soy-tastic!                                                                       website for other retail locations. $20/5 pk
A & R Creations is the husband and wife team allan                                Two Rivers Soap Company
and Ronda Mathias, who make these soy candles                                     1017 Main street, suite 3, norwalk
at home in Woodburn. available in nine fragrances:                                www.tworiverssoaps.com
Baked apple, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Golden lilac,                               515-779-7282
love spell, Mulberry Classic, orange Vanilla, Pumpkin
Pie, Vanilla Hazelnut, and Black Cherry.
each candle comes in a 6-oz. jelly jar.
Purchase online. $6.10 each
www.buyiowaonline.com (click on “Candles”)
                                                                                                  Our online version has
                                                                                                   direct links to all the
                                                                                                   websites listed here.
                                                                                                             Click on
                                                                                                        Holiday Gift Guide

                                                           Soft as a Feather
                                                              Give someone the gift of a good night’s sleep! The Czech Feather & Down
                                                                 Company is a family-owned business that’s been making down and
                                                                    feather-blend pillows, comforters, and feather beds for over 100
                                                                       years. This standard pillow is 10 percent goose down and 90
                                                                          percent goose feather. The lap comforter is 100 percent goose
                                                                            down. Visit the store in Mount Vernon or shop online. Custom
                                                                           orders are available. $48 Standard pillow / $155 Lap comforter
                                                                     Czech Feather & Down Company
                                                                    103 1st street West, Mount Vernon

                                                                                       THe IoWan november/december 2009                  29
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                                                      Out of the Woodwork
                                                      Joel and Karma Brokaw and their seven children
                                                      operate a family-owned woodworking business, JK Creative Wood & Gifts in
                                                      Kalona, in the heart of the largest amish settlement west of the Mississippi. each
                                                      one-of-a-kind cutting board is made using multiple woods. nothing goes to waste;
     long before
                                                      the sawdust is recycled by amish neighbors and used as animal bedding. Found
     Greenfield artist
                                                      online at the Iowa artisans Gallery. (Call Joel or Karma for information on additional
     Carole lundy founded Pots and Knots, she
                                                      retail outlets.)
     was making pottery from clay found on the
                                                      $22 Extra-small / $40 Small
     family farm in southern Iowa. Carole’s early
                                                      JK Creative Wood & Gifts
     works dried on fence posts and were fired in
     her mom’s trash pile. This cobalt blue pitcher
     with a freehand floral design is high-fired
     stoneware and lead-free.
     Holds 2 cups. order online. $30                                                            What’s Cooking?
     www.buyiowaonline.com                                                                       a product of the Restoration Committee
     (click on “Ceramics and Pottery”)                                                           of the Garland Hotel in Bedford,
                                                                                                  150 Years of Good Taste is packed
                                                                                                   with recipes, including many treasured
                                                                                                   family heirlooms. Proceeds go toward
                                                                                                    the restoration of the 1857 hotel.
                                                                                                     Find it online. $15
     On the Cutting Edge                                                                             www.buyiowaonline.com
     These beautiful kitchen                                                                          (click on “Kitchen”)
     knives are works of
     functional art that would
     make any chef happy. doug
     Gethmann of Gethmann
     Knife Works in Gladbrook
     offers free sharpening                                   Cups O’ Fun
     and guarantees his knives                                These stoneware mugs from Sunflower Pottery
     for life. Handmade blocks                                in Pella were created by Bob anderson on a
     cut from native Iowa trees                               decades-old foot-powered wheel, then hand-
     complement this fine set of                              glazed by Bob’s wife, Connie. Find them in the
     kitchen cutlery. Call to order.                          Iowa artisans Gallery or purchase online.
     $200 set                                                 $ 28 Flying pig mug / $ 28 Cow mug
     (also sold individually)                                 Iowa Artisans Gallery
     Gethmann Knife Works                                     207 e Washington st., Iowa City
     641-473-2942                                             319-351-8686

30    www.Iowan.com
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                                                                        Every Day of the year
                                                                        support Iowa’s museums by giving The Men of the
                                                                        Iowa Museum Association (IMa) 2010 calendar.
                                                                        each month features one of Iowa’s favorite museums
                                                                        and one of its outstanding male staff members. Buy
                                                                        at living History Farms MarketPlaCe Museum store
                                                                        or call to order. Proceeds support the IMa and living
                                                                        History Farms. $7.50
                                                                        Living History Farms
                                                                        2600 111th st., urbandale
Iowa Museum Association        2010 Calendar

                          Rock Out
                          Reflections of a Red Moon is a                            While you Work
                           handcrafted, one-of-a-kind electric solid-               — or anytime
                           body guitar inspired by nature’s own                     These clever wooden whistles
                            abstraction. swamp-salvaged redwood                     created by the “Whistle lady,” Iowa City artist
                             shapes the theme of this piece, with an                Connie Roberts, make terrific stocking stuffers!
                              inlay of a red moon reflecting over the               Find them at the Iowa artisans Gallery or buy online.
                               night waters and enhanced by other                   $10 Cigar / $10 Umpire pencil / $10 Iowa corn
                                colorful, unstained tonewoods,                      Iowa Artisans Gallery
                                 together producing a deep, rich,                   207 e. Washington st., Iowa City
                                  warm tone with a clean and                        www.iowa-artisans-gallery.com
                                   articulate voice. learn more about               319-351-8686
                                    Cedar Rapids-based Crow Hill
                                     Guitars online. $4,000
                                      www.crowhillguitars.com                                        Gift of Legacy
                                       641-919-5260                                                  Through a series of recorded interviews, personal
                                                                                                     historian sherry Borzo of Storied Gifts will
                                                                                                     archive your stories and pair with selected photos
                                                                                                     and mementos, binding the collection into an
                                                                                                                    heirloom book. a cherished
                                                                                                                    gift for family and friends. Cost
                                                                                                                    determined by interview time and
                                                                                                                    content volume. Contact sherry
                                                                                                                    for more information.
                                                                                                                    Storied Gifts

                                                                                       Special Delivery
                                                                                            This one-of-a-kind, handcrafted letter opener is another
                                                                                                beautiful product from Gethmann Knife Works.
                                                                                                    suddenly, even opening bills seems fulfilling.
                                                                                                        Call to order. $20

                                                                                                         THe IoWan november/december 2009                 31
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                                                         Treasure This
                                                         These Trinket Boxes made by Madrid
                                                         artist Christine Moran of Made with
                                                         U in Mind come in three sizes and
                                                         are perfect for storing everything
     Carry On                                            from photos to jewelry. even rocks.
     Karen Jackson and the folks at Premium Designs      (she makes them for boys, too!)
     LLC can take your favorite photos or works of       Call to order. special orders may
     art and turn them into beautiful, one-of-a-kind     require additional costs.
     treasures. using dye-sublimation — a high-quality   $19 Large (5½" h x 8¼" w x 5½" d)
     photo imprinting process that uses vaporized        $16.25 Medium (4¼" h x 7¼" w x 4½" d)
     color versus ink jet dots — they can personalize    $9 Small (3¾" h x 6¼" d x 3¼" d)
     and customize just about anything. These            Made With U In Mind
     messenger bags feature a Velcro flap; additional    515-795-2522
     flaps can be purchased, allowing the user to
     change the look of the bag.
     $39.95 Messenger bag w/ one flap
     $12 Extra flaps
     Premium Designs LLC
     1906 Ingersoll ave. #9,
     des Moines

                                                                                                 Funky Fashion
     artWear                                                                                      artist Renee Mak makes fashion fun
     Glass becomes art in the talented hands                                                       with her hand-painted, hand-dyed
     of Mimi senn. These one-of-a-kind jewelry                                                     clothing and jewelry. From scarves
     pieces make a statement. drop by Mimi’s                                                        to T-shirts to glass pendants and
     from the Market or shop online.                                                                  more, there’s something for all
     $17 Earrings / $19 Pendant / $35 Bracelet                                                         ages. shop online at Fuss It Up!
     Mimi’s From the Market                                                                              from $25
     207 5th st., West des Moines                                                                       Fuss It Up!
     www.mimisenn.com                                                                                www.fussitup.etsy.com

32      www.Iowan.com
Give the Gift of Iowa
                   Give Tassel Ridge Wine

Gift Baskets—We offer a variety of themed baskets, or we will custom design one just for you. Prices start at $30
Custom Labeled Wine—Choose from one of our formats, or let us help you design your own label!
Minimum order is 12 bottles of one type of wine. Prices from $130.60 to $250.60 per case of wine.
Dipping Oils—Enjoy our selection of dipping oils with ciabatta, foccacia, baguettes, or any other crusty bread.
Flavors include Roasted Garlic, Tomato Basil, Traditional Italian, Herb it Up!, Spice it Up!, Jalapeno-Cilantro,
Provence, and Normandy. $16.50
Candlelight Wine Brittle—This crunchy brittle candy is made with Tassel Ridge Candlelight wine and Spanish
peanuts. $9.50
In The Dark Chocolate Fudge—is delicious over ice cream, strawberries, pound cake, crepes, or by the spoonful.
This rich, dark chocolate fudge is made with our In the Dark wine. $10
Candlelight Caramel Sauce—is a silky-smooth caramel sauce with a hint of Tassel Ridge Candlelight wine.
Drizzle over ice cream, dip apple slices—the possibilities are endless. $10

                               Tassel Ridge Winery                                                                                                      New Sharon

                               1681 220th St • Leighton, IA 50143


                               641.672.WINE (9463)                                               Exit 40

                               www.tasselridge.com                                                                                 Tassel Ridge

                                                                                                                                         220th Street                                  92

                               Winery Tours and Tastings:                                                  92

                               Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–6 p.m.                                                                                                               23

                               Saturday, 10 a.m.–6 p.m.                                                                                                  63

                               Sunday, Noon–6 p.m.                                                                                                            Eddyville

                               Purchasing Wine: Wines are sold at the winery           Tassel Ridge Winery is located between
                               and over 200 retail locations. For a full list, visit   Pella and Oskaloosa on the south side of
                               www.tasselridge.com. We offer shipping services.        Highway 163.

                               Tassel Ridge Wines…Simply Extraordinary
                        Holiday Gift Ideas
                                                       from the Heart of Iowa!

         ORDER                                                                                                             10%
         ONLINE                                                                                                         DISCOUNT
    www.HeartOfIowa.com                                                                                                 Web orders receive a
       Shipping/Delivery                                                                                                  10% discount -
           Available!                                                                                                   Must enter code HOI09
                                          The Iowa Store & So Much More!

                                                   211 Fifth Street, West Des Moines, Iowa
                                              515-274-IOWA (4692) or Toll Tree 1-866-274-4692
                                                              Located in Historic Valley Junction
                                                           Featuring Iowa foods, gifts, souvenirs, gift baskets,
                                                                 John Deere, Cyclone & Hawkeye Gifts!
Your #1 trusted choice for Iowa gifts since 1986!

                                      Featuring our 2009                  Let us handle all the details this holiday!
                                  Glass Ornament                            We make it convenient and easy for
                           A holiday tradition since 1990                          everyone on your list!
                                                                                     Specializing in Corporate Gifts.
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Stands alone
We’re told there’s no comparison between the bland variety of Gouda cheese
found in most grocery stores and the fresh variety offered by a local farm. The
Bandstra family’s Frisian Farms, located near Pella, makes Gouda in the dutch
tradition. Fruity and tangy when young, Gouda develops a caramel sweetness
as it ages. Buy online or in select stores. Visit the website for shipping
information and a list of specific retail locations.
$18.99/lb Frisian Farmstead Mature Gouda
$18.99/lb Frisian Farmstead Smoked Gouda                                                            Hold the ketchup
Frisian Farms                                                                                       Family-owned Denison Mustard Co. has
www.frisianfarms.com                                                                                been making high-quality mustard for
enjoyourcheese@frisianfarms.com                                                                     many years. There are several varieties to
                                                                                                    tempt the taste buds of the mustard lover
                                                                                                    on your gift list. Visit Heart of Iowa Market
                                                                                                    Place, located in West des Moines’ Historic
                                                                                                    Valley Junction, or order online. $4.50
                                                                                                    Heart of Iowa Market Place
                                                                                                    211 5th st., West des Moines
                                                                                                    866-274-IoWa (4692) toll free
                         Bagpipes Optional
                         Olde Main Brewing Company offers “fresh
                         full-flavored beer for the discerning palate.”           Beer Buff alert
                         Try off KIlTer, a traditional scottish ale               aman's Millstream Brewing Company’s schild Brau amber is a
                         with a subdued hop and high in malt flavor.              coppery-color microbrew with a full-bodied malt character.
                         The brewmaster actually wears a kilt while               This 13-time national award-winning lager pairs well
                         brewing to achieve maximum scottish feel                 with items on the grill or on the holiday table.
                         and tradition. Visit the website for a list of           available statewide. Visit the website for a complete
                         retail locations. $8.99 (price may vary)                 list of retail locations. $8.99
                         www.oldemainbrewing.com                                  www.millstreambrewing.com
                         515-232-0553                                             319-622-3672

Hog Heaven
The “Purveyor of Quality,” Lewright Meats in
eagle Grove offers this gift box with six old
Fashioned Hickory smoked Wieners, four Hickory
smoked Polish sausages, two Hickory-smoked
Boneless Ham steaks, one each of its Hickory
smoked Bacon, Hickory smoked Cottage Bacon,
Hickory smoked Beef summer sausage, Hickory
smoked Ring Bologna, and Hickory smoked
Barbequed Pork. all Iowa pork,
smoked the old-fashioned way with                                                           Savory Snacks
real hickory logs. other boxed                                                              The Amana Meat & Smokehouse’s Heritage Gift
sets available.                                                                             Basket includes light-smoked summer sausage,
Visit the store and deli or                                                                 double-smoked summer sausage, dill Mustard,
purchase online or by phone.                                                                stone Ground Mustard, Beet Pickles, and Pickled
$44 (Shipped UPS for                                                                        asparagus. Visit the store or shop online. Call for
an additional $13.50)                                                                       shipping information. $49.95
Lewright Meats                                                                              Amana Meat & Smokehouse
108 north Iowa, eagle Grove                                                                 4513 F street, amana
www.lewrightmeats.biz                                                                       www.amanameatshop.com
515-448-4286                                                                                800-373-6328

                                                                                                THe IoWan november/december 2009                    35
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     Chocolate                                                                               Top This
     Decadence                                                                               Make the chocolate lover on your list
     Homemade fudge! Heart of Iowa Market Place                                              melt. Food critics Jane and Michael
     makes its own in several creamy flavors. We tried                                       stern call lago’s Hot Fudge “just maybe
     Chocolate, Iowa explosion, Trappistine Caramel,                                         the best hot fudge in this solar system
     and Chocolate amaretto. or pick up a clever                                             or any other.” Lagomarcino’s has been
     Chocolate lolly from Bettendorf’s Chocolate                                             making fine chocolates in the Quad
     Manor. Find it all at Heart of Iowa Market Place.                                       Cities area since 1908. order online.
     stop in or shop online.                                                                 $15.90/two 12 oz jars
     $5.50 ½ lb Fudge / $1.95 Chocolate Lolly                                                www.lagomarcinos.com
     Heart of Iowa Market Place                                                              309-764-1814
     211 5th st., West des Moines
     866-274-IoWa (toll free)                                                         Serve Generously
                                                                                      Made from grape wine and natural
                                                                                      chocolate flavor, Chocolate Granfinalé is
                                                                                      a dessert wine from Tassel Ridge Winery
                                                                                      in leighton. Rich and warm with generous
                                                                                      chocolate notes. Pairs well with a nut
                                                                                      torte or fruit dessert. Visit the website for
                                                                                      shipping information and a complete list of
                                                                                      retail locations. $20

                                                                                      Perfect Ending
                                                                                      The folks at Tassel Ridge Winery have
                                                                                      introduced a new dessert wine made from
                                                                                      grapes grown in Mahaska County. Finalé
     Sweet as Honey
                                                                                      Iowa Red pairs well with dark chocolate or
     In fact, it is honey. Your gift of Gourmet
                                                                                      makes a fine finish all by itself. Buy online
     Creamed Honey from Randol Honey Farm
                                                                                      or in select stores. Visit the website for
     in Winterset comes in 12 flavors: Plain, apple
                                                                                      shipping information and a complete list of
     Cinnamon, Blackberry, Blueberry, Butter Rum,
                                                                                      retail locations. $17
     Cinnamon, Jalapeño, orange, Peach, Pecan,
     Raspberry, and strawberry. Try one on toast, as
                                                                                      Tassel Ridge Winery
     a flavoring for tea, or as an ice cream topping.
     Yum! order online.
     $3.95/5 oz / $5.95/12 oz
     515-210-7445                                        Cacao Finesse
                                                                The Chocolate Cafe is known for its european chocolates, but the
                                                                      candy maker also offers specialty cheesecakes in several
                                                                           tempting flavors. We chose White Chocolate strawberry
                                                                               swirl, almost too beautiful to eat. almost. Visit The
                                                                                 Chocolate Cafe in Fairfield or call to order.
                                                                                     $30.75, 9-inch / $20.75, 7-inch
                                                                                       The Chocolate Cafe
                                                                                        55 south Court, Fairfield

36     www.Iowan.com
                            Y O C O M FA R M S
                                                           A “Deliciously Different” Holiday Treat
                            For over fifty years, YOCOM FARMS gift packages of Upland Game Birds, Smoked Meats, Steaks
                            and Chops have been favorite holiday gifts. Each specially designed gift package also includes
                            savory seasonings, fine cooking wines and the famous YOCOM FARMS recipes and instructions.

                                                                                                                                              We feel you’ll discover our
                                                                                                                                  YOCOM FARMS gift packages are greatly
                                                                                                                                      appreciated and long remembered.
                              Hickory-Smoked Turkey (approx. 10 lbs.). . . $37.50
                              Ringneck Pheasants (Pkg of 2) . . . . . . . . . . . $42.50
                              Fully Cooked Smoked Ham (approx. 9 lbs.) . $37.50
                              Bobwhite Quail (Pkg of 8) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $47.50
                                                                                                                                  Send us your gift list today!
                              Prime Hen Turkey (approx. 14 lbs.) . . . . . . . $29.95
                              Smoked Pheasants (Pkg of 2) . . . . . . . . . . . . $45.00                               Y O C O M FA R M S
                              Ribeye Steaks (Pkg of 4) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $54.50                                   BUSINESS OFFICE
                                                                                                                        P.O. Box 4996 • Des Moines, IA 50306
                              Iowa Chops (Pkg of 4) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $37.50
                                                                                                                    515/243-0877 • FAX: 515/282-4686
                                                           Plus Shipping and Handling

                                                                                                                                           Join us for a show
          The “Original” Iowa Afghan at
Glynns Creek                                                                                                                              April thru December!
    gifts                                                             Bed & Breakfast
                                                                              this holiday season.

                                                                                             Established in 1986
                                                                                         Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers Association

                                                                        The 2009 Iowa Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers
                                                                          Associaton directories are available at

                                                                                                  TRY IBBIA’S
                                                                                                NEW COOKBOOK
                                                                                                                                               Gift certificates are
  • Featuring Iowa scenes and landmarks • 50” x 65”
  • 100% Cotton • Willamsburg Blue • Hunter Green                                              Discover Iowa:
• Cranberry Red • All available with natural background                                         cooking with                                    always available!
                                                                                               Iowa Products
        59.95          (Includes tax and shipping)

          Glynns Creek Gifts
 19450 300th St., Long Grove, Iowa 52756                             In Iowa, call 800-888-INNS (4667) for a
 To order call or email: 563/285-7691 or
      Woven in the U.S.A.                                               free directory, or call 712-580-4242
       email: ljerling@netins.net
                                            s r   r
                                                                               Gift certificates available                                   oldcreamery.com or 

                                                                                                                                   THe IoWan november/december 2009         37
 Make a Wish                               LANCE M. FOSTER

              Make a Memory
     Holiday Open House                                                           forts of Iowa
                                                                                  IndIans, Traders, and soldIers, 1682–1862

      November 21 - 10am-5pm

      November 22 nd - 1pm-5pm

     Holiday Tour of Homes                  THE INDIANS OF

      December 6th - starting at 1pm
                                                                                 Edited by william E. whittaker

 Webster City’s                        The Indians of Iowa
                                       by Lance M. Foster
                                       162 pages . 12 drawings . 4 maps
                                                                                Frontier Forts of Iowa
                                                                                Indians, Traders, & Soldiers, 1682–1862

             Holiday Delights          $16.95 paperback
                                                                                edited by William E. Whittaker
                                                                                286 pages . 15 color illustrations . 41 maps
                                                                                25 b&w photos . $29.95 paperback

                                       IOWA where great writing begins
                                       University of Iowa Press . www.uiowapress.org
www.visitwebstercityiowa.com           order toll-free 800.621.2736


                                       Making Holiday magic…
                                                                                                              “Kettle fresh since 1938”
                                                                                            3049 Asbury Road, Dubuque
                                                                                            Kennedy Mall, Dubuque
                                                                                            Lindale Mall - Lower Court, Cedar Rapids
                                                                                            563.582.4668 or 800.642.1254
                                                                                          Mail early, we ship
                                                                                          anywhere in the U.S.

                                                                                                       Mail early.
                                                                                                       Mail early, we ship
                                                                                                       We ship anywhere
                                                                                                       anywhere in the U.S. in the U.S.

                                            Stopwine with us!

       Order multiple
      gift subscriptions
                                                in and
           and save!
                                                             LOESS HILLS VINEYARD
                                                                          & Winery

      www.iowan.com                                                         x                                    x
                                       1120 Old Lincoln Highway Crescent, Iowa (712) 545-3054

38     www.Iowan.com
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                                                                                                     For the Birds. and the Earth
                                                                                                    This bluebird house from
                                                                                                    WoodLink (located in Mount ayr) is
                                                                                                    environmentally friendly (it’s made from
                                                                                                    recycled plastic) and tough and durable
                                                                                                    — and inviting to feathered friends. We
                                                                                                    found this one at Buy Iowa online (click
Grows on you                                                                                        on “eco-friendly”). $44.99
Gardeners can sow their                                                                             www.buyiowaonline.com
Iowa roots with an Heirloom seed
Collection from Seed Savers Exchange, located
in decorah. each collection includes six packets
containing some of seed savers most popular                                            Tiptoe Through Tulips
varieties. Growing and seed-saving instructions are                                    Imagine a walk through the garden on beautiful
included so gardeners can plant year after year.                                       stained-glass and concrete stepping stones created
Choose from Heirloom Farm Favorites (6 vegetable                                       by West des Moines artist Mimi senn. order one from
varieties), Heirloom lettuce Collection, sunflower                                     stock or create your own design. available in several
Collection, and Heirloom Flower Collection.                                            sizes, too. Find them at Mimi’s from the Market or
learn more about seed savers on the website.                                           order online. online ordering is available.
Place an online order or phone.                                                        $35 Heart-shaped stepping stone
$13.50 ea/6 pk                                                                         Mimi’s From the Market
www.seedsavers.org                                                                     207 5th st., West des Moines
563-382-5990                                                                           www.mimisenn.com

Light the Earth
West des Moines artist John
novotny makes this one-of-a-kind
stone oil lamp and other artistry
from stones found throughout the
Midwest. The lamps are available in
a variety of sizes; large lamps come with
multiple oil reservoirs. John’s wife, Kim, uses smaller
stones to create distinctive jewelry and accessories. Visit Light the Earth in West    Light Someone’s Fire
des Moines’ Historic Valley Junction or on the Web. (online price for lamps includes   loved ones can keep warm all winter, starting their
shipping.) Starting at $75 (in store)                                                  fires the natural way with Prairie Bug Firestarters.
Light the Earth                                                                        Inspired by fireflies on an Iowa summer night,
125 5th st., West des Moines                                                           Whole Earth Partners of newton makes Prairie Bugs
www.lighttheearth.com                                                                  chemical-free and environmentally safe — using
515-271-RoCK                                                                           recycled cardboard and pure soy wax. Visit the
                                                                                       website for a list of retail outlets or to purchase.
                                                                                       $12.95/12 pk.
Gone a’Hunting
There’s no end to the fine
products from Gethmann Knife
Works. doug Gethmann’s high-quality
hunting and fishing knives are made from high-
carbon and damascus layered steel. Handles are made
from various animal antlers and horns. Bolsters are made from
German silver, brass, copper, stainless steel, or any other metals his
customers might request. spacers are made from semiprecious stones
such as turquoise, malachite, coral, and more. accents are made with
ivory and other exotic materials. Call to order. from $100
Gethmann Knife Works

                                                                                           THe IoWan november/december 2009              39
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     Well Read
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                                                                                                                              By Marilynne
                                                                                                                              Picador, 2009
                                                                                                                              $14 (paperback)

                                                                                                      The Iowa Writers’ Workshop’s Marilynne
                              Oneota Flow                                                             Robinson returns with Home, a novel
                              By david Faldet                                                         set in the same time period and in the
                              university of Iowa                                                      same town as her Pulitzer Prize-winning
                              Press, 2009                                                             Gilead. after 20 years, prodigal son
                              $27.70                                                                  Jack comes home, where his minister
                                                                                                      father is dying. Reverend Boughton’s
     an in-depth look — through historical                                                            impending death brings wayward son,
     records, research, and personal                                                                  devoted and responsible daughter,
     experience — at how the upper Iowa                                                               and loving, forgiving, and increasingly
     River has evolved over time. Faldet focuses                                                      dependent father together. Home is about
     on the ways people depend on the river,                                                          reconciliation, love, faith, and family.
     the environment, and the resources of                                                            — Kathleen Johnson,
     the region, and how we in turn need to                                                           Prairie Lights Bookstore, Iowa City
     nurture the river.
     — Carrie Duranceau,                                                                              To order, call Prairie lights Bookstore at
     Bookends & Beans, Decorah                                                                        800-295-BooK or visit the website:
     To order, call Bookends & Beans at
     563-382-0100 or visit the website:
                                                         99 Voices/99 Lives
                                                         By John Thompson
                                                         Palindrome Publishing of Iowa, 2006                                 This Water
                                    Iowa’s               $21.40                                                              Goes North
                                    Railroads:                                                                               By dennis Weidmann
                                    An Album             99 Voices/99 Lives is pure Iowa. John                               Manitenahk Books,
                                    By H. Roger Grant    Thompson has brought his love of                                    2008
                                    and                  teaching and writing to a peak in this                              $21.95
                                    don Hofsommer        book. He researched all of the 99 counties
                                    Indiana University   of Iowa and subsequently penned a poem       This Water Goes North is a charming,
                                    Press, 2009          for each one. From “Money Talks,” a short    sometimes laugh-out-loud telling of the true
                                    $29.95               history of Jesse James, to “Flighhhht of     tale of four young Iowa men who set out
                                                         an emblem,” an ode to the storied life of    in 1979 to paddle 1,400 miles north to the
     Iowa’s Railroads: An Album is a pictorial           farming in Wright County and the state       Hudson Bay. Why? Why not! Weidmann’s
     history of Iowa’s railroad heritage, from           of Iowa, he has managed to capture           story is one of american youthful
     the glory days of steam to the diesel               the essence of life in our great state. a    spirit, adventure, and a quest that their
     revolution with an interesting chapter              synopsis is included explaining how topics   grandchildren will hear about for years.
     on the interurban electric railway in the           were chosen for each county.                 don’t miss this!
     1890s.                                              — Bill Greenley,                             — Nancy Simpson,
     — John Heitzman,                                    O’town Books, Ottumwa                        Book Vault, Oskaloosa
     The Book Store, Des Moines
                                                         To order, call o’town Books at               To order, call the Book Vault at
     Visit the Book Store or call                        641-682-0901 or order by email               641-676-1777 or visit the website:
     515-288-7267 to order.                              at otownbooks@hotmail.com.                   www.bookvault.org

40       www.Iowan.com
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now Open
a magazine and so much more!                        Cuppa Joe to Go
Visit The Iowan store online —                      This durable 16 oz
www.iowan.com — to view all our products.           stainless-steel travel
                                                    mug features a thumb
                                                    rest handle and a secure
                                                    recessed lid. Its double-
                                                    wall insulation will keep
                                                    beverages hot. $9.95
                                                                                          Top Hat
                                                                                          This organic cotton
                                                                                          baseball cap will please
                                                                                          the eco-conscious. The cotton is harvested from
                                                                                          pesticide-free farms. The dyes are eco-friendly, too.
                                                                                          adjustable back-strap closure for custom fit. $19.95
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Khaki/white. Machine washable.$19.95

                                        Bag It
                                        our two-tone drawstring
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                                        13½" $9.95                                               t-shirts are designed for comfort.
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                                            Tiny Green Thumbs
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                                                                                              THe IoWan november/december 2009                    41
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                                                                                           Symphonic Sounds
                          Rock-a-Bye                                                       Kids young and old will
                          a child’s rocking chair from south amana’s Schanz                delight in the marimba-
                          Furniture will please little ones today and could one            like sound produced as
                            day become a treasured family heirloom. Pictured               marbles descend through
                                     model is solid cherry with a natural bamboo           this musical marble tree
                                             cane seat and back.                           from south amana’s Schanz
                                              stop by the store or call to order.          Furniture. The branching
                                              sock monkey not included.                    petals in various sizes are
                                               From $245-$475                              made of a combination of
                                               Schanz Furniture                            walnut, cherry, oak, and
                                               2773 Hwy 6 Trail,                           birch plywood. stop by the
                                                south amana                                store or call to order. $74
                                                www.schanzfurniture.com                    Schanz Furniture
                                                319-622-3529                               2773 Hwy 6 Trail,
                                                                                           south amana

     kulinary kids
     Junior chefs will love to help with                            GreenWear
             dinner when they’re wearing                            Kids will be stylin’ in these hand-
                     this matching apron and                        painted T-shirts from Greenfield’s
                        chef’s hat created by                       Red Rhubarb. shirts are 100-percent
                           retired schoolteacher and                prewashed, supersoft cotton. The
                              adair County resident                 paint is nontoxic. Visit the Buy Iowa
                                Lois Houghtaling. They’re           online website (click on “Children”) for
                                 available in a variety of prints   size availability and to place an order.
                                  and colors, and the hat           $17 Wind Turbine Youth T
                                   has adjustable closure for       $17 Be Original Youth T
                                    a perfect fit. Purchase         www.buyiowaonline.com
                                    online. $18                                                                 mORE OnLInE aT
                                    www.buyiowaonline.com                                                       www.Iowan.com
                                    (click on “Children”)
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     artistic Bravado
     designer and Isabel Bloom protegée donna Young is
     the creative force behind Courage to Shine and other
     angels of Courage sculptures. The five-year series
     was designed to support the mission of Children &
     Families of Iowa (CFI). each sculpture is inspired by the
     courage of domestic violence victims starting anew.
     over $80,000 from the sale of these sculptures will be
     donated to the CFI Family Violence Center.
     Angels of Courage collection $38.50–50.00 each
     563-336-3766 or 800-273-5436

42     www.Iowan.com

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